Spoil The Tradesman In Your Life With These Great Gifts For Construction Workers 

Get the grafter in your family something that will put a smile on their face and make their working day a hell of a lot safer, easier and more pleasant. 

Spoil The Tradesman In Your Life With These Great Gifts For Construction Workers

If you have a friend or relative in the construction industry then you'll know how hard they have to work. 

7am starts and long days of hard graft involving heavy lifting, shoveling and climbing up and down ladders. 

All done in conditions ranging from freezing cold in the winter, damp and grey in the autumn, to boiling hot in the summer. 

And most of the time on sites that have no heating, ​windows, electricity or plumbing to boot. 

So why not reward your favourite grafter by getting them a gift that will make their working life easier?​ 

You can do this in many ways for construction workers, so I've split the gift ideas into sections so you can choose the one that suits their particular needs.

So for gifts to keep them safe and protected against injuries and the elements on site I ​recommend the following:

Or if you want to get them something to make their working environment more pleasant then the following will work wonders:

For tools and gadgets that can improve their working performance you could consider the following:

And finally if you want to get them something more fun and light-hearted then check these potential gifts out.

​All of these items will make a great gift for anyone working in the construction industry.

So without further ado let's get started with what is probably the most important thing, which is keeping your favourite construction worker safe, healthy, and pain-free on site.

Essential Gifts To Keep Them Safe On Site

Working on a construction site is tough.

It's an unforgiving environment that offers you very little protection from the elements.

Often you can forget about luxuries such as electricity​, insulation, somewhere to make hot food and drinks, and a comfortable area to sit in on your breaks.

Hell, there's sometimes not even a functioning toilet on site!​

​And aside from being a nasty place to work, long hours of hard graft on concrete surfaces can lead to aches and pains all over your body.

So help your construction worker avoid becoming another back/knee/wrist/shoulder pain statistic ​by getting them something to keep them safe and healthy on site.

Any of the following items will do the trick nicely.​

Aidbrace Back Support Belt

With all the lifting, carrying, bending, twisting and shoveling that construction workers have to do every day, it's no surprise that back pain is such a common complaint in the industry.

However wearing a back support belt during more intense tasks can really help to prevent this.

This is because these belt give your core muscles assistance in supporting and stabilising your back as you move, lift and work while also:

  • Limiting potential range of motion to prevent overstretching and 'putting your back out'.
  • Encouraging you to maintain a good posture as they work.
  • Taking the strain off of your lower back.

So you get more protection and are much less likely to suffer those painful twinges and aches and pains.

And giving someone this extra support and stability makes for a great gift in my eyes.

So if you want a good belt for site work I'd recommend going for the Aidbrace Back Support Belt.

This is a sturdy, industrial strength belt that can withstand heavy use on site and is great for tasks such as heavy lifting and shoveling.

And it's also designed with a breathable mesh to help keep workers cool and comfortable while wearing it.

So it'll be a great assistant for any site worker and can really help them to steer clear of the dreaded bad back.

To find out more about back support belts click here.

Redback Strapped Knee Pads

​If you're in certain trades then spending a lot of time on your knees is inevitable.

So your average plumber, carpet fitter, and painter really needs to think about protecting their knees.

Because years of kneeling down on unforgiving surfaces such as concrete and wooden flooring can lead to your knees being shot way before time.​

It can cause osteoarthritis, ​bursitis, fluid on the knee, as well as wounds and infections.

However by wearing a pair of protective knee pads​ as you work you can help to prevent this as they will:

  • Absorb the shocks from kneeling on hard surfaces.
  • Spread the weight and pressure evenly across a larger area.
  • Prevent wounds from kneeling on sharp objects.
  • Protect your knees from accelerated wear and tear.

So getting someone a pair of protective knee pads is not just a great gift for them now but also for their future self too.

As it will increase the life of their knees and keep them fit and healthy as they get older.

And a great pair for construction work are the Redback Strapped Knee Pads.​

These have won awards for their effectiveness and are CE ​certified professional knee pads.

This is because they are tough and durable yet remain lovely and comfortable to wear.

And they are suitable for anyone, being made to protect and support up to 250kgs of weight!​

They are also washable so they won't get too smelly and sweaty​ after heavy use.

Spand-Ice Heat & Ice Therapy Revive Tank

Use special discount code BACKONSITE at checkout to get 15% off the Spand-Ice Revive Tank. This offer is exclusive to Back On Site readers.

