What's Causing Your Back Pain?

Everyday back pain can be due to many different things. So find out what is causing yours here, and take the first step towards getting rid of it.

Why You Need To Discover The Source Of Your Back Pain

Sometimes chronic back pain can appear and hang around with no particular cause or reason.

However back pain can also be due to many things, and the majority of the time there is a good reason why your back is hurting. And finding out what that is is vital if you want to prevent it from happening in the future.

To help you do that we've split up all the things that may be causing your back pain into the following three sections:

So have a search through each section, identify any potential problems, and discover what needs to change to get rid of your back pain for good.

Physical Causes Of Back Pain

The most common causes of persistent back pain are physical. And in most cases you can do something about them.

This can range from tight muscle knots, poor posture that puts extra strain on your body, weak core muscles that don't provide adequate support and protection for your lower back, or a lack of activity that results in a lack of strength and flexibility.

And issues inside your body such as constipation and dehydration can also accentuate your pain. As well as more serious issues such as pinched nerves, bulging spinal discs and spinal irregularities.

So make sure you are staying on top of the physical causes of back pain to rid yourself of it.

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Emotional Causes Of Back Pain

Many people assume that physical pain comes about purely from physical causes. But this is not the case, as our body, mind, and emotions all work in tandem, with each one affecting the others.

So when we are feeling stressed, angry, anxious or depressed this has a big effect on what is happening in our body. Because we hold this tension inside, meaning tighter muscles, hunched postures, and higher levels of back pain.

So educate yourself on the emotional causes of back pain and make a concerted effort to steer clear of them.

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When Back Pain Is Caused By Your Lifestyle

The way we live our lives and our daily habits and routines play a massive part in whether we experience back pain or not.

Things such as smoking, being overweight, poor posture, lifting things without the proper technique, sitting down for too long, too little exercise, and a lack of sleep can all contribute to our pain.

So go through each of these potential causes of back pain and pinpoint the areas of your life that you could improve upon.

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