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12 Soothing And Comforting Gifts For Chronic Pain Sufferers 

Struggling with chronic pain can take its toll on you physically, mentally and emotionally. So help to lessen the burden with a gift for chronic pain sufferers that can ease their pain a little. 

gifts for chronic pain sufferers

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As anyone living with chronic pain will tell you, it can feel like a life sentence with no light at the end of the tunnel. 

As the never ending pain and discomfort it causes is really hard to live with. 

Because it makes even the simplest day to day tasks difficult.

Meaning you may have to stop doing some things that you love.

And it can ruin your mood and outlook on life too, making even the most happy and easy going of people miserable.

In fact people with chronic pain are far more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, and anger.

Which has a big impact on not just them, but on their relationships too.

And when you're the one with the chronic pain it can feel so isolating.

Because no-one understands.

As it's so hard to describe what it's like to your friends and loved ones who have never experienced it.

So you end up feeling angry, frustrated, and alone.

Which means as a friend of someone with chronic pain you have a big task in trying to keep their spirits up.

And the best thing you can do is just be there for them, listen to their frustrations, and provide support.

But the second best thing is to help them with their pain management.

And you can do that by getting them a little something that can ease their pain and make their lives a bit easier.

As the following gift ideas for chronic pain sufferers will do just that.

1. iReliev Rechargeable TENS & EMS Unit

A TENS unit is a great thing for someone with chronic pain to own.

As it will help them massively in the day to day management of their pain.

Because no matter which part of their body is feeling sore and painful, a TENS unit can target that pain directly.

As it stimulates your aching muscles using electrical impulses that are delivered from the TENS unit to your body via small pads that you place on the areas that hurt.

And this electrical stimulation works to ease your pain in three ways.

Firstly it blocks pain signals from reaching your brain, thus lowering the pain's impact.

It also encourages the release of endorphins, which are the body's natural painkiller.

And finally it increases the blood flow to the area of pain, meaning your muscles get the oxygen and nutrients they need to heal and repair.

So you'll be feeling better and more comfortable in no time.

Which makes a TENS unit a great gift to give to a person with chronic pain, with a top choice being the iReliev Rechargeable TENS & EMS Unit.

This one is great as it combines both TENS therapy to give you pain relief, and EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) therapy to condition your muscles.

And it's super easy to use, with 14 pre-set programs and 25 intensity levels that you can adjust manually.

It's also portable and lightweight, so you can carry it around with you in your bag to use on the move.

And using one of these regularly can also lower the need for pain medication, which is another added bonus.

So all in all it's a great gift that chronic pain sufferers will fall in love with.

2. TriggerPoint Impact Massage Gun

Another way to rid your body of aches and pains is with an handheld massage gun.

As massaging sore and tight muscles helps to release muscle knots that cause pain and inflammation.

And by doing so you also open up the pathways for your body to deliver the blood, oxygen, and nutrients that your muscles need to heal and repair.

While also allowing the body to flush out any trapped waste and toxins that cause irritation and damage within your muscles.

So it's no surprise that you feel more relaxed and happy after a good massage!

However, regular massages can prove expensive and beyond the reach of most of us.

So, a great alternative is to massage yourself, and you can do just that with the TriggerPoint Impact Massage Gun.

As it's lightweight and cordless, so it's easy to reach around and massage your own back or hard to reach areas on your own.

And it's capable of delivering a powerful massage that gets really deep into your tight knots to work them out.

There are 4 different speed settings, so you can find the power and intensity of massage that feels right for you.

And you can massage almost any area of your body with one of these, increasing blood flow and soothing you all over.

Or you could get a friend to do it for you and get an even more relaxing experience!

So, a massage gun like this is a great thing for any chronic pain sufferer to own.

As they can massage themselves whenever they are having a bad pain day.

Which will help them to relax and release the tension, both in their bodies and their minds.

3. Synca Wellness i-Puffy Massage Cushion

You can also give yourself an easy home massage via an electric massage cushion or pillow.

As these contain rotating nodes that deliver a deep and kneading shiatsu massage to whichever part of your body you place them against.

So they can be a great help to people with chronic pain to get a little relief while they are sitting or laying down.

And one that works well as a gift is the Synca Wellness i-Puffy Massage Cushion.

As this pillow contains 4 rotating nodes that delivers a penetrating and pain relieving massage that mimics a real life masseuse.

And it's ergonomically shaped to fit snuggly behind your neck, shoulders, or lower back.

So you stay comfortable and relaxed while using it.

And it comes with a 'massage with heat' option, which can soothe and relax your tired muscles even further.

So, if you want a classy gift that can help a chronic pain sufferer relax at home, this massage pillow could do the trick.

4. TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller

If you know someone with chronic pain who is a little more physically able, then they may prefer a more energetic method of working out their aches and pains.

And that is exactly what you can give them with the gift of a foam roller.

As to use a foam roller they need to place it underneath the area of their body that feels tight and painful, then roll up and down over it.

And the firm nodules on the foam roller, coupled with their body weight and the force of gravity, puts pressure on the trigger points within their tight muscles as they roll over them.

