The Simba Hybrid Mattress Review - Is It Good For Your Back?

The Simba Mattress is one of a new breed of hybrid mattresses that aim to improve on traditional mattresses by giving you a comfortable and supportive night's sleep. Find out if it delivers in this review. 

You've probably seen the adverts on TV and around the web for these new wave of 'mattress in a box' companies right? 

Whether it's the Eve, Casper, Leesa, Simba.....there are a fair few to choose from. ​

But the thought of buying a mattress this way may not sit right with you. ​

Because it seems so very different from the traditional way of doing mattress shopping at your local department store. ​

However for me I think it's a big improvement in the way we find and buy a new mattress which brings you plenty of advantages. 

Firstly these companies put all their focus into designing one mattress rather than an entire range. 

This means all their research, resources, testing and tweaking is given to making their one mattress as perfect as it can be to give you the ideal night's sleep. ​

And you also get more bang for your buck. ​

As these mattresses are significantly cheaper​ as you are ordering them direct and cutting out all the middlemen and overheads. 

And finally it's so much less hassle.

You can browse and order online, your mattress gets delivered to your door, you put it on your bed and unwrap it and you're good to go.

No more long hours spent trudging around department stores getting more and more stressed and confused by the endless options.​

Then struggling to tie it onto the roof rack of your car or van ​to drive it home. 

And don't mention trying to get it up the stairs and into your bedroom!​

So you can cut out this whole process by ordering from one of the new mattress companies.

And they all offer a 100-night free trial period so you can really road test them and make sure they are right for you before committing to such a big purchase.

So I'm all for the mattress in a box revolution and for me the Simba Hybrid mattress is the best of the bunch.

But is it good for people like us with chronic back pain?

Let's find out.​

The Simba Hybrid Mattress At A Glance


  • ​Medium-firm hybrid mattress.
  • Made up of 5 layers with a combination of canonical pocket springs and new generation memory foam.
  • Extensively tested and refined to create a mattress suitable for everyone.
  • Hypo-allergenic.
  • CertiPUR certified foam.
  • Designed and made in the UK.
  • 100-night free trial.
  • 10-year warranty.
  • £50 off offer by clicking the link here.


  • ​Top two layers are breathable and keep the mattress cool to sleep on.
  • Layer of visco memory foam moulds to your body as you sleep relieving pressure.
  • Can feel a bit firm at first as your body adjusts, not as soft as a regular memory foam mattress.


  • Medium-firm feel which has been found to be best for people with back pain.
  • 2,500 conical pocket springs designed to individually adjust to every small movement as you sleep, keeping you aligned and supported.
  • Foam layers have a good density.
  • Base has 7 different zones of support which takes the pressure off your body.
  • Maximum weight for people using this mattress is set at 18st.

What's In The Layers?

Layers of a simba mattress

The Simba Hybrid mattress is made up of 5 different layers combining new generation foams and canonical pocket springs.

These all work to compliment each other and give you a comfortable and supportive sleep.​

Top Layer - Sleep Surface​

The sleep surface is what you come into direct contact with as you lay your body down to sleep at night so it's an important thing to get right.

And Simba do this well.

As it's designed in such a way that it allows the mattress to breathe and for air to pass through it.

This keeps you cool as you sleep and regulates your body temperature rather than making you hot as other memory foam mattresses can do.​

The only downside here is that this top layer can't be removed and washed.

Although it is easy to spot clean by using a soft, damp cloth so this isn't really such a problem.​

2nd Layer - Simbatex Foam

The layer of Simbatex foam underneath the sleeping surface is primarily for your comfort.

And it also helps to keep you cool at night by ​drawing your body heat downwards and away from the surface.

Also at 4cm thick and with a density of 60kg/m3 it offers the first initial layer of support too.

3rd Layer - Canonical Pocket Springs

The canonical pocket springs are where the main support from this mattress comes from and this is what makes up the middle layer.

There are 2,500 of them in total with each being 20mm high.

