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8 Gift Ideas To Help Office Workers Avoid A Bad Back At Their Desk

Back pain is extremely common among people that work office jobs but there are ways you can avoid it including these fantastic gifts ideas.

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The big problem that everyone who works in an office has to face is the sedentary nature of the work.

As the job requires them to spend 8 hours or more each day sitting down behind their desks.

And this inactivity can really take a toll on your body and especially your back.

As it can lead to a shrinking of the spinal discs and a weakening of the deep lying core muscles that support and protect your spine.

Which is only going to add pressure and strain onto your lower back as you work and cause you pain both in and out of your office chair.

However, by setting up your desk in the right way you can relieve this pressure on your body, maintain a healthier posture, and keep your back a lot happier.

And the following items will all help you to do that.

So these make the ideal gifts for any office worker that complains about back pain at work.

And they also make great additions for any home office for people that sometimes work from home.

So let's start with the most important thing which is the chair that they spend so much time sitting in every day.

An Ergonomic Office Chair

Spending so many hours sitting down each day isn't great for your back but the one thing that makes it a hell of a lot worse is doing so in a crappy office chair.

Because if you're using an outdated and inadequate one-size-fits-all type of chair then it can force you to sit with an awkward posture that puts your body under all sorts of undue pressure and strain.  

So the key to avoiding back pain when sitting at your desk is to invest in a fully adjustable ergonomic office chair instead.

As this will transform your whole workday experience by bringing the following benefits for your back:

  • They have great lumbar support which can be adjusted so you get assistance exactly where you need it.
  • The curved design aligned with the lumbar support make it easy to maintain a healthy sitting posture so you can keep a natural 'S' shaped curve in your spine which takes pressure off your body.
  • They come with a tilt control which keeps your core muscles active as you sit rather than allowing them to weaken, meaning your back stays supported.
  • You can adjust the seat height so you are at the perfect position at your desk and can keep both feet on the floor to relieve pressure on your lower back.
  •  The adjustable armrests also take the pressure off your shoulders, neck and upper spine.
  • They are super comfortable to sit in and help to spread pressure evenly across your body as you sit.

So you can see what a great gift one of these chairs would make for your loved one as they can really improve their health, comfort and even productivity at work.

And the ideal choice for any home or work office is the Herman Miller Aeron Chair.

This one is a design classic and looks fantastic but it's also exceptional for keeping your back fit and healthy at your desk.

As it comes with all the features you need in an ergonomic chair such as adjustable seat height, armrests and a super responsive tilt mechanism.

And it has superb back support with two built in individual pads in the back of the chair that provide support for your lumbar (lower back) and sacral (base of spine) areas.

The position of these pads can be adjusted so you can get them into the perfect spot so the chair fits you like a glove.

And the curved design of the chair is great for helping you to stay in a healthy posture and makes it really comfortable and easy to sit in.

So if you want to really treat someone to a gift that will keep them happy and healthy at their desks for years to come then one of these chairs is a great choice.

Click here to read my full review of the Herman Miller Aeron Chair.

A Lumbar Support Cushion

If you want to help someone improve their sitting posture but can't stretch to an ergonomic office chair then there are a couple of cheaper alternatives to consider.

And one of these is to buy them a lumbar support cushion to use with their existing chair.

As by placing one of these cushions between the small of your back and the back of the chair you can stop your spine from flattening out.

And this creates a natural 'S' curve in your spine that helps to relieve the pressure and strain on your lower back from sitting. 

Meaning less aches and pains at the end of the working day.

So one of these cushions can make a great gift for anyone that has to sit for hours at a time and a good choice for office chairs is the Everlasting Comfort Lumbar Support Cushion.

As the foam in this cushion is a bit firmer than others meaning your back won't flatten and you'll get stronger support.

While being ventilated and gel infused foam ensures it's breathable and won't feel leave you feeling hot and sweaty after prolonged use.

And there is an adjustable strap that makes it easy to attach to your office chair at the exact height you need and get it to stay in place. 

An Ergonomic Footrest

The seat height of your office chair is vitally important as to take the pressure off your lower back as you sit you need to be able to place both feet firmly on the floor.

Which is great if you have an ergonomic chair as you can adjust the height perfectly to fit you.

However, you also need to be sat at the right height to suit the desk you're working at to be able to maintain a healthy posture.

Because if you're sitting too high or too low then you are just inviting pressure onto your neck, shoulders and upper back. 

And if your desk is a high one then this may also cause a problem where you can't get both of these things right.

So the solution in this situation is to adjust your seat height to match your desk and use a footrest to place your feet down on.

This will help to take the pressure off your body as you sit and means you can avoid any nagging back pain.

And a great gift choice is the Mount-It Adjustable Footrest.

As you can adjust both the height and the angle of this one to get it absolutely perfect for resting your feet on comfortably.

And it has little nodules on the face so you can slip your shoes off and run the soles of your feet over it to get a nice little massage too.

So it's a great addition to anyone's office setup that can sit ready for action under their desk.

A Posture Trainer & Corrector

I've already mentioned how important maintaining a healthy posture is for office workers.

As it helps to spread the pressure and strain of sitting evenly across your body rather than placing all of the burden onto your lower back, neck and shoulders.

So getting your desk set up correctly and using the right chair is absolutely vital for the health of your back.

And it's also a good idea to train your body to sit in a good posture.

Because we can all slip into bad habits and this is especially true when it comes to how we hold our bodies when sitting.