Which creates stimulation similar to a massage that muscles need to start relaxing and releasing.

And you can do this for most of the large muscle groups in your body, such as your upper back, shoulders, glutes, hips, hamstrings, quads and calves.

So using a foam roller regularly is a great way of getting rid of tight muscle knots and reducing inflammation and pain.

And it will also improve your flexibility, circulation, and range of motion at the same time.

So it's a great item for an active person with chronic pain to have at home, as they can work out any painful area with it.

And a top choice is the TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller.

As this one is firm and textured, with different shaped nodules that drive deep into your muscle pain.

And as such it's widely used and recommended by physical therapists and athletes alike.

5. Nayoya Acupressure Mat

A more gentle and relaxing way for someone with chronic pain to get pain relief at home is to use an acupressure mat.

Now these may not look all that relaxing on first glance.

As they contain thousands of tiny plastic needles that you need to lay down on.

However this sensation is only slightly uncomfortable to start with, then you begin to relax fully into it as your muscles start to release.

So how do these mats work?

They follow similar principles to acupuncture, in that the tiny needles stimulate your pressure points inside your muscle knots to get them to release.

And just like massage this will increase blood flow and allow oxygen and nutrients to be delivered to your aching muscles.

While also unblocking pathways to flush out trapped waste and toxins.

Leaving you feeling relaxed, in less pain, and more physically able.

And using an acupressure mat regularly also brings other benefits for people with chronic pain.

As it can help them to sleep better, gives them more energy, and can alleviate headaches and migraines.

So one of these will make a top gift, especially if the person in question has had success with acupuncture in the past.  

And the mat I'd recommend getting them is the Nayoya Acupressure Mat.

As this one is well made, durable, and comes with a free acupressure pillow too.

Meaning you can work out tight muscles in your back and neck, whilst also using it to ease headaches and sore heads.

6. Beurer Infrared Heat Lamp

Applying heat to painful areas of your body is another great way for people with chronic pain to get some relief.

As this heat stimulates blood flow, which helps to deliver oxygen and nutrients to your muscles that they need to heal and repair.

Plus it irritates your skin's sensory receptors in a good way, in that the sensation of heat will override the sensation of pain.

Meaning pain signals to the brain get blocked.

And it will increase the flexibility in your stiff joints too.

Also the heat encourages the release of endorphins, which make you feel good and are the body's natural painkiller to boot.

All great news!

So heat therapy is great for soothing you, helping you to relax and release tension, and works well to ease general aches, pains, and cramps.

Which brings us on to our next gift idea for people with chronic pain, which is the Beurer Infrared Heat Lamp.

As this is a great way to get the benefits of heat therapy in your own home.

Because the 300 watt lamp delivers infrared heat to any area of your body that is in pain.

And the tilt mechanism means you can adjust it to fire just where you need it to go.

Plus it's safe to use as it has a timer, automatic shut off function, and a 100% UV blocking screen.

So one of these heat lamps makes a nice gift for anyone that wants to relieve pain and tension.

7. iReliev Far Infrared Heating Pad

Another way to get the benefits of heat therapy is to use a heating pad.

And these are a great way to get targeted pain relief.

As you can wrap them around the specific part of your body that you need to treat.

Or you can also use them as blanket, to lay down on, or throw them over the back of your chair to keep your back relaxed while sitting.

And as such they are great for relieving back, neck, shoulder, and leg pain.

As well as being good for things like stomach cramps.

So if a heating pad sounds like the kind of gift your loved one with chronic pain would like, check out the iReliev far infrared heating pad.

As this one contains 56 natural jade and 56 tourmaline stones that heat up to give off an infrared heat that penetrates deep into your tired and sore muscles.

And it's powerful too, reaching top temperatures of around 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, if that sounds too hot don't worry, as you can adjust the heat right down to 55 degrees Fahrenheit via a digital controller.

So, this heating pad is a good buy for anyone seeking pain relief and makes a very nice gift.

8. Spand-Ice Recovery Wrap

There are also products on the market that you can wear and get heat therapy while on the move.

Which is great if you suffer from chronic pain but also lead a busy life.

As you no longer need to take time out of your day to get your heat fix.

These come in the form of belts, vests, or tank tops that have pockets to hold hot gel packs that you heat up in the microwave.

And one of the best ones we've found it the Spand-Ice Recovery Wrap.

This is a belt that sits around your waist, lower back, and abdomen.

And as such it's a great gift for people with chronic lower back pain, as well as giving you relief from stomach cramps and abdominal pain.

Plus the compression of the belt around your abdomen will also provide assistance to your core muscles and give extra support for your lower back.

So how does it work?

Firstly you heat up either one or two of the gel packs in the microwave.

Then you insert them into the pockets provided, strap on the belt to wear under your clothing, and you're good to go.

These gel packs are made with the latest technology, so will retain their heat for well over an hour at a time.

And if you want to ice your sore muscles rather than apply heat to them, then you can put the gel packs in the freezer and use them as an ice pack on the go instead.

So you're getting two great benefits in one gift here. 

