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The Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress Topper Review - Extra Spring & Support For Your Back 

If your mattress feels like it could do with a bit of extra spring and support the Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress Topper could be just what you need. 

Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress Topper - Medium Firmness - 2 Inch - Queen Size (GOLS Certified Organic)

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Mattress toppers can be real game changers when it comes to getting a good night's sleep. 

As they breathe new life into most old mattresses by giving them something that they are lacking, depending on which type of topper you go for. 

For instance, memory foam mattress toppers are great for making a firm mattress softer and more comfortable. 

While latex mattress toppers work well for making a soft mattress firmer and more supportive. 

Which is great news as going the whole hog and replacing your existing mattress can cost you a small fortune. 

However not all toppers are designed equally.

Especially for those of us that want to get relief from back pain as we sleep. 

So if you are looking for a topper that can relieve pressure while giving you more support and reducing your pain I'd recommend trying a latex one.

And in my opinion there's none better than the Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress Topper by Sleep On Latex.

As this is the worlds top selling latex mattress topper and for a good reason. 

Because it's made from really high quality latex that offers fantastic support for your back.

And it could be just what you need to put a bit of a spring back into your tired old mattress.

The Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress Topper At A Glance

The Top Reason You Should Buy The Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress Topper

  • You want a springy and supportive natural latex topper that looks after your back and is healthy to sleep on.


  • 2" thick and made from 100% natural latex.
  • 5 lbs foam density.
  • Dunlop processed latex.
  • EcoInstitut, Okeo-tex and Greenguard certified as being low in VOCs.
  • Extremely durable.
  • 30-day return policy.
  • 5-year warranty.


  • Molds to your body providing pressure relief, but not as soft and comfortable as memory foam.
  • Breathable latex foam so sleeps cool and doesn't trap body heat.
  • Latex relieves pressure on your body making it easier to get into a deeper sleep.
  • The springiness makes it easy to move around in bed.


  • Gives a similar level of support to a medium-firm mattress.
  • The push back in the latex keeps your spine in alignment, relieving pressure.
  • It also helps you to maintain a healthy sleeping posture.

What Is It Made Of?

Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress Topper - Medium Firmness - 2 Inch - Queen Size (GOLS Certified Organic)

As the name suggests, the Pure Green Natural Latex mattress topper contains only natural latex.

This means there are no synthetic latex, fillers, or fire-retardant chemicals used in it's construction.

Instead the latex is made wholly from sap harvested from rubber trees in Sri Lanka.

And as a result this creates a higher quality latex foam and a healthier topper to sleep on.

In fact it is Oeko-Tex, eco-Institut, and Greenguard Gold certified as being low in harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Which means it gives off less air pollution and will improve the indoor air quality and health of your bedroom.

So this latex topper isn't just a good one for your back.

It's also very environmentally friendly and great for your overall health too.

The latex is made via the Dunlop process, which means it's springy but not bouncy to lay on.

And there are round pinholes running through the topper to allow air to be able to flow through it.

This helps it to be breathable and make it cooler to sleep on.

And finally all of the Pure Green toppers are constructed in the Sleep On Latex factory in Chicago.

Which ensures the highest level of quality is maintained for each and every one they make.

Why Is It Good For Your Back?

Latex mattress toppers are great for adding an extra layer of support to your mattress.

And the Pure Green Natural Latex mattress topper is one of the very best around for that in my opinion.

Because being made from natural latex means you get a really high quality and durable product.

And by using the Dunlop method during manufacturing, this topper has plenty of spring to react to each and every movement you make.

This means it won't allow you to sink too far into it like you may do on a memory foam mattress topper.

As the natural latex will push back against your body weight as you lie down on it.

And this is great for your back for a couple of reasons:

  • It keeps a natural alignment in your spine which helps to relieve pressure on your body.
  • And it also makes it easier to maintain a healthy sleeping posture, which will prevent stress and tension from building up in your muscles.

So if pressure relief, extra support, and reduced back pain are what you're after, this topper has you covered.

And it also has a good density at 5 lbs/cubic ft and an ILD of 30.

This means it will give you a similar level of support as you would expect from sleeping on a medium-firm mattress.

So if your mattress is a bit too soft at present, adding this topper to it is a great shortcut to get the level of firmness your back needs.

Which will help to keep you healthy and pain-free in the long run.

Is It Comfortable Too?

Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress Topper - Medium Firmness - 2 Inch - Queen Size (GOLS Certified Organic)

While latex mattress toppers are great for adding support, they won't give you the same levels of comfort as a memory foam mattress topper can.

So if you're after that soft, sinking, weightless feel that comes from sleeping on memory foam then this may not be the one for you.

But that's not to say the Pure Green Natural Latex mattress topper isn't comfortable.

Far from it.

As the way the latex molds to your body as you rest on it gives you a nice, relaxed, elevated feel.

