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15 Gift Ideas For Gardeners To Keep Their Backs Healthy In The Yard

Help your green-fingered loved ones take the aches and pains out of gardening with these helpful and practical gifts.

Gift ideas for gardeners

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I'm sure you have a few keen gardeners in your family and friendship circles.

Because it's an extremely common pastime that plenty of people are really passionate about.

And this is a great thing.

As gardening can be a really good activity to get involved in as it keeps you fit, gets you outside in the fresh air and is really satisfying and fulfilling.

Because there's nothing quite like watching all your hard work come to fruition and being able to create something beautiful out of nothing.

However, gardening can also be physically demanding work and this intensity can lead to gardeners developing aches and pains in their body.

Especially in the lower back area.

So I've compiled the following list of gift ideas for gardeners that can help them to keep fit, healthy and stay free from back pain in the garden.

These will all be appreciated by anyone that enjoys spending time in the garden.

And by helping them stay out of pain you are giving them a gift that will keep their love of gardening going strong for a long time to come.

A Kneeling Pad

Many instances of back pain in the garden come from excessive bending.

As when you bend forward you can round your back which puts it under a lot of pressure and strain.

And this can easily lead to back pulls and injuries when done day in and day out.

So, one way to avoid bending over so much when weeding, planting or cultivating the ground is to use a kneeling pad.

As this will take the strain and pressure off your back and legs and allow you to work away more comfortably on the turf.

So a kneeling pad such as the Red Home Club Kneeling Pad is a great gift idea for any gardener.

This one is a good choice as it has extra thick high-density foam that cushions and protects your knees as you kneel down.

Plus it's lightweight and easy to carry around with the cut out handle in the design.

And these pads are waterproof, durable and it's easy to clean off the mud and dirt that you'll encounter when gardening.

A Garden Stool

Another way to protect your back from excessive bending in the garden is to use a garden stool.

As these stools are great for allowing you to conserve your energy and work away in comfort rather than having to crouch or kneel down.

And they are especially useful when pruning plants or tending to raised garden beds.

So they make a nice gift idea especially for more senior gardeners than may struggle to work at ground level anymore.

And a good choice for a gift is the TomCare Garden Kneeler And Seat.

As not only is this one a super comfortable seat to use to do your gardening on.

You can also flip it over and you then have a cushioned kneeling pad that you can use to get closer down to the turf as well.

So it's a good two-in-one gift option to make gardening easier and less painful.

A Back Support Belt To Protect Your Back

When you're working away in the garden your body will have to withstand some powerful movements involved in lifting, shoveling, digging, and hoeing.

And this is the reason why it's vital that you keep your core muscles strong with regular core strengthening exercises.

Because it's your deep-lying core muscles that will support and protect your back while you're carrying out any strenuous tasks and powerful movements.

And having this support will help to reduce the pressure and strain your back comes under in the garden while also greatly lowering the risk of injuries.

And another thing you can do to protect your back when gardening is to wear a back support belt.

As these belts compress your abdomen and assist your core muscles in supporting and protecting your back.

So they are great to wear when lifting heavy things or digging and shoveling.

Which make them a nice gift for any gardener that suffers from back pain in the garden with a good choice being the Aidbrace Back Support Belt.

As this belt has a lumbar pad in the lower back area to provide extra support and to make it easier to maintain a healthy posture.

While it's also comfortable to wear on the move and has a breathable mesh that will stop you from getting too hot while wearing it.

A Garden Cart Or Wheelbarrow

It's not just the heavy and awkward lifting in the garden that can cause you back problems.

As your back also comes under strain when you need to move unruly loads from one place to another.

And this can put your back under all sorts of pressure and stress especially when you are forced to do so with an awkward and unhealthy posture.

So why not help a loved one take the strain out of gardening by buying them a wheelbarrow or garden cart instead?

As this way they can move potted plants, soil, bags of fertiliser, and heavy rocks and stones around the yard with the minimum of fuss and energy.

And one that makes a good gift for the home gardener is the Gorilla Carts Garden Dump Cart.

As this is perfect for being easily wheeled over any terrain in the garden but can still pull loads of up to 600 lbs.

And it has a quick release dump feature that allows you to unload it without any effort or strain on your back.

So a great gift idea for taking the strain out of gardening.

A Wheeled Plant Caddy

Moving potted plants that are full of soil around a garden can be a nightmare for your back.

As you awkwardly struggle to manoeuvre them from one place to another with the branches and leaves getting into your face and blocking your eyesight along the way.

So it's no surprise that people can end up throwing their back out when attempting this.

And this is what makes the Bosmere Down Under Plant Caddy such a smart gift for anyone that has a lot of heavy potted plants in their garden.

As by resting a plant pot on a wheeled plant caddy like this rather than on the ground you can easily move it around whenever you want to and without having to lift it.