And they each work independently moving horizontally and vertically to adapt to every small movement your body makes as you shift position while sleeping. 

​Which is great for keeping your back and body in a healthy alignment.

4th Layer - Visco Memory Foam

The memory foam layer (3.5cm thick, density of 50kg/m3) is what makes the Simba mattress so comfortable.

Because it moulds perfectly to your own body shape as you lay on it allowing you to feel almost weightless. 

Let the memory foam contour to your body while you sleep.

And it's responsive all over too so it won't sag over time or in places you don't want it too.

Which means two people of different weights and sizes can sleep on the Simba without affecting each other.

Bottom Layer - Support Base

The base layer (15cm thick, density of 33kg/m3) is what allows the other layers of the mattress to perform so well.

And the extensive testing and research that Simba carries out is evident here.

As there are 7 different support layers to cater for the different demands your body places on the different parts of the mattress.

Which is great for keeping your weight evenly distributed as you sleep and taking the pressure off your body.​

Is It Good For Your Back?

You need to find a way to stop every morning beginning like this and the Simba mattress could be a way to do it.

Ok so now to the crux of the matter.

Will sleeping on a Simba mattress help to reduce your back pain?​

As always the answer to this question is subjective as everyone's body is different.

But what I will say is that the Simba Hybrid mattress has a hell of a lot going for it in this respect.​

Firstly it is a medium-firm mattress.

And this has been shown in scientific studies to ​be the best overall firmness for providing support for people with chronic back pain.

Also the extensive research and testing has come up with a combination of layers of different materials that all compliment each other well in terms of also providing you with great support.

​The main area of support is the middle layer of 2,500 canonical pocket springs.

These springs individually adapt to each movement and really help to keep your spine and body in a good alignment as you sleep.

This will improve your sleeping posture whatever position you like to sleep in and take the pressure off your back and joints.

And the push back of the springs is also a great supportive feature for your back that elevates the Simba above mattresses that rely purely on a combination of foams. ​

But the foam layers included in this mattress do have a good density ratio so they will also help to give your back support.​

And finally the 7 different support zones of the base layer are excellent for spreading out your body weight evenly and reducing the pressure on your joints and muscles as you sleep.

So all in all I think the Simba is a great choice for keeping your back well supported and healthy while you sleep.​

Is It Comfortable?

Could your new Simba mattress make you as comfortable in bed as this guy?

It's pointless buying a mattress that is great for your back but is so uncomfortable that you can't get a good night's sleep on it.

But fortunately the Simba isn't lacking in the comfort department either.​

As the visco memory foam layer really moulds to the contours of your body giving you a relaxing and weightless feel.

This is great for relieving the pressure on your muscles and joints, especially in your hips and shoulders.

Plus it will cut down on the amount of tossing and turning you do throughout the night as you can get relaxed and comfortable in the one position.

The top two layers are also designed to be breathable so will help to regulate your body temperature as you sleep and stop you from overheating.

And being too hot is a big problem with some memory foam mattresses so this is a good feature of the design with the Simba.

However it can still feel a bit hot compared to a traditional mattress, so beware if you've never tried sleeping on a memory foam mattress before.​

​Also the firmness of this mattress may not be comfortable at first if you are used to a softer one.

But it's this firmness that provides you with the support your back needs (and it's only medium-firm too not rock hard).​

So while this may take a bit of adapting to most people say that they get a really comfortable night's sleep once they get used to it.

And finally being a synthetic mattress the Simba can give off an odour at first which some may find unpleasant.

However this will fade within a few days at the most.​

Personal Disclosure​

While the Simba Hybrid mattress is a very comfortable one to sleep on I have to say here that it wasn't the right fit for me personally.

This is because I can't sleep on any mattress that is made with memory foam as the weightless feeling it gives me causes me pain in my back.

In fact I've found that I have to stick with spring mattresses​ to stay comfortable and pain-free.

​So this is something to consider if your back has had a similar reaction to sleeping on memory foam in the past.

However don't let that put you off otherwise as I'm in the big minority here.

