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18 Gifts For Fibromyalgia Sufferers That Bring Comfort And Relief

The pain and exhaustion caused by fibromyalgia is so tough to live with but a thoughtful gift can go some way to making things a little easier.

My Top Gift Choice For Fibromyalgia Sufferers

iReliev Weighted Moist/Dry Heating Pad 24' x 12' for Pain Relief and Cramps | 3 Electric Heat Settings

This heating pad has 3 heat settings to bring warming relief to sore and aching muscles, while the extra weight means it contours to the body, adding a gentle pressure which can also help to relieve fibromyalgia pain.

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If you have a friend or loved one who suffers from fibromyalgia then you'll know just how devastating it can be for them.

As the widespread constant pain in the soft tissues and muscles can leave you aching all over and feeling like crap.

While the chronic fatigue leads to days where you lack the energy to even make it out of bed let alone work or go about your daily business.

Also sleep can be hard to come by as despite feeling exhausted all day you can't get a restful and restorative kip.

Then there's the 'fibro fog' that can make concentrating and focusing so difficult, while your memory also goes by the wayside.

So it's no surprise that people who suffer from fibromyalgia are also prone to anxiety and depression.

Because it can feel like you're living in a never ending nightmare. 

And seeing that over 5 million people suffer from this condition in the United States alone it's a more common problem than most people think.

So the next time you are buying a gift for someone that suffers from fibromyalgia why not get them something that will help them out a bit?

As even a brief respite from the pain and exhaustion could feel like the greatest gift in the world.

Which Items Are Helpful For People With Fibromyalgia?

Which items can help people with fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that can have a huge impact on your everyday life and capabilities.

And while there's no cure there are still things you can do to make it more manageable and minimise it's impact.

This includes improving your sleep quality, staying active with certain exercises, eating a healthy diet and getting a massage occasionally.

There are also things you can buy that can help you to make things easier.

And it's these items that make the ideal gifts for fibromyalgia sufferers.

So when getting a gift for your loved one look out for things that can:

  • Keep them warm and comfortable.
  • Help to relieve their pain.
  • Allow them to get better quality sleep.
  • Distract them away from their pain.
  • Help them to relax.

As all of these things will contribute towards lower pain levels, an improvement in their mood and a greater quality of life.

So I've come up with the following selection of gift ideas for people with fibromyalgia that cover all of these bases. 

So let's start with a few gifts that will keep them warm and comfortable at home when they don't have the energy to leave the house.

A Comfy Robe Or Loungewear

Comfy robes and loungewear make great gifts for people with fibromyalgia

Unfortunately one of the big problems with fibromyalgia is that it forces you to spend so much time at home.

As there are days when you feel so uncomfortable and exhausted that you can't leave the front door.

In fact, sometimes it's a struggle to even make it out of bed.

And this combination of a lack of energy and being stuck indoors can leave you feeling really down and depressed.

So why not get your loved one a gift that can cheer them up and make them feel more comfortable when they're having a low energy day?

As this is exactly what having something comfortable to wear to lounge around in can do.

So getting them a super plush robe, a pair of luxurious PJs, or some soft and loose fitting loungewear is a nice gift idea that can help them to feel a little better.

Just make sure that these are ultra soft and lightweight so they're easy to wear and won't irritate hypersensitive skin.

A Warm & Snug Pair Of Slippers

Another way to make your loved one feel more comfortable at home is with a pair of warm slippers.

Because fibromyalgia can make you hypersensitive to the cold and this often leads to a feeling of having cold hands and feet.

So wearing a warming pair of slippers indoors can make a real difference to how you feel.

And it can also help to ease any pain and stiffness in your feet and toes too.

So if this sounds like the kind of gift that a friend would appreciate look out for a snug pair like these slip on slippers from UGG.

These ones are great as they have a luxurious sheepskin lining that feels amazingly comfortable to wear and will keep your feet warm and toasty.

So they could make the perfect gift to help someone relax at home and forget about their fibromyalgia pain.

An Electric Heated Throw Blanket

When you need somewhere to rest up and recover from the fatigue that comes from having fibromyalgia there's no better place than on the couch.

And this rest is important, not just because of your low energy levels but also as being able to relax properly can help to reduce your pain.

As when we feel stressed and anxious we tend to hold this tension within our body.

And this can lead to tight muscles and extra pressure and strain being put on certain areas such as your shoulders and lower back.

So to help someone get the most benefit out of their resting time on the couch you could get them an electric heated throw blanket.

As sitting under one of these can help you to get really warm and snug and soothe your tired body.