This next item is an ingenious one that is really great for construction workers that suffer from aches and pains during the day.

​Which is most of them!

​Because by wearing a Spand-Ice Revive tank top underneath your overalls you can apply ice or heat to your aching muscles to help them to relax and heal while you work.

​As each tank top has pockets in the lower back region into which you place gel packs which can be either frozen from the freezer or heated in a microwave.

So you're covered two ways as:​

  • Applying ice to a fresh muscle injury reduces swelling and inflammation, helping your body to heal faster.
  • While applying heat to tight and sore muscles helps them to ease up and relax.

Both of which will make it much easier to work more comfortably rather than being in pain.

This is really unique as you'd usually have to wait till you get home after work to either ice or heat ​your sore muscles.

But this tank top means you can do it exactly when you need to.....on the move while you ​work.

And it's also made with a breathable and lightweight material that is comfortable to work in​ and doesn't restrict your movement in any way.

So if you want to get someone a great gift that can reduce their aches and pains while they work, the Spand-Ice Revive Tank is a great choice.​

After all what better gift is there than taking away their pain?​

Find out more about the benefits of applying heat and ice to get rid of muscle pain by clicking here.​

Timberland Pro Boondock Waterproof Work Boots

Wearing the right footwear on site is more important than most people realise.

Because the feet of your average construction worker take a pounding.

Not only are they at risk from working in cold and wet conditions.​

Spending hours working on concrete floors, climbing up and down ladders, and standing around​ can all take their toll as well.

​As your feet absorb all of these shocks and ricochet them up through your body.

And if you don't wear work boots that can absorb these shocks you are opening yourself up to muscle and joint pain in your back, ankles and knees in particular.​

So how can you prevent this?​

Ideally you want to get a pair of work boots that have the following:

  • Good arch support to absorb any shocks.
  • That fit properly and are comfortable to wear for a long shift.
  • Are waterproof so your feet stay dry and protected when working in wet conditions.
  • Have protection over the toe area (either steel or composite) to avoid damage from dropping heavy objects on your feet.
  • Be insulated so they keep your feet warm in cold weather.

And a good pair of all rounders that cover all of these bases are the Timberland Pro Boondock Work Boots.

​So if your construction worker is complaining of sore feet or aches and pain in other areas of their body take a look at their work boots.

And if they look like they've seen better days then an upgrade will be a very welcome gift.​

Find out which are the best work boots for different construction jobs here.​

Ironclad Cold Condition Waterproof Gloves

It's not just your feet that can get cold and wet on a construction site.

Your hands can also take a battering.

In fact according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, hand injuries are second only to back injuries on construction sites.

And it's no surprise.​

Because working in cold conditions, using strong building chemicals​, and handling rough, sharp and awkward items can leave them in a bad way if you're not careful.

So why not give someone a hand (!) and buy them a pair of gloves that will protect their hands on site?​

This will not only make them more comfortable, it will also keep their skin much healthier and guard against cuts and infections.​

And a pair I'd recommend are the Ironclad Cold Condition Waterproof Gloves.​

As the name suggests they are waterproof and they are also windproof, which makes them great for working in the cold.

And the insulation that these gloves provide is great for keeping your blood flowing and fingers warm and functioning​ so you can keep working to the best of your abilities.

They are also very rugged and durable being designed with site work in mind.​

Dewalt Vibration Reducing Gloves

Protecting your hands against the cold, cuts and chemicals is not the only consideration for some construction workers.

Because if you regularly have to use power tools and pneumatic drills then you also need to consider the effects that the vibrations can have on you.

​And prolonged exposure to these vibrations is bad news as it can lead to:

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
  • Numb and tingling hands.
  • A weakened grip.
  • Pain in your wrists.

Which is obviously not ideal for a construction worker.

But one way you can help someone prevent these problems is to get them a good pair of anti-vibration work gloves.

And a great pair for this purpose are the Dewalt Vibration Reducing Gloves.​

They contain a high density memory foam padding that reduces the impact of the vibrations from using power tools.

And they also have a great grip so you won't feel awkward or uncomfortable when using them.​

So these make a great stocking filler for any site worker who complains of pain in their wrists or hands.​

RefrigiWear Extreme Softshell Jacket

Construction workers have to work outside in all weathers, and it is extremely important that you keep warm while you're working.

