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The Ergohuman Chair Review - Stay Well-Adjusted And Back Pain Free In The Office

Using an ergonomic chair is a great way of getting rid of back pain caused by sitting, so with this in mind we've reviewed one of the market leaders, the Ergohuman high-back swivel chair.

Eurotech Seating Ergohuman High Back Mesh Managers Chair, Black

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Sitting down for just a few hours each day can be a major cause of back pain, especially when you're doing it in a 'one size fits all' generic office chair. 

Because not only do these chairs offer zero lumbar support. 

They also force you to sit in an unhealthy posture that piles pressure onto your lower back, neck and shoulders throughout the day. 

Seriously bad news.

So is it any surprise when your back starts nagging away at you after a long day at the office? 

Now there are a few things you can do to minimise back pain from sitting.

Such as sitting with a healthy posture, keeping your core muscles active and strong, and taking regular microbreaks to get up, stretch and mobilise your body. 

And another important thing you can do is replace that crappy chair with a high quality ergonomic office chair

Because these chairs have great lumbar support and can be adjusted to fit your body perfectly. 

Which relieves the pressure on your lower back and makes sitting with a healthy posture so much easier.

And one of the best of the bunch for your back is the Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair which I'll review here.

So read on to find out why it's such a great choice.

The Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair At A Glance

The Top Reason You Should Buy The Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair

  • You want a fully adjustable ergonomic desk chair that keeps your back healthy and supported, and has a higher back to look out for your neck and shoulders too.


  • High-back design with headrest/neck support.
  • Built in adjustable lumbar support.
  • Tilt mechanism and tension adjuster with 3 lock positions.
  • Breathable firm mesh material on back of chair and seat.
  • Single lever adjusts everything for ease of use.
  • 3D leather fully adjustable armpads.
  • 2.5 inch aluminium castor base.
  • Conditional lifetime warranty on parts.


  • Tilt mechanism has 3 different reclining lock positions.
  • Tension of tilt mechanism can be adjusted to match your bodies movement.
  • Seat height can be raised or lowered to sit between 18.5" and 22.2".
  • Seat depth can be adjusted by moving it backwards and forwards.
  • Lumbar support can be adjusted, but not separately from the back of the seat.
  • Arms can be adjusted up, down, backwards, and forwards.

Comfort & Support

  • Adjustable seat depth takes pressure off thighs.
  • Can be fine-tuned for comfort and support.
  • Mesh is breathable keeping you cool and comfortable.
  • However mesh on seat is also a little firm.
  • Tilt mechanism allows your body to move naturally during the day, increasing comfort.
  • Chair encourages a healthy sitting posture to keep you comfortable.
  • Great for taller people.
  • Other models available containing leather rather than mesh.

The Ergonomics

The reason that ergonomic chairs are such a smart buy for people with back pain is that unlike regular office chairs they can adjusted to fit each individual perfectly.

And this helps you to maintain a healthy sitting posture and relieve pressure on your back, neck, and shoulders as you sit.

They also provide good built in lumbar support, which can be adjusted so you can place it right where you need it.

And the Ergohuman High Back Swivel chair excels in both of these departments.

As it's fully adjustable and very easy to do with just one lever under the chair controlling everything.

And the lumbar support can be moved into any one of four positions.

So here is the full list of what you can adjust on this chair.

Seat Height

To maintain a good sitting posture you need to do two things.

Firstly you need to adjust the height of your seat to suit the height of your desk or workstation.

And secondly you need to be sitting at a height where your feet can rest comfortably on the floor, while your knees and hips maintain a 90 degree angle. 

This is easy to achieve with the Ergohuman chair.

As the lever under the seat activates the pneumatic lift cylinder, which allows you to adjust the height from anywhere between 18.5" to 22.2" from the floor.

Seat Depth

Another great feature of the Ergohuman chair is that you can adjust the seat depth (how far away from the back of the chair it is).

So by sliding the seat backwards or forwards you can position your body at the right distance to maintain a good posture and utilise the chair's lumbar support to it's fullest.

