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The Best Lumbar Support Cushion For Home, Work And Travel

best lumbar support cushion

Is sitting really the new smoking?

I’m not totally convinced about that myself, but there is no doubt that sitting for extended periods can be a major cause of lower back pain. This is because most chairs force you to sit with an unhealthy posture that creates a ‘C’ curve in your spine.

However by using a lumbar support cushion you can sit with a natural ‘S’ curve instead, which will take the pressure off your lower back and reduce back pain from sitting.

Find out what the best ones are here, whether at home, work or on the move.

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Staying Active To Beat Back Pain – The Importance Of NOT Being Idle

staying active

Exercising when you have back pain may seem like a crazy thing to do. And if you have acute, temporary back pain then it probably is.

However if you suffer from chronic, persistent back pain, being physically inactive is the worst thing you can do for it. In fact it can cause you serious health problems.

Staying active on the other hand will keep you fit, strong and flexible, while also making you feel good. All of which will reduce your pain levels and give you a positive outlook that will allow you to be able to manage your chronic pain and improve your overall well-being.

Find out why staying active is so important for us, and what types of exercise you should be doing here.

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The Best Office Chair For Lower Back Pain (And Why You Need One)

best office chair for lower back pain

Having to sit at a desk at work or home for even a few hours each day can cause havoc for your lower back. And using a generic, one-size fits all office chair only makes this pain worse.

So give your back the best chance possible by investing in an ergonomic office chair. As they provide you with great lumbar support, can be adjusted to fit you perfectly, and can greatly improve your health and your working experience.

You can find the best ones in this review ranging from high-end options to good budget choices.

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