Because not only is working outside in the cold uncomfortable and exhausting, it can also be dangerous.

As not protecting yourself against the cold can lead to:

  • Tight and aching muscles caused by a restriction in your blood flow.
  • Creaky joints with a limited range of movement due to the cold causing an expansion in the soft tissues that surround them.
  • Chillblains.
  • Frostbite.
  • Even hypothermia!

​So you need to make sure you are layered up well before you go out to work in extreme conditions.

And a great outer layer that can really help you to retain heat is the RefrigiWear Extreme Softshell Jacket​.

This acts as a first defence against the cold, wind and rain and is designed to protect you in conditions of up to -60 degrees celcius.

And while it traps body heat to keep you warm, it is also breathable so you won't feel too hot while wearing it.

So a great jacket for outdoor site work.​

And the Hi-Vis design means it complies with construction sites health and safety requirements.​

​Which makes it a really cool gift to give to a construction worker, especially for Christmas when it's freezing outside.

To find out more about how to keep warm on a construction site click here.​

Portwest Workwear Contrast Shorts

While it's always toughest to work in extremely cold conditions, working in extreme heat during the height of summer can also be really unpleasant and uncomfortable.

And during hot days like this it is absolute bliss to be able to ditch your work pants and slip on a pair of shorts instead.

Not only does this cool you down, it makes you feel freer, happier and more energetic too.

Heck you can even work on your tan!​

So a good choice for a gift for a summertime worker are the Portwest Workwear Contrast Shorts.​

These are lightweight and have a semi-elastic waist​ for comfort, but are still durable enough to be worn on site.

There are also pockets and belt loops made to house your tools as you work.​

And if you like the idea of buying someone a pair of work shorts but they need to wear Hi-Vis clothing on site then you could go for the following Portwest shorts instead.

However be aware that some construction sites may not allow the workers to wear shorts, so double check before buying a pair of these for someone!​

Useful Gifts To Make Their Days On Site More Pleasant

useful gifts for workers

While it's great to get construction workers gifts that protect them at work, it's also a good idea to consider getting them something ​that will make their life on site a bit more comfortable too.

Because let's face it, construction​ sites can be pretty inhospitable places.

They can be dark and dingy, and lacking things we all take for granted like electricity, windows, insulation and plumbing​.

So a few home comforts will make the working day much more pleasant.​

And trust me, the following items will definitely be appreciated by any construction site veteran.

Tenergy Electric Fan Heater

Working outdoors and on construction sites with no protection from the elements is gruelling on your mind and body.

And ​if you have to go through the whole day without any respite it can soul destroying.

So a great gift idea is to get someone a portable heater to take on site.

These are a great addition because you can use them to heat an area that will become a safe haven for the workers on their tea breaks.

And you can't underestimate how lovely it is to know that you are going to be able to escape the cold and warm yourself up again on your break.

​Not to mention how it allows your muscles to thaw out and your blood to keep flowing to give you a better chance of staying fit and healthy.

So give someone the gift of warmth with the Tenergy Electric Fan Heater.

This one heats a room quickly which is ideal, and it comes with two heat settings (low 750W​ and high 1500W) 

It's safe too with an auto shut off feature that kicks in ​if it topples over or starts to overheat.

Ustellar 100W LED Work Light

Working on a construction site with poor lighting is bad for two reasons.

Firstly working in a dingy environment all day isn't great for your mood or general well-being.

And secondly your work suffers when you can't see what you're doing properly.

​Which makes a portable light an invaluable addition to any construction site.

And a great light to really illuminate even the dingiest of workspaces is the Ustellar LED Work Light.​

This has two settings (50W and 100W) with the highest setting being really bright.

And being powered by LED rather than halogen means it's safer as it doesn't overheat like other lights can and will save you around 90% in energy​ usage.

It's flexible too so you can tilt it to the perfect angle to make the most of the light.

Plus it's waterproof so it's durable enough to withstand the occasional accident on site.​

So giving someone a portable LED light ​like this one will really help to brighten up their day at work in more ways than one.

Bosch Bluetooth Power Box Jobsite Radio

Having music on in the background is essential to me when I work.

Because not only does it help to make the day go faster, it puts you in a great mood and really helps you to get into the work flow too.

It can ​also keep you company if you're working on your own.

And you can choose the perfect music to suit your needs​, whether that be high energy for intense work or soft and mellow when you need to chill out a bit.