In fact most people with back pain that try the Simba give it glowing reviews.​

Some Other Cool Features

Extensive Testing & Refinement

Simba like to market their mattress as the most advanced in the world.

And while that is a bold claim you can understand where they are coming from when you see how much research and testing has gone into designing it.​

​Working with the Live To Sleep Institute over 10 million people and 180 million body profiles have been tested to create a mattress that can fit any individual.

By doing this they came up with the combination of foams and pocket springs that had been unheard of in mattress design before.

And Simba don't rest on their laurels either.

As they are constantly testing and refining their mattress so you can be sure you are getting the latest up-to-date technology when you order yours.​

100-Night Free Trial

Finding the right mattress can be a difficult, frustrating and stressful experience.

Because there are so many different types and options out there that it can be hard to know which one will suit you.

And for such a big purchase you can't afford to get it wrong.

Which is why I love the 100-night free trial that comes with the Simba Hybrid mattress.

It means you basically get 3 months to ​sleep on it every night in the comfort of your own home before committing to buying it.

So you can order a Simba free of any worry about whether you are making the right decision or not.​

Plus it'll get delivered directly to your front door and collected again if you do decide to return it.​

No more tying your new mattress to the top of your van to get it home!

Hassle free mattress shopping indeed.

10-Year Warranty

And if the 100-night free trial wasn't enough you also get a 10-year warranty with every Simba mattress.

So basically if your mattress goes wrong within 10 years Simba will collect it and send you a new one.

Which can't be a bad thing and shows the confidence they have in the durability and quality of their product.

Simba are an Ethical Company Which I Like

If you're like me and like companies that think about the environment around them and give a bit back rather than focusing purely on profits then you'll like Simba Sleep.

As they remain environmentally conscious during the production and delivery of their mattresses keeping pollution down to a minimum.

​And if you do decide to return your mattress then rather than reselling it they will donate it to a local charity instead.

Pretty cool right?​

It's Good For Other Bedroom Activities Too!

Hopefully you'll be doing more in the bedroom than just sleeping.

So when buying a new mattress you also need to take into consideration whether it can stand up to any extra-curricular nocturnal activities you may be lucky enough to participate in.

And fortunately the Simba mattress can.​

As it has been extensively tested and refined so that it can hold it's shape ​well even under the most testing of circumstances.

So you can feel free to let loose in the bedroom without worrying about damaging your new mattress.​

>> The Back On Site Verdict <<

So is the Simba Hybrid mattress a good option for people with back pain?

Overall I'd say that it definitely is.​

The medium-firmness of the mattress is perfect for keeping your back healthy and happy.

Plus the 5 different layers that make up the Simba all work well to keep you supported and to relieve pressure on your muscles and joints as you sleep.

Added to that the memory foam will keep you comfortable too without making you too hot.

So you have a great chance of getting a good night's sleep which is when your body heals, repairs and restores itself.​

All in all a great and affordable choice.

And with a 100-day free trial and a 10-year warranty you have nothing to lose by giving the Simba Hybrid mattress a try.

So if you're curious to try one for yourself order today by clicking the button below and claiming £50 off.​

Your back may just thank you for it.​


  • Provides a medium-firmness that is great for people with back pain.
  • Constantly tested and refined so you know you're always getting a great mattress.
  • The 2,500 conical pocket springs give great support and help you maintain good alignment.
  • The memory foam layer moulds to your body giving you a comfortable sleep too.
  • The top 2 layers are breathable to keep you cool.
  • Great quality design and materials.
  • Hypo-allergenic, CFC free, fire safe and CertiPUR certified.
  • 100-day free trial and 10-year guarantee.
  • Delivered to your door.
  • Made by an ethical and forward thinking company.


  • May be too firm at first for those who prefer a softer mattress.
  • Memory foam feel may not suit everyone.
  • Has an initial odour but should fade quickly.
  • Has a maximum user weight of 18 stone.
  • Only available in the UK at present.

Overall Back On Site rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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