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14 Gift Ideas For Fitness Fanatics For A Healthy Back When Working Out

Exercise is great for keeping your back in tip-top condition and these gift ideas will help your loved ones to do so in a safe and comfortable manner.

Gift ideas for fitness fanatics

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Staying active with regular exercise is one of the best things you can to avoid persistent back pain.

As this will keep your muscles strong and conditioned which will allow them to provide good support your spine.

While also lengthening them to keep you flexible which will improve your posture and lower the pressure and burden on your lower back.

Not to mention the release of endorphins you get from exercise which will make you feel awesome as well.

And it's also great for helping people to get rid of back pain too.

So much so that increasing your physical activity through exercise is a part of the current international guidelines for managing chronic lower back pain.

However, while exercise is great for the most part it can also cause you injury if you overdo it or exercise in the wrong way.

So if you've got a fitness fanatic in your family or friendship circle then one of the following gift ideas is great for helping them to avoid back pain during their workouts.

As these are things that can help before, during and after they exercise to keep their body feeling great.

So why not get your favourite fitness lover a little something to help them exercise safely and enjoy a pain-free experience at the gym or on the running track?

As there's something here to suit everyone.

And I'll start with something we all need which is a bag to carry our exercise clothes and equipment around in.

A Back Friendly Gym Bag

The bag you use when going to the gym is your first consideration when trying to avoid back pain from exercise.

Because there are plenty of popular sports bags that are not a good fit for your back.

For instance, carrying a duffel bag or one shoulder bag around with you places all the weight from these bags onto one side of your body.

And this unbalances you which forces your body to compensate and puts so much extra pressure and strain onto your lower back.

So to avoid this you need to use a two shoulder backpack to carry your gym kit and shoes around in instead.

As studies have shown that these backpacks were the best for keeping a healthy back as the load and pressure on people's spines was the lowest.  

Because when using them you stay balanced and carry the weight centrally which spreads the pressure evenly across your body.

Which means you can maintain a healthy posture that allows your back muscles to stay relaxed rather than becoming tense and strained.

So getting someone a good quality backpack for the gym makes for a great gift for fitness lovers.

And my top choice would be the Under Armour Hustle 4.0 Backpack.

As this one comes with padded adjustable shoulder straps that allow you to spread the weight and pressure of the load evenly.

While also making this bag really comfortable and easy to carry.

And there are some cool features such as it being water resistant and having a laptop sleeve if you're going to the gym straight from work.

Plus there is a separate pocket at the bottom so you can keep your smelly gym shoes and used gym kit away from the rest of your stuff.

So why not help someone to avoid back pain before they even start their workout with a gift of one of these backpacks.

A Back Support Belt For Exercise

Having a strong core is vital if you want to keep your back protected and healthy when you're working out.

As it's your deep lying core muscles that support your spine during the powerful movements involved when exercising.

So if you know someone who regularly suffers from lower back pain when working out then they may need to work on strengthening their core muscles.

And another way you can give your core muscles a helping hand is by wearing a back support belt.

As these belts squeeze and compress your abdomen which gives your lower back extra support as you exercise.

This will also make it easier to maintain a healthy posture when working out which reduces the pressure and strain on your lower back.

And it'll limit your range of motion meaning you'll be less likely to overstretch and injure yourself.

So a back support belt can make a good gift and one I'd recommend for exercising in is the Bauerfeind LumboTrain Back Support.

As this one is really comfortable and unobstructive to wear as it's made from a soft knit fabric which fastens together with velcro.

So it won't restrict you too much which makes it perfect for doing aerobic exercise that involves plenty of movement.

But while it's not restrictive it'll still provide you with superb support and stability for your lower back.

And it comes with a massage pad in the lumbar region that will give your lower back a massage as you exercise to relax your muscles and relieve tension and pain.

So if you want to find a great gift for someone with back pain that loves to stay active then check out one of these belts.

A Back Support Belt For Lifting Heavy Weights

While the Bauerfeind LumboTrain back support belt is a great choice for active exercise, you're going to need something a little bit more rigid to protect your back when weightlifting.

As lifting heavy weights involves really strong and powerful movements that can easily lead to injury by overextending and straining your back muscles.

And these injuries can linger causing long term weaknesses and persistent back pain.