Or you can listen to talk radio if that's your thing and keep up to date with the latest news.

You can even listen to podcasts and audiobooks if you connect your radio up to your phone (although I've yet to experience a construction site with an audiobook playing in the background!).

And having music or podcasts playing while you work can have benefits for your body too.

Because it can distract your mind away from any aches and pains you may be experiencing because of all the hard work.​

So getting someone a great jobsite radio is a really good gift in my eyes, and something that will really improve their working experience.

And one I'd recommend​ above any other for site work is the Bosch Bluetooth Power Box Radio.

This radio is seriously powerful with a subwoofer and 4-way speakers which can drown out power tools while filling the biggest and most open of spaces.

It's ​also tough and durable coming with an aluminium cage to protect it from bumps and tumbles, as well as being weather and dust resistant.

And by using the bluetooth you can connect it up to your devices to play your own music as well as streaming from Spotify or internet radio.​

However this is a serious piece of kit and may be too powerful for those working in smaller spaces.

So if you want to get someone a work radio that is more portable (and neighbour friendly!) check out the Bosch PB180 Compact Radio instead.​

Thermos Work Series 40 Ounce Flask

​In the UK it's said that a workforce marches on cups of tea.

But wherever you are in the world, being able to get a warm drink during the day is really important for tradesmen.

​Because not only does it give you a comforting feeling on your work breaks.

It can also give you an nice boost of energy and act as the perfect pick me up to carry on grafting throughout the day.

And hot drinks and soups become even more important when you are working outside in cold conditions, as they help to nourish you and warm your muscles up again.

However sometimes you don't have the facilities onsite to be able to make your own hot drinks and this is where a good quality flask will prove invaluable.

As you will be able to fill one of these with tea, coffee or soup and have access to hot drinks whenever you like.

And a great one that will stay warm throughout your entire shift on site is the ​Thermos Work Series 40 Ounce Flask.

This flask is vacuum insulated and has a stainless steel interior that will keep your drinks hot or cold for up to 24 hours.

And it's built especially for use on jobsites, meaning it's tough and durable ​enough to withstand harsh conditions.

So one of these would make the ideal gift for any tea or coffee loving tradesperson.​

Klein Tools Tradesman Cooler

While a nice, hot drink or meal is heaven for construction workers working in cold conditions, the opposite is true for people working in warmer climates.

For these workers regular icy cold drinks to quench the thirst are vital to keep them cool and well hydrated.

But if you're on a site with no fridge then what you end up with is a warm bottle of water that not only tastes gross​, but is a real struggle to drink.

So a great solution to this is to gift someone their own cooler to take on site.

Not only will it keep drinks cold, it will also keep sandwiches and food fresh in the heat.

And one that will do the ​trick is the Klein Tools Tradesman Cooler.

​This has a 17 quart capacity and will keep it's contents cool and fresh for up to 30 hours.

It also has a rugged construction that makes it perfect for site use.​

And as an added extra it can support weights up to 300 pounds, so it doubles up as a seat on your tea breaks.

Which any construction worker will tell you is a massive bonus and a far better option than sitting on a cold concrete floor​!

Tools & Gadgets To Improve Their Work & Performance

tools as gifts

They say that only a bad tradesman blames his tools.

But that's a load of rubbish.

Because using the best tools​ for the job not only makes a job much easier, it also improves the quality of the finish.

So if you're thinking of getting your construction worker something that will make them even more of a superstar than they already are, consider some of the following items.​

Milwaukee Packout Rolling Tool Box

Keeping yourself well organised on site is is vital if you are going to work efficiently.

But it's not always the easiest thing to do, as tools get moved around and you are rushing from one task to another.

And you can end up wasting ​so much time searching for the right screwdriver that it leaves you feeling really frustrated and angry.

It's always in the last place you look!

So a great gift idea to keep any tradesman organised and efficient is to get them a tool box with many compartments.

This way they always know where everything is and this will give them a calm and peaceful state of mind that lets them do their best work.​

It will also keep their tools protected and in good condition when they are not using them.​

​And if you want to treat your construction worker to the absolute daddy for tool storage, then the Milwaukee Packout Rolling Toolbox is the one for you.

This isn't cheap but it really does cover all the bases.

​You get 3 storage boxes with compartments that will house power tools, smaller tools and your screws and bolts.

