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The Saatva Mattress Review - Can It Put A Spring Back In Your Step 

With a combination of inner springs, memory foam, and enhanced lumbar support the Saatva mattress promises to be a great choice for people with back pain. 

saatva mattress review

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Traditional inner spring mattresses have always been a good option for providing support for people with bad backs. 

This is because they push back against your body weight as you lay on them.

Which keeps your spine in alignment and helps you to maintain a healthy sleeping posture. 

And this helps to relieve the pressure and tension that can build up on your body during sleep. 

Personally I love the springiness in them that stops you from sinking in too far and makes it easy to move around. 

However, they're not always the most comfortable mattresses to sleep on. 

So with that in mind Saatva have designed a mattress that gives you the support of a traditional inner spring mattress but with a more comfortable feel. 

To do this they've used a coil on coil design mixed with high quality memory foam and a cushioned Euro pillow top.

But have they pulled it off?

Read on to find out.

The Saatva Mattress At A Glance


  • 11.5" thick luxury-firm mattress.
  • Made with a combination of individually wrapped coils, steel coils, and memory foams.
  • Has a padded Euro pillow top and organic cotton cover.
  • Contains spinal zone technology and enhanced lumbar support section.
  • Made with eco-friendly materials.
  • 120-night free trial.
  • 15-year warranty.
  • Made in the US & Canada.


  • The Euro pillow top is soft and provides great cushioning and comfort.
  • While individually wrapped coils contour to your body and make movement easy.
  • The mattress has a luxurious feel similar to what you'd get in a top hotel.
  • The coils and convoluted foam make this mattress breathable throughout, which means it's cooler to sleep on.
  • Foam edge support means you can sleep comfortably right up to the edges.
  • A softer version of this mattress is also available if you need more comfort.


  • The luxury-firm feel gives good support but also ease pressure.
  • While the spinal zone technology is an active wire running through the middle third to keep your spine in alignment as you sleep.
  • There is a denser foam in the middle third of the mattress to provide enhanced lumbar support.
  • The 884 individually wrapped coils adjust to your movements as you sleep, keeping you supported in every position.
  • And the steel coil support base provides strength and stability while also eliminating sagging.
  • A firmer version of this mattress is also available if you need stronger support.

How Is The Saatva Mattress Made Up?

Saatva have tried to recreate the luxury mattress feel that you get in high quality hotels by combining 5 features usually found in these types of mattresses.

They are:

  • Individually wrapped coils that respond to every movement as you sleep.
  • A foam edge support system that keeps support consistent throughout the mattress.
  • A lumbar support enhancement section made out of dense high quality memory foam.
  • A steel coil base that provides support and prevents sagging.
  • And a Euro pillow top which provides padding and cushioning.

Each Saatva mattress comes in either a 11.5" Custom Slim version or a 14.5" Premier Luxury.

I've chosen to review the 11.5" version as both sizes offer the same benefits but only this one can be used with an adjustable bed base.

And it's also easier to get in and out of bed with which can be a big deal when you're struggling with a bad back.​

So let's take a look at how the Saatva mattress is made up.

As it features a coil on coil construction alongside memory foam to provide maximum support and comfort.

And there are 2 layers that make up this mattress, each with a different combination of materials.

Top Comfort Layer

The top layer of the Saatva mattress is 7.5" thick and is the hybrid part as it contains a mixture of a Euro pillow top, memory foams, and individually wrapped coils.

So at the very top is the quilted Euro pillow top cover with a padded filling to provide the initial bit of comfort and cushioning as you lie down.

This is covered with an organic cotton that is soft and breathable.

Underneath the pillow top is a thin layer of high quality memory foam that acts as a transition between the cover and the wrapped coils below.

This foam is convoluted like an egg crate which allows air to pass through it keeping the mattress cool.

And it's also denser and more compressed in the middle third to give you greater lumbar support.​

Then there is the 4" layer of individually wrapped coils that provides spring and support.

There are 884 of these coils in total and they each respond individually to every movement you make.

This makes it easy to move around on the mattress and is also great for isolating motion to ​the area where the movement is taking place.

So you won't disturb your partner as much during the night as you might do on traditional inner spring mattresses.

And finally these coils sit on another thin layer of foam which acts as a cushion between them and the steel coils in the base support layer.

Bottom Support Layer

The base layer of the Saatva mattress is 4" thick and is what gives it it's support and stability.

As it contains 416 traditional steel coils that are strong and durable, provide push back, and help to eliminate any sagging over time.