And a great choice as a gift is the Serta Fleece Heated Throw Blanket.

As this one has the perfect mix of soothing heat and luxurious comfort.

It comes with 5 different heat settings so you'll be able to find a heat that is comfortable for you.

And the faux fur material of the blanket is ultra soft and really comforting to the touch.

Perfect for making days on the couch a little more comfortable.

Epsom Bath Salts

Getting some heat into your body is a great way to relax and refresh your tired and aching muscles. 

And one of the best and easiest ways to do this is by taking a nice long soak in the bath.

As the moist heat from the bath water penetrates deep into your body giving you soothing pain relief.

At the same time this also increases your circulation which will help to deliver oxygen and nutrients around your body to help you heal and recover.

And relaxing in the bath is also great for your mood too, slowing down your breathing and putting you into a calmer state.

So don't be afraid to get the rubber duck out to help you manage your fibromyalgia.

And one gift that can make your loved ones bath times even more beneficial is a pack of epsom salts such as the Epsoak Epsom Bath Salts.

As they contain magnesium sulfate which dissolves into the bath water and helps to soothe and relieve stiff joints and muscles even further.

So if you want help someone with fibromyalgia make the most out of bath times then a pack of these epsom salts will do the trick.

Self Massage Balls

When you suffer from fibromyalgia your whole body can feel like it's constantly aching as tight and painful muscles can become the norm.

However, a good way to get some relief from these aches and pains to to get your tight muscles to release by going for a massage.

As getting massaged regularly has been shown to be a good thing to do to help people to manage their fibromyalgia.

The problem is that getting a professional massage is expensive and this may make it impossible for many people.

But the good news is that there are many ways using a variety of self-massage tools that will allow you to gain the pain relieving benefits of massage by yourself.

And one of these is by using massage balls to help to release any tight areas of pain.

So you simply lower yourself down over the ball until it's under the area that hurts.

Then relax your body weight and the force of gravity will allow the ball to work deep into your tight muscles.

Which will encourage them to release and relax again, eliminating any blockages that were causing pain.

So if you want to buy your loved one a gift to help them to release any tight muscles caused by fibromyalgia try getting them the Kieba Massage Balls.

An Acupressure Mat

Acupuncture is another alternative therapy that has shown some evidence of being helpful for improving pain and stiffness in people with fibromyalgia.

As by placing small needles into the various acupressure points in the body the theory is that this opens up any blocked pathways so that energy and blood can flow through more freely again.

Which is great for flushing out any trapped waste and toxins that may be causing pain, aiding healing, and relaxing and refreshing you.

But if your loved one doesn't like the sound of the needles then there is an alternative that also makes a great gift for them which is an acupressure mat.

These mats contain thousands of tiny plastic needles (that won't penetrate the skin) and they work along the same principles as acupuncture.

As by simply laying your body weight down on the mat the plastic needles are able to stimulate your acupressure points.

And by doing so they help any tight and stiff muscles to release which will relax your body and make you feel a whole lot more comfortable.

So if you feel this is something a loved one would benefit from check out the Nayoya Acupressure Mat.

This one is a good choice as it also comes with an acupressure pillow so you can work on pains in your neck, head and back at the same time.

And while these mats may look a bit strange and daunting on first glance, once you feel the benefits you'll never look back.


TENS units are a great way to get some instant pain relief whenever you need it and can be a big help to anyone living with fibromyalgia.

They work by delivering electrical impulses directly into your tissues through the pads (which you attach to your body at the area of pain) and this stimulates both your nerves and your muscles.

And this stimulation can relieve pain and stiffness in a number of ways:

  • It blocks pain signals from reaching your brain as the stimulation of the nerves by the electrical impulses distract you.
  • While also encouraging the release of endorphins which are the body's natural painkiller.
  • And it increases circulation and blood flow to your areas of pain which helps them to heal and repair.

So a TENS machine can be a great gift for anyone who has chronic pain and an ideal choice is the iReliev Rechargeable TENS & EMS Unit.

As this one is small, portable, lightweight and super easy to use.

And it comes with a range of features such as 25 different intensity levels and 8 pre-loaded TENS programs designed to give you pain relief.

It also comes with 6 electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) programs which help to condition your muscles and make them less susceptible to pain in the future.

And it's rechargeable so you don't need to be constantly on the hunt for new batteries for it.

So all in all this is a great gift for someone with fibromyalgia that will help them to manage their pain for a long time to come.

An Infrared Heat Lamp

Heat therapy can be an extremely effective method for treating the chronically stiff and sore muscles that are common among people with fibromyalgia.