Check out the video below to see how these gel packs work (the video shows the tank top rather than belt version, but they work in the same way).

9. iReliev Cold Therapy Gel Packs

Using heat to soothe and relax your aching muscles is really helpful for someone living with chronic pain.

However there are certain times when it's better to use ice instead.

And these include when your pain is being caused by inflammation in your muscles or joints.

As applying ice to these areas can reduce swelling and inflammation, prevent tissue damage, and speed up the healing process.

And the cold sensation from the ice will also numb the pain you are feeling.

So learning when to use ice another skill that people with chronic pain need in their armoury.

As doing so can help to lessen their day to day pain.

So it's a a good idea to have a variety of ice packs and wraps at home that you can call upon when needed.

With the iReliev cold therapy gel packs being a great example and ones that makes a cool (pardon the pun) choice as a gift.

As they come in a variety of sizes including a large pack, meaning you can ice a wider area than many other ice packs.

Plus they're pliable too, meaning you can mold them to fit snuggly into your body and allow the ice to do it's work.

And the gel will stay ice cold for up to 30 minutes when removed from the freezer.

So, these packs are a great gift for a person with chronic pain as they can use them to reduce any inflammation that may be causing their pain.

As well as treating any fresh injuries when they happen too.

For more information on when to ice and when to heat your pain click here.

10. Epsoak Epsom Bath Salts

Being able to relax is vital for our mind, body, and general well-being.

However this can be extremely hard to do when your body is in constant pain.

But while it's difficult, it's especially important for people with chronic pain to learn how to relax.

Because when we are stressed and tense we tend to hold this stress inside our bodies.

Causing us even more pain.

As being tense all the time doesn't give the body a chance to heal itself.

So it becomes a never-ending cycle of pain, stress, and more pain.

And while there are many things you can do to help you to relax such as reading, listening to music, meditating, or practicing yoga.

There is one way that is very simple but also extremely effective.

Which is taking a nice, long soak in a hot bath.

As not only will the heat soothe and relax your aching body.

It'll also take your mind off the pain, make you feel good, improve your circulation, and increase your chances of getting a good night's sleep.

So a gift that can encourage anyone with chronic pain to take more baths is a pack of Epsoak Epsom Bath Salts.

As these salts consist of magnesium sulfate that dissolves into your bath water and works wonders on your tired muscles.

And these bath salts also help to detoxify your skin and pores by flushing away toxins.

So having a pack at hand at bath time can be a great weapon in the fight against chronic pain.

Discover 12 easy ways to relax by clicking here.

11. Salonpas Pain Relieving Patches

Some people with chronic pain swear by pain patches as a way of dealing with their pain when it hits high levels.

As these patches contain small doses of medicine that are absorbed directly into the skin.

So when wearing one over the affected area you get a slow release of medicine that can give you pain relief for hours at a time.

Which is great, and a safer way to go than with pain medication that you take orally and which can irritate your stomach.

And a decent option to go for are the Salonpas Pain Patches.

As these contain camphor, menthol, and methyl salicylate, which will soothe and cool your burning pain.

So they're great for anyone dealing with aches, pains, or arthritis.

And they're flexible too, so you can move around with them on without worrying or feeling uncomfortable.

So a box of these patches could be a gift that helps someone with chronic pain to endure their bad pain days while still staying active.

Just make sure they check with their doctor or physician before using them to make sure it's safe for them to do so.

12. Aspercreme Analgesic Topical Pain Relief Creme

Topical pain relief creams are also handy for dulling muscle and joint pain when it starts to reach uncomfortable levels.

As they can give you almost immediate pain relief.

Plus they only target the exact area of your pain, meaning you get the pain relief just where you need it.

Now there are a few different types of topical pain relief creams that all work in different ways.

But the best choice for people with chronic pain is a salicylate cream, as this can provide consistent pain relief.

Because the heat from the cream works to irritate the skin's sensory receptors and block pain signals from reaching the brain.

While the slow release of medicine that is absorbed into your skin numbs and desensitises the nerves, while also reducing inflammation.

So a great choice for salicylate creams is the Aspercreme Analgesic Topical Pain Relief Creme.

As this one has a non-greasy texture and contains aloe, which is soft and kind on your skin.

It also doesn't have as strong a burning sensation as some other pain creams do, instead providing a cool numbing sensation.

So it may be more comfortable to use for the majority of people.

Which makes this a nice little stocking filler or gift for a loved one with chronic pain.

However again, make sure they check with their doctor or physician before using this cream to make sure it's safe for them to do so.

Especially if they have allergies, existing health conditions or are already taking pain medication.

To find out more about pain relief creams click here.

Rounding Up

Living with chronic pain is tough.

As it places you in a never ending battle that you are forced to go through every day with your own body.

And this can take a real toll on you, mentally, physically, and emotionally.

So if you have a loved one that struggles with chronic pain, why not treat them to a gift that can give them some relief.

Because even though you can't take away their pain for good.

You could still give them a little respite where they can relax and breathe a little easier.

And that, as anyone with chronic pain will tell you, is a truly wonderful gift to give.

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