These coils also have plenty of space between them which allows air to pass through freely, keeping the mattress cool and free of germs.

And they sit on a base foam layer of high-density poly foam which helps the mattress to keep it's shape. 

Foam Edge Support

There is also a thick layer of high-density poly foam running around the sides of the mattress.

And this is great for two things.

Firstly, it protects the coils by encasing them in foam.

And secondly it keeps the support consistent right up to the very edge of the mattress, meaning you won't experience any sagging at the edges.

Lumbar Support Enhancement

The memory foam in this mattress is designed to provide extra support in the area where your lumbar region will lay.

So the middle third of the foam (which spreads across your lumbar region) is made differently than the rest.

As the foam in this area is compressed during manufacturing to make it more dense and supportive.

And there is also an added layer of visco-elastic memory foam to give you extra pressure relief where you need it.

So this is a great feature in the Saatva mattress for anyone with back pain.

Why It's Good For Your Back

Saatva have thought long and hard about helping people with back pain when designing their mattress.

And this results in some great features that can really help to reduce your pain.

Firstly, they have included something they call 'Spinal Zone Technology' which is basically an active wire running through the middle third of the mattress.

This wire encourages you to maintain the correct spinal alignment as you sleep, which helps to relieve pressure and strain on your body.

And in tests carried out by Saatva it was found that this lead to a 34% reduction in back pain and a 96% reduction in back stiffness.

So pretty impressive results.

Then there is the enhanced support within the foam in the middle third of the mattress which is where your lumbar region will rest.

As by compressing it and making it denser it gives your back extra support throughout the night, which is a great thing to have.

And this will help to ease the stress and tension in your lumbar region too.

Then we get on to the coil on coil design.

Innerspring mattresses are always a good choice for people with back pain as they provide a good level of support, and the Saatva mattress is no exception.

As the top layer of individually wrapped coils give the mattress a springiness as you lie down on it.

And this helps to provide individual support by pushing back against your body weight and preventing you from sinking in too far.

Which helps you to maintain a good sleeping posture whichever position you choose to sleep in, relieving pressure and strain.

While the traditional steel coils in the base layer gives the mattress real strength and stability, which will prevent any sagging and keep you feeling stable and supported throughout the night.

So all in all I'd say the Saatva mattress does a great job of relieving pressure and tension in your back as you sleep.

Is It Comfortable Too?

Is the Saatva mattress comfortable?

Comfort is a big thing for Saatva and they have gone to great lengths to recreate the same feel you'd get from spending the night in a luxury hotel.

So let's look at where that comfort comes from.​

​The first layer of comfort you'll feel is from the Euro pillow top.

As this has more padding than a regular pillow top and is covered with a soft organic cotton material, which gives you a lovely cushioning effect and makes it really comfortable to rest on.

And the thin layer of memory foam underneath the pillow top adds to this comfort further.

The individually wrapped coils are also great for making this mattress comfortable.

As they react to each and every movement you make, which means it's really easy to move around during the night if you need to.

And they are springy so they won't let you sink in to the mattress too much.

Which is great for keeping your spine in alignment and relieving pressure on your muscles and joints as you sleep.

However, while these coils make the mattress comfortable to lay on they can't match the comfort and pressure relief of a memory foam mattress.

But where this mattress does have the advantage over memory foam is in how cool it is to sleep on.

Because memory foam mattresses are notorious for sleeping hot, which can leave you feeling sweaty and uncomfortable during the night.

Whereas the Saatva mattress is breathable throughout due to air being able to flow through the spaces between the coils and the convoluted parts of the foam.

This means you can get a cool and comfortable nights sleep.​

And finally the foam edge support is great as it stops sagging at the edges.

This gives you a bigger sleep surface and means you won't feel like you're falling out of the bed if you tend to end up right over by the edge!​

So while the Saatva mattress may not be able to reach the same comfort levels as a high quality memory foam ​mattress, it will sleep cooler and still give you a great night's sleep.

And it should also be said that not everyone enjoys the memory foam feel.

So if that's the case for you then you may well be more comfortable on your Saatva mattress.

Different Levels Of Firmness

The Saatva mattress comes in 3 different levels of firmness.

And in this review I've chosen the Luxury Firm version.

This is because it's not too soft and not too firm, so does a good job of combining both comfort and support.

And according to Saatva over 80% of their customers prefer their Luxury Firm mattress.​

However, if you do find that this one doesn't suit you then there are two other options.

So if you'd like a softer and more comforting mattress there is the Plush Soft, which sacrifices a bit of support for more comfort.

