The Spand-Ice & Heat Therapy Revive Tank Top - Heat & Ice Your Back On The Move 

A tank top that gives you super powers against back pain? Sounds good to me. 

I sometimes wish you could buy a bullet-proof vest for back pain. 

You know like the one Superman wears in the movies that makes him invincible. 

They are cool aren't they? 

​Not only do they look good and allow his muscles to be laid on display to impress Lois Lane. 

The bullets bounce off him with ease as he remains completely untroubled going about his business saving the world. 

So wouldn't it be great if you could find something similar but that made you invincible to back pain rather than bullets?

Something that could take away pain and discomfort both at work or play and help you to become more active and productive?

Well Spand-Ice have come up with a solution of sorts with their Revive Tank garment.

And while it won't make your back 'bullet-proof' from pain, it can still make a massive difference to your life. 

Especially for those of us with chronic lower back pain. ​

In fact it's the best product I've seen to treat your pain on the move. ​

And the good news is using one is as simple as getting dressed in the morning (and easier than getting dressed in a phone box!).

Plus you can use special discount code BACKONSITE at checkout to get 15% off the Spand-Ice Revive Tank. This offer is exclusive to Back On Site readers.

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  • ​A fitted tank top that is light, comfortable and flexible.
  • Has two internal pockets to place the thermal packs (lower back and mid-back).
  • Comes with two re-usable thermal packs that can be frozen or heated.
  • Has an adjustable velcro compression belt to hold the packs in place.
  • Made in the US using high-quality materials.


  • ​Made with neoprene, spandex and mesh material for a lightweight and comfortable fit.
  • Compression belt can be adjusted to be as loose or tight as you want.
  • Breathable material keeps you cool as you wear it.
  • Made with insulated fabrics that protect your skin from exposure to the hot and cold packs.


  • Easy to put on and move around in.
  • Can be worn under or over your clothing.
  • Flexible design make them great to wear whether moving, standing or sitting.

​Pros & Cons

  • The best solution on the market for icing or heating your back on the move.
  • Design encourages movement to help you stay active which is vital for beating chronic back pain.
  • Compression belt and tank top design holds the thermal packs in the perfect position as you move around.
  • Thermal packs stay hot and cold longer than competitors products.
  • Made with high quality materials that are lightweight, breathable and durable.
  • A comfortable and good looking garment that can be worn over or under clothing.
  • Not widely available in the shops yet (but easy to order online).
  • Thermal packs eventually need replacing but not for a long time.

Overall Back On Site rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

What Is The Spand-Ice Revive Tank?

The Spand-Ice Revive Tank was created by Helen Behn, herself a long-time chronic back pain sufferer.

Fed up of ​using uncomfortable, sub-standard and time-consuming products to ice and heat her back she decided to cut out the middleman and design her own product.

And she's done a fantastic job.

Because the Spand-Ice Revive Tank ​has eliminated so many problems.

Firstly you no longer have to take time out of your day to ice or heat your back.

You can now do it on the move by wearing the revive tank as you work, drive, exercise or do household chores.

This can save you a ton of time and energy.

​Secondly by being able to ice or heat your back on the move while wearing the Revive Tank you are now able to become more active.

This not only makes you more productive, it'll also help you to work, exercise and go about your daily life in more comfort and less pain.​

And staying active is also a vital element in being able to reduce chronic lower back pain so the Revive Tank can help to prevent future pain as well as treating the pain you already have.​

The Design

The Revive Tank has been through 20 prototypes to form the current model.

The most common design for these types of products in the past has been a belt that wraps around the waist that you wear underneath your clothes.

However if you've tried one of these before you'll know that they either drive you nuts by slipping out of position constantly or feel uncomfortable as you move around or sit down.​

The Revive tank on the other hand is very comfortable and easy to wear.

It's designed as a tank top so it won't slip around or feel unnatural.

As it's not bulky it can be worn under clothing as well as over clothing or on it's own.​

And it's been specifically designed to both look and feel great so you won't mind wearing it.

In fact it looks like the kind of active wear you see people wearing at the gym.

It zips up at the front while inside there are two pockets (one for the lower back, one for the mid back) where you place the heated or frozen thermal packs to treat your pain.​

And as the pockets for the thermal packs are hidden within the tank top, no-one will guess that you're wearing it for a bad back!​

There is also a velcro compression belt inside that you tighten around your waist to hold these packs in place against your back as you move.​

This means you get maximum exposure at the exact areas you want to target.​

And you get two resuable thermal packs with the Revive Tank which last a fairly long time before they need replacing.

Comfort And Usability

Feeling the heat but in a more comfortable way.

The Revive Tank really comes into its own when it comes to being comfortable to wear.

Unlike similar products on the market that can feel bulky and uncomfortable it feels great and is fitted so it can easily be worn under your clothing.

And it's well built too.​

​It's made in the US from high quality materials including neoprene, spandex and breathable mesh.

This gives it a real lightweight and flexible feel which can make it easy to forget you are wearing it as you work and move around.​

Also the fact that it's breathable will keep you cool on site while you are wearing it.

And being made with quality materials means it's durable too so you'll get plenty of regular use out of it.​

W​hich is great as it's so easy to use.

If you can dress yourself in the morning you'll be able to use a Revive Tank!

And as they are designed to be flexible and encourage​ movement you'll have no trouble wearing one no matter how gruelling your day ahead is.

It's also easy to keep the Revive Tank clean as it can be machine washed (just remember to take the packs out first!).

Using The Spand-Ice Revive Tank To Ice Your Back

​I'm sure anyone who has used a bag of frozen peas on an injury will know how effective ice can be.

And icing your back is a great way to recover from fresh back injuries such as putting your back out lifting something or from pulling or straining a muscle.