The wheels on these caddies are lockable too so you don't have to worry about having a runaway plant on the patio.

And they remain hidden under the plant pot so they won't ruin the aesthetics of your garden.

Long Handled Garden Tools

The tools you use while gardening play a big role in whether you experience back pain or not.

As some types will make you spend more time bending forward and rounding your back.

And force you into awkward and unhealthy postures that put your back under increasing pressure and strain.

However, if you use long handled tools instead you can keep your back straighter as you work and take away the need to bend so much.

And this can really help to protect you from aches and pains and reduce any pressure.

These tools also tend to be lightweight which makes them easier to use.

And in the case of shovels means the loads you lift will be lighter and easier on your back.

So long handled garden tools such as shovels, spades, rakes, hoes, and brooms can make really nice gifts to help a loved one stay free from back pain in the garden.

And for shovels and spades I'd recommend the ones below from Bosse Tools.

As not only are these lightweight (made from fibreglass) and long handled.

They are also ergonomic and come with an adjustable 360 degree grip in the middle of the shaft.

This will make it easier to keep a straight back as you dig/shovel and keep your hands at the correct distance apart so you can stay in the most stable and supportive position.

And the smaller lightweight heads also stop you from overloading them which helps to protect your back from wear and tear.

You could also check out the Fiskars Long Handle Garden Weeder to help someone keep their back healthy when weeding the garden.

As this tool allows someone to weed away while standing up rather than on their hands and knees.

And this protects them greatly against back pain from bending as well as going easy on their knees.

Or you could help someone to prepare the soil in the garden more healthily with the Fiskars Long Handle Cultivator or Hoe.

These will both allow you to keep your back straight and work at the perfect height while gardening.

And they have lightweight aluminium handles that make using them a breeze.

Raised Garden Beds

Gardening at ground level can be hard work on your back and knees alike.

As you spend hours crouching, squatting, bending and kneeling as you battle away with the turf.

So one way to help someone protect against this is to buy them some raised garden beds.

As this will allow them to garden at a slightly elevated and more comfortable level.

And this may mean they can use a garden stool while doing so to make things even more comfortable.

So have a shop around a find some cedar boxes that they can use for this that will fit well in their garden.

To give you an example I've chosen the Greenes Fence Premium Cedar Raised Garden Beds which are fantastic.

However, you can find cheaper and smaller options depending on your budget or the size of your loved ones garden.

But there's no doubt that these make great gifts and can really help gardeners to avoid back pain.

Especially for those that are approaching their senior years and may struggle to get down as low as before.

A Freestanding Vertical Garden

Another option to take gardening away from the ground level is to cultivate a vertical garden instead.

This can include wall flowers, climbing plants, hanging baskets, hedges and bushes.

As switching to this form of gardening will allow you to garden while standing up and eliminate the need for the twisting, bending, crouching and squatting that can lead to back pain.

So a couple of gift ideas to help someone get into vertical gardening would be to get them some hanging baskets or a wall trellis to hang their plants on.

Or you could get them something like the Outland Living Freestanding Vertical Garden

As this is something nice that can sit on their patio and has 5 plant boxes at different heights for them to work on. 

And they can use these boxes to grow herbs, vegetables or flowers in.

So it makes it a nice gift to give that's also easy going on their backs and knees.

A Garden Hose

One surprising cause of back pain in the garden that you may not have thought about is the good old watering can.

This is because when filled with water a watering can is heavy.

And carrying one around your garden places a lot of weight on one side of your body which unbalances you and puts undue strain and pressure onto your sides and lower back muscles.

So how about getting someone a garden hose to water their plants instead?

As this way they won't have to lug around anything heavy which will make things much easier and more comfortable on their body.

And a nice one to give as a gift for this purpose is the Flexzilla Garden Hose.

This is especially good as it's lighter than most hoses and it's really flexible so it's easy to work with and manoeuvre.

Plus it's easy to coil up again after use so you won't have to strain yourself fighting with any kinks or knots!

A Watering Wand

A good gift idea in addition to a garden hose is a watering wand to go with it.

As adding one of these to the end of your hose gives you a far extended reach.

And this is great for being able to water plants and flowers that are awkward to get to.

As it stops you having to lean over so much which can lead to muscle pains and strains.

And they are also helpful for being able to water hanging baskets without the need to be climbing up and down stepladders.

So check out one of these wands if you want to make watering the garden as easy as possible for someone.

You can get them with all kinds of reaches and extendable arm options but a nice one to give as a gift is the Green Mount Watering Wand

As this one has a comfortable grip and easy to use handle as well as 8 different water sprinkling patterns to cover all their gardening needs.

A Water Bottle

Staying well hydrated is really important to be able to avoid back pain when carrying out any physical task and gardening is no exception.

This is because the spinal discs that support and protect your spine as you move around are made up mostly of water.