While if you need something firmer than the Luxury Firm there is the Firm mattress, which provides you with even stronger support.

So you should be able to find a Saatva mattress that suits your needs among these 3 options.

Some Other Nice Features

Eco-Friendly Materials & Construction

If you are someone that likes to do your bit for the environment then you'll be happy to hear that the Saatva mattress is an eco-friendly one.

Both in the materials used and in the manufacturing processes.​

And this is not just great for the environment, it's also good for the indoor air quality of your bedroom too.

So you'll stay healthier sleeping on this mattress than some others on the market.

And some of the great environmentally friendly features here include:

  • All foams used within the mattress are CertiPUR-US certified meaning they contain low VOCs (volatile organic compounds).
  • These foams are also manufactured using plant-based rather than chemical-based methods.
  • There are no off-gassing procedures carried out at the Saatva factories, which helps to prevent air pollution.
  • The cotton outer cover is 100% organic.
  • And the inner springs are made from recycled steel.
  • Saatva also have less of a carbon footprint by only selling online.

So it's good for you and good for the environment. A win-win!

You Can Save Money Too

Keep Bob's 10% in your pocket instead of his!

Saatva mattresses are only available to buy online.

This allows them to build a high quality mattress that can compete with others at the top end of the market but at a fraction of the cost.

Which means you can save yourself a pretty penny as you're not paying for any department store overheads.

Or commission for pushy salespeople.

And they pass those savings on to you the consumer, so everyone's a winner (apart from Bob the salesman!).

120-Night Free Trial

Road test your mattress by sleeping on it at home, not laying on it in a store.

One of the things people worry about when buying a mattress online is that they won't get to try it out before buying it.

But this is a fallacy.

Because can you really test out if a mattress is a good fit for you just by laying down on it for 2 minutes in a store?

Of course not.

So instead how about having 4 months to really road test it by sleeping on it in the comfort of your own home?

That sounds better right?

And this is exactly what Saatva offer with their 120-night trial.​

Because if you find that the Saatva mattress isn't for you within this period they will collect it from you and give you a full refund (minus a $99 transportation charge).

So you don't need to worry about making a wrong choice with this one.

15-Year Conditional Warranty

Saatva also offer a 15-year warranty when you purchase one of their mattresses.

This covers defects in workmanship and materials.

So for the first 2 years​ you are fully covered and they will collect your faulty mattress from you and replace it with a new one free of charge.

However, for years 3-15 they will only collect it from you to repair it.

And you will have to pay a $99 transportation fee each way​ to have this done.

So as a warranty it's ok but could be better.

Free White Glove Delivery

A really cool service that Saatva offers for free that almost all other mattress companies charge extra for is their white glove delivery service.

This means that when your mattress is delivered the delivery men will take it up to your bedroom and set it up for you.

And they'll also take away your old mattress if you want them too.

So there's no hassle for you at all.

You can just sit back and let them do all the hard work, which is good news as the Saatva mattress is a heavy one to have to cart up the stairs by yourself.

>> The Back On Site Verdict <<

​So what's the verdict? Does the Saatva mattress deliver on it's promises?

Overall I think it does.

As it's a great choice for those who want a luxurious feel to their mattress but without compromising on support.

And it's great for people with back pain.​

As the coil on coil construction supports your back while also relieving pressure.

And when you add in the Spinal zone sleep technology and enhanced lumbar support in the memory foam then this mattress becomes an even better option.

It's also a really breathable mattress as air can flow freely through it keeping you cool as you sleep.

And it's not lacking from a comfort point of view either.​

So if you want to recreate the feeling of sleeping in a top hotel while also reducing your back pain give the Saatva mattress a try.​

After all you get a lot more for your money with this one and you can ​return it for a full refund if you're not satisfied after 120 nights.

And it might just put that spring back in your step that only a good night's sleep can provide.


  • Provides a luxury firm feel that combines support and comfort.
  • The spinal zone technology helps to keep your spine in alignment as you sleep.
  • While enhanced lumbar support within the memory foam keeps your back supported.
  • The individually wrapped coils also provide good support and encourage you to maintain a healthy sleeping posture.
  • And the steel coil support base provides strength, stability, and prevents sagging.
  • There is great edge support throughout.
  • It's breathable and cool to sleep on.
  • Made with eco-friendly materials and manufacturing.
  • 120-day free trial and 15-year warranty.
  • Free white glove delivery service.


  • Doesn't give the same level of comfort as a memory foam mattress.
  • You are only fully covered for a replacement for the first 2 years of the warranty.
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