Both of which are great for relieving pressure.

Back Of The Chair & Lumbar Support

The built-in lumbar support that comes with the Ergohuman is attached to the back of the chair.

And you can adjust the height of it up or down into a choice of 4 positions.

Which allows you to position the lumbar support exactly where you need it.


The headrest that comes with this model is a great way of supporting your neck as you sit.

But to do this correctly you need to have it positioned in exactly the right place, and fortunately with the Ergohuman chair you can.

As you can adjust the height of the headrest up or down by about 4".

And you can also rotate the angle of it to make it more comfortable for you.

However the one option missing is that you can't tilt it forward, so it may be too far back to get support from unless you in a reclining position.

3D Adjustable Armrests

Having adjustable armrests on a chair is really important, as it takes away a lot of the pressure and strain from your neck and shoulders.

And the 3D armrests on this chair allow you to do just that.

As not only can you adjust the height of them by moving them up and down.

You can also slide them forward and back and pivot them in and out to get them into the exact position you need them to be for optimal comfort and support.

Tilt Mechanism

The tilt mechanism in this chair is a great way of relieving pressure and keeping your core muscles engaged while you sit.

As it allows you to recline back in the chair or rock backwards and forwards.

Also you can adjust the tension of the tilt, making it harder or easier to lean back depending on your preference.

And if you prefer to sit in a reclined position there are 3 lock positions that will hold the chair in place.

The only downside is you can't tilt it forwards, which can be handy when you are doing computer work.

Why Is It Good For Your Back?

So as you can see, the Ergohuman chair is packed to the brim with adjustable features that allow you to fit into it perfectly.

But how exactly does this help to keep your back healthier and out of pain while you sit?

It's all about relieving the pressure on your lower back and keeping your core muscles active.

Relieving the Pressure & Strain From Sitting

Firstly this chair extremely well designed for people with bad backs and provides you with great lumbar support throughout the day.

This is through the built in lumbar cushion that can be adjusted in height so it fits snugly right into your lower back.

Which is great, as it helps you to maintain a healthy and natural 'S' curve in your spine as you sit, rather than the 'C' curve shape that you get when slouching.

And this will be a big help in reducing the pressure and strain on your body.

Another element of the Ergohuman chair that makes it easy to sit with a healthy posture is being able to adjust the seat height and depth.

This means you can sit at exactly the right height for your desk to keep your workstation ergonomics optimal.

And you can also sit at a height that allows you to rest both feet comfortably on the floor, where they support your body and relieve pressure.

While being able to move the seat forwards or backwards will position you perfectly in relation to the back of the chair to help you maintain your posture.

The height adjustable armrests will help to relieve pressure further up your spine in your neck, shoulders, and upper back by supporting your arms and keeping them at the right angle for working.

While the 5-point aluminium castor base will keep you balanced and stable as you sit.

So the Ergohuman High Back Swivel chair really does a great job of taking the strain out of sitting.

Keeping Your Core Muscles Active & Engaged

One of the main reasons you develop back pain from prolonged periods of sitting is the inactivity this causes within your body.

Especially for your core muscles and the muscles that support your back.

Because when these muscles remain inactive as you sit in traditional chairs they weaken.

And over time this leads to your back getting less support and you experiencing more pain as a result.

Which is where the tilt mechanism on the Ergohuman chair is so great for your back, as it allows you to tilt backwards and forwards during the day as you sit.

And these small but consistent movements mean your core and trunk muscles remain active and don't weaken.

So your back doesn't lose it's support.

You can also adjust the tension of the tilt to make it harder or easier to tilt back, and in this way you can go as hard or easy on your core muscles as you like.

And the recline function of the chair is great too as it allows you to take a rest from sitting in an upright position.

Which is a great way to relieve any tension that has built up within your muscles.

So I'd say the Ergohuman chair does a fantastic job both of relieving pressure and keeping your core muscles active.