These boxes are all built to withstand jobsite conditions and as such are:​

  • Tough and durable.
  • Impact-resistant.
  • Weather sealed.
  • Provide protection for the contents against dust and debris.

And they all fit together on a wheeled trolley that makes your tools super easy to transport around site.

​However if you want something smaller and less expensive you could also try the Dewalt TStak Deep Box which is also a great tool box for site work.

Dewalt 31-Pocket Tool Belt

If you do work that requires the use of many different tools or do any type of ladder work you'll quickly realise a big problem with the human body.

Which is that we only have one pair of hands.

​And constantly having to go back to our tool box to get tools or climb down the ladders to switch tools over is a pain and can be very time and energy consuming.

​So why not help out a construction worker by giving them a good tool belt instead?

This way they can carry the tools they need with them around site and up and down ladders, and they'll always have the right tool to hand.

And a good one for heavy duty site work is the Dewalt 31-Pocket Tool Belt.

This belt is huge and comes with many loops, sleeves and pockets to carry tools of all shapes and sizes.

It's also padded for comfort and is fully adjustable so you can get it to fit perfectly around your waist.

So this belt makes a great present for any construction worker who needs to keep their tools close to them as they work.​

Dewalt Heavy Duty Drill Holster

Similar to a tool belt, a drill holster is another handy thing to have for any worker that regular needs to use their drill.

It means you always have your drill to hand and makes it safer to use when you are up ladders.

Not to mention wearing a holster looks pretty cool too.

And the one I'd recommend is the Dewalt Heavy Duty Drill Holster.​

This one is good because it's strong and durable​, and it comes with a safety buckle that holds the drill in place and stops it from falling out.

It also has several outer pockets and sleeves where you can store your different sized drill bits.

So if you want to make a construction worker feel like Clint Eastwood on site, this drill holster could go some way to doing it!​

Funny Gifts To Give Them A Chuckle

fun gifts for workers

​Now while the gifts I've gone through up till now are all great choices they might not be an option for everyone.

Why's that?

Well because there are some construction workers that already have everything.

These are the guys and girls on site that are always getting themselves the latest gadgets and tools.

So it's really hard to buy them something they'd love that they haven't​ already bought themselves.

Which means you need to get a bit more creative with these people.

And why not do it with a fun gift rather than a useful one?​

Because people that work in the trades love to laugh and construction sites can be great places to work because of this.

As the banter flies around all day keeping everyone on their toes and creating a light-hearted and fun atmosphere despite the hard work in harsh conditions.

So consider getting the construction worker who has everything one of the following.​

Hard Hat Stickers

It's good to take a pride in your work but at the same time not take it too seriously.

So why not gift someone a set of funny stickers​ to help to lighten the mood on site during the day?

These stick to hard hats and toolboxes and are well made and long lasting too.

And they're perfect for either customising your own hard hat or pranking a co-worker.​

After all, a little mild humour goes a long way in creating a happy and harmonious construction site.​

Ray Gun Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

Do you know a construction worker who has hair growing out of all the wrong places?

And as much as their complacency with personal grooming​ annoys you, you can't think of a way to broach the subject without insulting them?

Well this gift could be the answer!

​Because you are taking advantage of his skill with power tools, making him laugh and hopefully eliminating the dodgy hairs problem all in one fell swoop.

After all​, we're all big kids really so why not make zapping nasal hairs a fun activity!

Fred Pizza Boss Circular Saw Pizza Wheel

​Do you know a construction worker that loves their pizza?

Actually it would probably be harder to find one that ​doesn't!

So if you do then this is another fun thing to get them that they can use at home to cut their pizza into slices.

It has a really cool design that looks like a mini circular saw which I think is a great idea.​

Because as we all know, a tradesman loves to use his tools.​

Rounding Up

I hope I've managed to give you a few good gift ideas here that anyone working in construction would be delighted to get.

As not only will they make their working life on site easier and more comfortable.

They could also improve their performance and ​keep them safe and pain-free.

So treat the construction worker in your life with one of these items and keep them grafting away with a smile on their face rather than a grimace.​

After all they work so hard they deserve something nice right?​

And you may also be interested in these gifts for truckers if you are buying specifically for professional truck drivers.

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I'm a Painter and Decorator, psychology graduate, and veteran of 5 spinal surgeries. I want to help my fellow construction workers to fight back against persistent back pain like I have.

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