So a gift of a posture corrector or trainer is a great idea as it can help to reprogram our habits

Now you could do this with a wearable posture brace, however sometimes these are a little bit bulky to wear under your office attire.

So alternatively why not get them an electronic posture trainer such as the Upright Go device instead.

As this is ideal for use in the office.

To use it you simply place the small device on your upper back and it will gently vibrate to let you know if your posture begins to slip.

Which is a great way of retraining your muscle memory over time and could make maintaining a healthy posture almost second nature.

And you can sync it with an app on your smartphone so you can track your progress and see the improvements day by day.

So one of these posture trainers makes a really cool gift especially for any gadget lovers.

And they can really help to take the strain off your back in the office.

A Sit/Stand Desk

One of the reasons office workers suffer so much from back pain is that they are stuck in the same position for long periods of time.

So one way to get around this is to get up out of your seat regularly and take 5 minute microbreaks where you can have a stretch and get your body moving again.

And another option is to alternate between using a sitting desk and a standing desk.

As studies have shown this to be really effective in reducing the amount of back pain that office workers experienced.

So buying someone a gift of a height adjustable desk that gives them the option to switch between sitting and standing could really help to keep their backs healthy.

And a great example of these sit/stand desks is the Varidesk Height Adjustable Standing Desk.

As this one has 11 different height settings so you can easily get it to the perfect height to suit you.

Plus it has two different surfaces that mean you can keep your monitor and keyboard at different heights.

Which is great as it means you can also keep your neck and spine in alignment by looking straight ahead at the monitor rather than down.

An Anti-Fatigue Mat For Standing Desks

If you are going to use a standing desk at times during the working day then it will help greatly if you also use an anti-fatigue mat to stand on.

Because standing still can be just as bad as sitting down in that it will allow pressure to build on your lower back and your legs and feet will tire quickly.

So you need to keep moving as you stand at your desk and one way to achieve this is with a standing desk mat.

As these mats encourage small but frequent movements that reduce pressure on your lower body, increase circulation and keep your feet and back comfortable.

So if you think one of these mats would make a good gift for someone you know then check out the Topo Comfort Mat by Ergodriven.

As this one has been designed especially for people who use standing desks.

Because the varying contours, raised edges and soft material encourage your body to be constantly stretching and moving.

And these micro movements help to keep the blood flowing around your body and deliver oxygen and nutrients to your back muscles and spinal discs to keep them healthy.

Plus the raised edges at the side and front also allow you to make macro movements with either foot that will change your angle and reduce any pressure on your lower back as you stand.

So one of these ergonomic standing desk mats is a really great gift for anyone who works from a standing desk.

A Laptop Stand

People that work from their laptops rather than a desktop computer face a big issue that can cause them both back, neck and shoulder pain.

And that is having to look down at the screen.

Because by doing this they throw their neck and spine out of alignment which puts pressure on their upper body.

And this can lead to serious consequences when you repeat it for hours at a time day after day.

But how can you solve this when the laptop screen is attached to the keyboard?

The answer is by using a laptop stand to raises the screen to eye level so you can stare straight ahead at it rather than looking down.

This will allow you to maintain a healthy sitting posture and people that start using laptop stands usually see a big improvement in their neck, shoulder and upper back areas.

So one of these stands makes a really nice gift idea as most of us use a laptop these days.

And the most popular one to go for is the Roost Laptop Stand.

As this one is lightweight and easy to carry around with you to use in coffee shops, on trains, or in coworking spaces.

And it's really easy to set up and adjust to the perfect height.

Just be aware when buying one of these stands that they'll also need a wireless keyboard and mouse to be able to use it.

So it may be an idea to get them these items too and turn it into a lovely gift bundle.

Everything They Need To Practice Yoga

Staying flexible and having a strong core is so important if you're going to avoid back pain.

Because it's your deep lying core muscles that provide support, stability and protection for your spine.

While keeping your muscles loose helps your body to stay nicely balanced and makes it easier to maintain a healthy posture throughout the day.

Which will take the pressure and strain off your lower back in particular.

So if you want to stay pain-free in the office you need to stay active outside of it and get involved with regular stretching and core strengthening exercises.

As this will help your body to withstand the pressures that the long hours of sitting or standing places on it.

And two great activities you can get involved in that will keep you strong and flexible are yoga and Pilates.

As both of these will help to lengthen and strengthen the muscles in your hamstrings, glutes and hips which will lower the burden placed on your lower back.

While also strengthening your core muscles to give your back better support.

So, the yoga home studio bundle by Manduka is a great idea for anyone that suffers from persistent back pain.

As this contains a top class yoga mat, a mat cleaning spray, two cork yoga blocks and a yoga strap to help them get into the poses more comfortably.

Which is more than enough to get them started on their yoga journey.

And by encouraging a loved one to get into good exercise habits you are giving them a gift that could help them for years to come.

Rounding Up

Working in an office can be tougher on your body than you'd think.

As hours spent sitting down behind a desk can take a toll on you and leave you with a sore and aching back.

However, by using an ergonomic chair, setting your desk up correctly, taking regular breaks and maintaining a good sitting posture you can go so way in avoiding this pain.

And the items you need to do that all make great gift ideas for any office worker that suffers from persistent back pain.

So I hope you've found something on this list that will suit your loved one.

As one of these gifts could make a massive difference to their workday experience and their health in the office.

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I'm a psychology graduate and a veteran of 5 spinal surgeries. I want to help people learn how to fight back against persistent back pain just like I have.

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