And as such it's a great chair for improving the health of your back and reducing back pain.

How Comfortable Is It?

Now I should probably start by saying that everyone has a different definition of what a comfortable chair is.

And if you like your chairs to be cushioned, soft, and snuggly then you are going to be disappointed here.

Because the Ergohuman is designed as a chair to provide you with strong support to relieve pressure on your body, rather than as a lounge chair to take a nap on.

And as such it uses a firm mesh material in the back of the chair and for the seat.

Which may take some getting used to if you are used to sitting on softer chairs.

But the good thing about this mesh is that it's breathable, allowing air and heat to flow through it.

So it will keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day, rather than feeling hot and sweaty like sitting on some leather chairs can.

And if you do like the firmer feel of sitting in this chair then it can be very comfortable for a couple of reasons.

Firstly the ergonomic design encourages you to sit with a healthy posture that relieves the pressure on your body as you sit.

And secondly the tilt mechanism allows you to rock back and forth while you sit, which prevents muscle tension from building up.

So your body will be less tense and in less pain during the day.

It also allows you to recline more fully if you need to take a break and sit in a position other than an upright one.

Which is another great way of releasing pressure.

So while comfort isn't the primary selling point of the Ergohuman chair, it still remains a very comfortable chair to sit in once you get used to the firm mesh.

And if sitting on the firm mesh is going to be a deal breaker for you, then there are different versions of this chair available that come with the option of padded leather on the seat and/or back of the chair.

Now you will lose the breathability and coolness of the mesh by taking up these options.

But if you'll be more comfortable sitting on leather rather than mesh then this may be a price worth paying.

Different Versions Of The Ergohuman Chair

All 6 varieties of the Ergohuman chair.

In total there are 6 different versions of the Ergohuman chair.

So there is the chair that we are reviewing here, which is made from all mesh.

Then there is the same mesh chair but with the extra comfort of a leather padded seat.

And finally there is the same chair but made with leather padding all over rather than mesh.

Each of these 3 chair designs come either with or without a headrest, giving you 6 different options when buying.

However all of the other ergonomic features remain exactly the same, so you can choose the one that suits your preferences the best.

The Back On Site Verdict

So does the Ergohuman High Back Swivel chair pass the test of being able to keep your back healthier and happier while sitting?

For me it's a resounding yes.

As it has so many adjustable features that all work together to encourage your body into a healthy posture while you sit.

Which helps to relieve the pressure on your lower back and prevent the build up of muscle tension.

And by keeping your core muscles active with the tilt mechanism, this chair will stop them from weakening and keep your back strongly supported.

So all in all it's a great chair for people that want to take care of their backs and reduce any pain from sitting.

And while it's not built primarily for comfort (and some may find it too firm to sit on), it's still a really comfortable chair in my opinion.

So if you're looking to take the leap and invest in an ergonomic chair for your home or office, then I'd highly recommend the Ergohuman High Back Swivel chair.

As although it might seem like a big purchase at first, when you weigh up the years of good service it will give you then it becomes a bargain.


  • Fully adjustable to fit any body shape and size.
  • Great for relieving pressure and preventing the build up of muscle tension from sitting.
  • Encourages your body to maintain a healthy sitting posture.
  • Tilt mechanism and tension control allows your body to move naturally as you sit, keeping your core muscles active.
  • Good built-in lumbar support that you can adjust the position of.
  • Adjustable arms take the pressure off your neck and shoulders.
  • Adjustable seat depth helps you maintain good posture.
  • The breathable mesh keeps you cool and comfortable.
  • Conditional lifetime warranty on parts (doesn't include the armpads).


  • You can't adjust the lumbar support separately from the back of the chair.
  • Mesh seating may be too firm for some (although leather padding is available too).
  • Headrest may not comfortable for everyone (although this is optional).
  • You can't tilt the head support forwards.
  • No option to tilt the seat forwards.
  • You have to assemble the chair yourself after purchase, which may prove a challenge depending on your skills!
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