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9 Safe Forms Of Exercise For People With Chronic Back Pain

exercises for lower back pain

We are constantly told we need to stay active if we are going to beat back pain.

But how do you know what kinds of activities you should be doing? And how can you be sure they won’t cause you more damage?

This is the part that puts lots of people off exercising when they have back pain. So I’ve put together a list of 9 safe and helpful activities for your back that you can try safe in the knowledge that they won’t hurt you when done correctly.

Staying active is vital for managing your back pain so make a start today!

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Build Your Core Strength For Less Back Pain & More Spinal Support

core strength

You can’t overestimate the importance of core strength when it comes to managing your chronic lower back pain.

This is because a strong core is responsible for supporting and stabilising your spine while also helping you to move and maintain good balance and posture. All of which reduces the strain on your lower back.

So find out how to get started with core strengthening here and give your back the help and support it needs.

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Pilates For Back Pain – Strengthen Your Core For A Stronger Back

pilates for back pain

Pilates may not be something you’ve ever thought about doing. But don’t be fooled by any preconceptions of it as a feminine activity because it’s a bloody good workout.

And it’s also a great way to build your core strength which is vital for reducing lower back pain. A strong core also reduces the strain on your back and helps to support your spine as you move.

Which makes Pilates a great exercise for those of us with back pain. Find out how to get started here.

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Is Walking Good For People With Lower Back Pain?


Walking is an enjoyable and pleasant activity. However did you know that it is also a great activity for people with chronic lower back pain?

This is because walking regularly can strengthen your muscles and bones, increase circulation, improve your mood, and help you to stay more active and mobile.

So while living with chronic pain is no walk in the park, walking in the park can certainly help!

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