As the heat increases circulation and blood flow to the areas of pain and tightness.

Which flushes away any trapped waste and toxins and delivers the oxygen and nutrients to your muscles that they need to heal and repair.

It also irritates your skin's nerve receptors to the point where this overrides the sensation of pain and blocks pain signals from reaching your brain.

Plus it encourages the release of endorphins which work as a natural painkiller in your body.

So applying heat to your aching body is a great way of relaxing and releasing the tightness and soreness you feel with fibromyalgia.

And an easy way to do this is with a infrared heat lamp such as the Beurer Infrared Heat Lamp.

As you simply direct the 300 watt lamp to focus onto your area of pain and it will deliver infrared heat deep into your muscles and tissues.

Which will soothe, relax and rejuvenate you in no time.

Plus this lamp is a safe one to use as it has an automatic shut off function and a 100% UV blocking screen.

So one of these makes a great gift as it gives them a quick and easy way to relieve pain and stiffness.

A Weighted Heating Pad

Another good option to get some heat therapy is to use an electric heating pad.

As these pads can be wrapped directly around your area of pain to get real targeted relief.

Or you can throw them over the back of a chair or the couch to instantly make it more warm and snug.

And they feel comforting to use too, which can help you to relax and switch off from the stresses of dealing with fibromyalgia.

So an electric heating pad makes a nice gift for someone with fibromyalgia as it can calm and soothe them.

And the iReliev weighted heating pad is a great choice.

As this has three heat settings that add comforting warmth to tired and aching muscles, increasing blood flow and encouraging them to heal and repair.

While the extra weight means it really contours to your body, and adds a therapeutic light pressure which also comforts and soothes.

Roll On Topical Pain Relief

If you want to gift someone with fibromyalgia temporary but instant relief from their aches and pains then a good option is a topical cream or gel.

As rubbing these creams or gels directly onto the skin at the area of pain will allow them to penetrate and get to work.

Now you have two options open to you - a topical cream that produces a sensation of heat on the skin or one that gives off a cooling sensation instead.

And for people with fibromyalgia I'm going to recommend the latter option as it will feel more soothing.

So a nice stocking stuffer to get them is some Biofreeze Roll On Pain Relieving Gel.

As this gel contains menthol which cools and soothes your tired and aching muscles.

And this cooling sensation works to relieve pain as well by stimulating the nerve receptors on your skin.

This overrides the pain signals being sent to your brain and lessens their power and effect.

Meaning you'll feel less pain and can enjoy the feeling of soothing coolness instead.

So if you want an idea for a little gift to help someone get some relief from fibromyalgia then one of these topical gels is ideal.

A Weighted Blanket

Even though they may spend the whole day feeling exhausted and low on energy, getting a good quality sleep can still be so difficult for people with fibromyalgia.

And this is bad for their health for a number of reasons.

But not least because it's during sleep that the body and mind can rest, recover and regenerate from the stresses of the previous day.

Which is absolutely vital when you suffer from chronic pain.

Because if you're not getting the restorative sleep you need then it's no surprise that you wake up in the morning feeling stiff, sore and knackered.

Which makes the following gift idea a godsend for people with fibromyalgia or anyone who suffers from insomnia.

As using a weighted blanket can work wonders in helping you feel more comfortable and settled in bed.

It works because the weight of the blanket gives you a calming and comforting sensation similar to receiving a hug.

This will quieten the nervous system and put you into a relaxed enough state to drift off.

Also the weight pushing down on you will cut down on any tossing and turning during the night that might wake you up.

So, if you want to help your loved one with fibromyalgia get a better night's sleep and wake up feeling fresh rather than tired every morning, check out the Manta weighted blanket.

A Full Body Pillow

Another way to increase comfort and give yourself a better chance of sleeping well is by using a full body pillow.

As not only are these pillows really comforting and snuggly to cuddle up to.

They're also good for keeping your body in a healthy sleeping posture during the night.

And this is great for relieving any pressure and strain that may be making it hard to sleep.

So, a full body pillow like the one above from Coop can make a really lovely gift for someone with fibromyalgia.

As aside from helping you to stay well aligned and sleep easier.

They're also supremely comfortable to sleep with which helps your body to relax and get into a deeper and more restorative sleep.

A Zoned Electric Heated Mattress Pad

If it's sore and aching muscles caused by fibromyalgia that are keeping you awake at night then a good option to get some relief is by sleeping on a heated mattress pad.

As this can give you a steady flow of warm and soothing heat throughout the night which will help your body to relax.

And by doing this you will stand a much better chance of getting into a deep and restorative sleep.