And if you are someone that likes the springy feel it has to it then it can be really comfortable to sleep on.

As this spring brings you comfort in the following ways:

  • Making it easier to move around during the night so you won't get stuck in one position.
  • Relieving pressure within your body, which helps you to get into a deeper and more restorative sleep.

And the extra bounce can also be a big bonus for your sex life (quite literally!).

Another great feature of this topper is how breathable it is.

As the small pin holes in the design allow air to pass through it, so it won't trap your body heat like other mattress toppers can.

Meaning it'll feel a heck of a lot cooler to sleep on than a memory foam mattress topper.

So while this topper is built more for support than comfort, it will still give you a cool and comfortable night's sleep.

Different Sizes & Firmness Options

Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress Topper - Medium Firmness - 2 Inch - Queen Size (GOLS Certified Organic)

No matter what size your mattress is or whether it's too soft or firm, Sleep on Latex have got you covered with their mattress toppers.

Because they come in a variety of sizes and different levels of firmness.

So whether you need to firm up a soft mattress or soften an already firm one you can do so by selecting the right latex topper.

They come in sizes to fit all beds, ranging from twin (38" x 75") right up to California King (72" x 84").

And they also come with the choice of being soft, medium, or firm depending on your needs.

  • Soft - 20 ILD (indentation load deflection), 4 lbs/cubic ft density. Helps to make your mattress softer to relieve pressure.
  • Medium - 30 ILD, 5 lbs/cubic ft density. Adds support to a mattress without changing the firmness too much.
  • Firm - 44 ILD, 5.9 lbs/cubic ft density. Firms up a mattress that is too soft providing the strongest level of support.

And you can choose the thickness of your topper too depending on the effect you want it to have.

  • 1" - Makes a subtle change to the feel of the top of your mattress.
  • 2" - A good choice for adding to the support of your existing mattress.
  • 3" - The best size to go for when you want to change the overall feel of your mattress.

For this review I've selected a 2" thick topper with a medium level of firmness.

This is because it gives you a great mixture of comfort and support.

And sleeping on a medium-firm mattress is thought to be the best option for those of us with back pain.

So this one is perfect.

However is you think you'd do better with the softer or firmer options don't hesitate to go for those ones instead.

After all everyone's pain is different and therefore your needs may be different to mine too.

Some Other Nice Features

Free Shipping & 30-Day Return Policy

Sleep on Latex are so confident that you'll love their latex toppers that they offer a 30-day returns policy.

So if you're not satisfied for any reason during this period you can return it to them for a full refund with no questions asked.

And they'll send you a box and a return label too so you can return it for free.

Plus shipping is free on your original purchase, so you've got nothing to lose by giving one of their toppers a go.

5-Year Warranty

There's also a pretty good warranty with this mattress topper.

Now natural latex is a very durable and long-lasting material, so hopefully you'll never need to use this.

But you're covered for 5 years against any cracks, splits, or sinkage (1" or more) that may occur in the mattress topper.

When this happens Sleep On Latex will either repair or replace it.

Which is pretty good and means you're guaranteed plenty of years of service out of your topper.

Selling Directly To You The Customer

Pure Green Natural Latex mattress toppers are only available to buy online.

Which is great news for us.

As by doing this Sleep On Latex can cut out any extra costs and overheads and pass those savings on to you.

Which means you get a really high quality product at a fraction of the price of store bought latex toppers.

And we all love a good deal and a bargain right?

>> The Back On Site Verdict <<

So what's my overall verdict on the Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress Topper for people with back pain?

In simple terms I think it's one of the best, if not the best, option out there for giving your mattress more support.

Which can really help to relieve pressure, strain, and tension on your back and your body as you sleep.

It's also very well made and extremely durable.

And the plethora of different topper options mean you can get the exact size and firmness you need.

Also being made from natural latex means it's an extremely safe and healthy mattress topper to sleep on.

So if you want to try out a latex mattress topper for your back then this is the one I'd recommend.

And if you discover it's not for you then you can easily return it for a full refund.

So you have nothing to lose really, but a hell of a lot to gain.


  • Provides a medium-firmness that is perfect for people with back pain.
  • Made from 100% natural latex which is great for safety, quality, and your health.
  • Natural latex made with the Dunlop method makes this topper springy and reactive to each and every movement.
  • Molds to your body but pushes back rather than allowing you to sink in, keeping your spine in alignment.
  • Helps to relieve pressure and tension on your body as you sleep.
  • Very durable and well made.
  • More breathable and sleeps cooler than other toppers.
  • Comes in a variety of sizes and firmness options.
  • Eco-friendly.


  • It's not as soft and comfortable as memory foam so may not suit some people.
  • May have an initial odour but that should subside quickly.
  • Latex toppers are generally more expensive than memory foam ones.

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