It works by:​

  • Minimising inflammation and swelling.
  • Reducing damage to the tissues in and around the area of pain.
  • Numbing the pain you are feeling.
  • Speeding up the healing process.

​Normally you'd have to wait until the end of the day before you could use ice on your aching back.

However the Revive Tank is a fantastic way to apply ice therapy to your back as you work.

Which is great as you can carry on earning while simultaneously treating your injury.​

So how do you use it?​

  • Leave the thermal pack in the freezer overnight (or until frozen).
  • Once frozen place the pack in either the middle or lower pocket of the Revive Tank depending on where your pain and inflammation is.
  • Put the Revive Tank on.
  • Adjust the compression strap to hold the pack in position against your back. Find a level that feels comfortable for you.
  • Zip up the vest and away you go!

An added bonus is that the thermal pack in the Revive tank stays colder longer than similar products on the market and can give you over 3 hours of ice therapy from a single session.

Which is a nice amount of time to be numbing that pain!

Using The Spand-Ice Revive Tank To Heat Your Back

Applying heat to your back is a great thing to do if you have chronic back pain.

Because like taking a hot bath it really loosens up tight and sore muscles.

And it can also help to:​

  • Increase blood flow to your area of pain which delivers the oxygen and nutrients your muscles need to heal and repair.
  • Give you a natural form of pain relief by stimulating the release of endorphins and blocking the pain signals to the brain.
  • Increase your flexibility and range of motion.
  • Reduce stress and tension.

So wearing a Spand-Ice Revive tank as you go about your daily business can really help you to stay more active while keeping your back pain in check.

Which is great for you if you suffer from back pain at work like many people in construction.​

So to heat your back with the Revive Tank follow these instructions:

  • Warm up the thermal pack by putting it in the microwave for two minutes.
  • Now place the pack in either the middle or lower pocket of the Revive Tank depending on where your pain and stiffness is.
  • Slip the Revive Tank on.
  • Adjust the compression strap to hold the pack in position against your back. Find a level that feels comfortable for you.
  • Zip up the vest and get on with your day!

The thermal pack will retain it's temperature for over an hour so you get a great long-lasting treatment with the Revive Tank.​

When To Use Ice And When To Use Heat

Ice or heat for lower back pain

​Now using ice or heat to treat your back pain can both be great ways to heal.

However it's vital that you use the right method when treating your specific type of back pain.

Because if you use ice or heat at the wrong times it can actually make your pain far worse!​

Let me explain.​

​Icing tight and sore muscles that are not caused by inflammation from a fresh injury can actually make the muscles even tighter.

While heating a fresh injury that is inflamed ​can make this inflammation worse and delay the healing process.

So you need to be able to know why your back pain is happening.​

Now this can be quite hard to do at times but as a rule of thumb go with the following:

  • For back pain that has a cause (such as a fresh injury) apply ice for the first day or two until the inflammation has gone down.
  • But for back pain that is long-lasting (chronic) and has no obvious cause you should be using heat to relax your tight muscles.

Chronic pain is rarely caused by inflammation, so if you have a flare up that has no obvious causes heat is usually the way to go.​

Click here for more information on when to use ice or heat for your back pain.

Different Versions And Options

Of course it's not just us men that get back pain (although we do probably moan about it a lot more!).

So if the woman in your life also struggles with back pain Spand-Ice have got them covered.

As they do a wide range of products that cater specifically to women.

Firstly there is the female version of the Revive ​Tank.

And they also have a range of products to help women during and post-pregnancy which is a time when back pain​ is extremely common.

So if your partner is going through a pregnancy right now and is struggling ​with their back you can check out the Spand-Ice range here. 

And finally they have a really good product called the recovery wrap which can be used by either of the sexes.

This is a belt that you wrap around your waist to apply either ice or heat to help your muscles to relax and recover.​

And it's another great way of reducing back pain, inflammation and muscle soreness.​

So it works in the same way as the Revive Tank but is worn as a belt rather than a tank top.

Which some people may prefer.​

And this belt can also be worn under your clothing as you go about your daily business too.​

Where Can I Buy One?

If you've made it this far then I'm sure you're keen to try out a Revive Tank for yourself.

But you won't find them in many stores at present.

As being a fairly new product they are not being widely distributed as of yet.

However you can buy one online directly from Spand-Ice by clicking here.

Which isn't a bad way to buy as let's face it it'll save you the hassle of going shopping.

And by entering the special discount code BACKONSITE at checkout you will get 15% off the Spand-Ice Revive Tank. This offer is exclusive to Back On Site readers.

Plus they will also deliver it to you for free in the US (and for $25 internationally).

You can't say fairer than that.

Rounding Up

Want to feel more like Superman on site?

The Spand-Ice Revive Tank won't make your back invincible to pain.

However as a way to ice and heat your pain ​on the move I can't recommend it highly enough.

Not only will they help reduce your pain, they are comfortable, convenient, durable, and look good too.​​

Here's how you'll benefit.​

​Icing your back will reduce painful inflammation in fresh muscle injuries and help your body to heal itself faster.

Whilst applying heat to your back is great if you have chronic pain as it relaxes tense and tight muscles while also helping your body fight the pain.

And the fact you can now do all this while you work and exercise means you get to stay more active too.

Which is another big factor in managing chronic pain and living a more pain-free and comfortable life.

And it'll also free up time for you to spend on more enjoyable activities than dealing with your back pain!​

So if this sounds good to you give a Revive Tank a go.

Not all superheroes wear capes!​

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I'm a Painter and Decorator, psychology graduate, and veteran of 5 spinal surgeries. I want to help my fellow construction workers to fight back against persistent back pain like I have.

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