So if this sounds like something that a loved one would appreciate as a gift check out the Sunbeam Zoned Heated Mattress Pad.

This one is especially good as it has 6 different zones that you can choose to heat.

So you can target just the specific areas that are causing you pain rather than having to heat the whole thing.

And this is also handy if you sleep with a partner as they won't have to sleep with the heat on their side unless they want to.

So if you want to help someone sleep easier and more comfortably one of these heated mattress pads is a good gift to give.

And for people with fibromyalgia it's an even bigger help.

As they can also make full use of the heat from it on days where they are too fatigued to get out of bed.

A Wedge Pillow For Days In Bed

Another pillow that can come in handy on bed days is a wedge pillow.

As this allows you to relax comfortably while reading or watching movies.

And it puts your body at a nice angle that can relieve any pressure or strain that may build up otherwise.

So one of these wedges such as the Cushy Form Bed Wedge Pillow can make a nice gift for people with fibromyalgia that have more bed days than they'd like.

A Gift To Distract Them Away From The Pain

Buy them a gift to distract them from the pain

Did you know that by distracting yourself away from fibromyalgia pain and becoming absorbed in another activity you can lower the intensity of your pain?

This works because the brain has a limited capacity to take in all the signals that are constantly vying for it's attention.

So it gives priority to certain signals with pain being top of the list as it's seen as a sign of immediate danger.

However, it you consciously put your attention elsewhere then you can override these pain signals that are being sent to your brain, taking away their power.

And studies have shown this to be an effective pain management tactic for people with chronic pain conditions.

So consider buying your loved one a gift that they can lose themselves in to help them forget about their pain.

This can be some books or a Kindle Paperwhite if they love to read.

Or if they are artistic and creative how about some painting brushes and canvases or an adult colouring book?

For the gamers you could get them a handheld console they could use in bed such as a Nintendo Switch.

Or you could sign them up for a subscription service to keep them occupied and entertained such as Netflix, Audible or Spotify.

But whatever you decide to buy them, the more they become absorbed in what they are doing the less pain they will feel.

And they'll love receiving gifts like this too so it's a real win-win.

A Heatable Soft Toy

When you are looking for the perfect gift for someone with fibromyalgia then something warming and comforting that can reduce pain and stress comes to mind.

And even better if it's something cute and cuddly too.

So what better gift to buy them than one of these Warmies Heatable Plush Elephant Stuffed Toys.

As not only do these plush toys look great, they are made from super soft fabric that feels lovely to hold as well.

Which is ideal for stress relief.

Plus just pop them in the microwave for a few seconds and you have something that works in a similar way to a hot water bottle.

Providing you with soothing warmth and comfort.

And the lavender scent they give off is great for calming you and helping you to sleep.

So if you want to get your loved one a gift that can help with their fibromyalgia but isn't so obviously related to it, one of these heated stuffed toys is an inspired choice. 

A Delicious Box Of Chocolates

Are you with me when I say that not every gift on this list needs to be related to fibromyalgia pain?

Because while things that can ease that pain are great, it's also nice to treat a loved one to something lovely that they can just enjoy instead.

This can include a number of things such as a bunch of flowers, nice jewellery, some pampering goodies, or speciality teas and coffees.

As these things can really lift someones spirits and put a smile on their face.

And while we're talking about putting smiles on faces who wouldn't love to receive a nice box of chocolates?

Especially if your loved one has a sweet tooth.

Pay For A Regular House Cleaning Service

When you're struggling with fibromyalgia pain and feel exhausted all the time the last thing you want to think about is doing the household chores.

Because things like vacuuming and cleaning which seem like simple tasks to most of us can feel like torture when your whole body is on fire.

So a really useful gift to get anyone with fibromyalgia is to pay for a regular house cleaning service.

As this will lift such a burden from their shoulders and make their lives so much easier and more manageable.

However, you need to make sure beforehand how they'll react to receiving a gift like this.

As it's a very personal thing and some people may feel offended by it.

But if you're close enough to them to know they'd appreciate it then it might be the most helpful gift you could possibly get them.

Rounding Up

It can be hard to watch a loved one have to struggle day in and day out with the pain and fatigue caused by fibromyalgia.

So getting them a gift that can ease their burden even just a little is a really cool thing to do.

And I've included a wide range of gift ideas for you here that can all help in one way or another.

Whether that is by relieving pain, helping them to relax, making them more comfortable, warming them up, or helping them to get a better night's sleep.

These are all gifts that someone with fibromyalgia would appreciate receiving.

And will hopefully help them to manage their condition.

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