And they lose some of this water throughout the day as you work away.

So you need to be topping up the tank regularly so they can replenish themselves and stay healthy.

Because when there isn't enough water in your body to be able to do this then these discs can shrink.

And your back then receives less support and is put under more strain and pressure which is only ever going to result in pain.

The problem is it can be all too easy to become dehydrated in the garden, especially on warm summer days.

So a thoughtful gift to get someone is a water bottle they can use so they always have a cold drink on hand to keep them going.

And a good choice is the Hydro Flask Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle.

As this one can keep your water cold for up to 24 hours which is perfect for cooling down on hot days.

And you can also put warm drinks in it during the colder days if you fancy some tea, coffee or soup instead.

A Pair Of Comfortable & Supportive Garden Boots

The footwear you use when in the garden can have a big effect on whether you suffer from back pain or not.

This is because your feet are the body's shock absorbers.

And each shock from the powerful movements involved with gardening can shoot up your body putting your muscles and joints under extreme pressure.

So to avoid this you need to wear a pair of boots that can cushion against these shocks and provide you with good support at the same time.

And while this may sound obvious you also need to make sure they fit well and are comfortable to wear.

As wearing ill fitting boots can force you into an unhealthy posture that puts your body under even more strain as you work.

So getting a loved one a pair of supportive and cushioning garden boots is a great gift idea.

And the ones I'd particularly recommend are the Muckster II Ankle Height Rubber Garden Boots.

As these are super comfortable and have great shock absorbing qualities.

And they also have a great grip to help you avoid any slips and falls as well as being waterproof and high enough to keep the dirt and water out as you garden.

A Foam Roller And Massage Ball

It's important to have a stretch and warm down after a day of gardening to release any muscle tension and prevent the build up of lactic acid.

As this can really help to stop your back from feeling stiff and sore later on.

And another way to release any tight muscles and reduce potential pain from gardening is to use a foam roller.

To use one you simply lie your body down on the roller and roll over it until you feel it under the area of your back that is tight and painful.

Then just relax, breathe deeply and let the force of gravity of gravity do the rest.

As your body weight and the nodules of the foam roller will work to stimulate your muscles, getting them to relax and release.

And this will also increase circulation to the area which helps deliver the oxygen and nutrients that your muscles need to heal and stay healthy.

So, using one of these is a great way of keeping your back muscles loose and free from pain in the garden.

And a great choice as a gift is the TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller, as this one is firm and has a textured design that can get deep into your tired muscles to help them to release.

It's also the foam roller most commonly used by physical therapists and professional athletes to help them recover from intense training sessions.

So, check out the TriggerPoint mobility pack, as this contains the foam roller but also a massage ball too.

And these balls are handy for hitting the hard to reach spots that the roller can't.

Which means you'll be getting your gardener a top quality recovery gift with this one.

A Pack Of Epsom Salts

Another way of getting your stiff and aching muscles to release after a long day in the garden is by taking a nice long soak in a hot bath.

As the moist heat penetrates deep into your muscles, soothing and relaxing them.

While also increasing circulation which helps your body to heal and repair from the days exertions.

And taking a bath can also relax your mind and help you to let go of any stress and tension that you're holding onto.

So this is a great idea for any gardener to add to their post-gardening routine and the effect is even greater if you add in some epsom salts to the bath water.

As they contain magnesium sulfate which will help to soothe, relieve and heal stiff joints and sore back muscles even further.

Which makes a pack of the Epsoak Epsom Bath Salts a really nice little gift to give.

Pay For A Professional Gardener

Hire a professional gardener

There comes a time when the heavy work in the garden may start to become more pain than it's worth.

As all the fun and enjoyment of gardening disappears if you have to endure terrible aches and pain while doing it and afterwards.

However, that doesn't mean you can no longer enjoy your garden.

As there is a ready made solution at hand which is to get someone in to tackle all the digging, weeding, lifting and cultivating.

This way you can still concentrate on the good stuff such as planting the seeds, nurturing them as they grow, keeping them watered, etc.

Which means you will still get to enjoy the buzz of gardening but without the accompanying back pain.

So if you're looking for a lovely gift to help someone avoid pain while gardening how about paying for a professional gardener to come in and take up the slack?

After all, it's the growing and creating that is the fun part not all the grunt work!

Rounding Up

I hope you've found some gift ideas here that can really help your green-fingered loved one continue to enjoy their time in the garden.

Because suffering from aches and pains in your back doesn't have to be an inevitable consequence of all that hard work.

As by gardening more smartly with the help of these items they can keep themselves fit, healthy and pain-free instead.

Which makes them gifts that are both thoughtful and useful and ones that will be greatly appreciated.

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I'm a psychology graduate and a veteran of 5 spinal surgeries. I want to help people learn how to fight back against persistent back pain just like I have.

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