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10 Safe Shoveling Techniques – Keep Your Back Healthy On Site

safe shoveling techniques

Digging and shoveling can be back-breaking work.

I bet we’ve all had days at work or in the garden that have left our backs screaming out at us in pain. And if you have to dig or shovel for a living then this can be a massive problem.

However it doesn’t have to be this painful. By following these 10 safe digging techniques and using the right equipment you can make back pain from digging and shoveling a thing of the past.

Find out how here.

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The Best Office Chair For Lower Back Pain (And Why You Need One)

best office chair for lower back pain

Having to sit at a desk at work or home for even a few hours each day can cause havoc for your lower back. And using a generic, one-size fits all office chair only makes this pain worse.

So give your back the best chance possible by investing in an ergonomic office chair. As they provide you with great lumbar support, can be adjusted to fit you perfectly, and can greatly improve your health and your working experience.

You can find the best ones in this review ranging from high-end options to good budget choices.

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