So if you have a loved one that loves to bench their own body weight on a regular basis it's a good idea for them to do so using a weightlifting support belt.

As these belts also compress the abdomen to reduce the load on your lower back as you lift.

And they have been found in some studies to lower the force of compression on your spinal discs by as much as 50%.

So they can be really effective for protecting your back while lifting and a good choice to give as a gift is the Inzer Forever Weightlifting Support Belt.

Because this is the belt that most power-lifters swear by as it's made from high quality leather and has a lever to lock it in place easily.

So it gives you strong support that is sure to last for a long time.

Which is exactly what you need to keep your back healthy in the weights room.

A Posture Correcting Brace

Maintaining a healthy posture as you exercise is vitally important if you want stay free from back pain.

Because the movement of your body when working out aligned with the force of gravity puts you under constant pressure.

And if your posture is off then your body can't distribute this pressure evenly and is forced to compensate.

Meaning that certain areas come under increasing pressure and strain and this is especially true for your lower back.

So if you're exercising with poor form and carrying yourself awkwardly it's no surprise when your back starts to ache.

However, certain items such as posture braces and correctors can train you to maintain a healthier posture during a workout.

So they make a great gift idea for anyone who struggles with back pain when exercising.

As learning to maintain a good posture helps to keep your body balanced and aligned which spreads pressure evenly and lightens the load on your spine.

While also bringing the added benefits of increased circulation to keep your muscles healthy and improved breathing to keep them relaxed.

So if you know someone that needs help with their posture consider getting them the Flexguard Back Brace Posture Corrector.

This is a wearable posture brace consisting of a combination of straps that go around your shoulder and a belt that goes around your waist.

And this will help by pushing your shoulders back and straightening your spine while also compressing your abdomen to support your core muscles and hold your body upright.

Both of which will reduce the strain on your body and spread the pressure of exercising evenly instead.

And the good news is that by wearing this brace you can train your body to maintain a good posture even when you're not wearing it.

So it can bring improvements to their posture during their daily lives too.

A Posture Correcting Shirt

Another way of being able to maintain a healthier posture while exercising is by wearing a specially designed posture shirt.

Now these don't give you as strong an effect as a wearable posture brace would.

But they can encourage you to hold your body correctly by staying in an upright position and not slouching.

They do this via elastic bands that are woven into the shirt that press on certain muscles to keep you in the right position. 

So if you want a less intense way of helping someone with their posture while working out you could get them the AlignMed Posture Shirt as a gift.

This shirt is great for helping the average Joe avoid injury, improve performance and maintain a good posture.

As it contains elastic straps built into the shirt that work to put your muscles into proper alignment but at the same time keep them active.

Meaning your postural muscles stay stimulated throughout your workout which helps to retrain them to hold this posture outside of the gym too.

So you can get pretty cool results from simply wearing one of these shirts while exercising.

Just be warned that these shirts fit tight and leave little to the imagination so are probably best as gifts for people with fairly athletic physiques.

A Pair Of Supportive Training Shoes

What you wear on your feet while exercising can have a big impact on whether you feel pain or not.

This is because your feet work as shock absorbers against the powerful jolts and movements you put yourself through during a workout.

And when you do so without the adequate cushioning, support and protection on your feet it's bad news.

As the shocks are then sent directly up through your body which can cause big problems for your joints and muscles.

So if you want to buy your fitness loving friend a gift to avoid back pain at the gym then a good choice is a pair of comfortable and supportive training shoes.

As this will help to protect them from the stresses and strains that exercise can bring.

And while this may sound obvious you also need to make sure to get them a pair of shoes that fit well and are comfortable to wear.

As this will help them to maintain a healthier posture that reduces the pressure and load on their lower back.

Now when it comes to running shoes you have an almost endless list of brands, styles and designs to choose from.

Just make sure you get a pair that have a good mixture of cushioning, comfort, support and shock absorbing qualities rather than being seduced too much by the look and design.

And I've added the Asics Gel Kayano 25 running shoes here as an example of a good pair to go for.

As these have great impact relieving qualities and cushioning that will help to absorb shocks whether you are running or working out in the gym.

A Water Bottle

Staying well hydrated when working out is really important for keeping your back muscles fit and healthy.

This is because your spinal discs are made mostly from water and they lose some of this water as you move around during the day.

And this effect is amplified when exercising as you're really putting your body through it's paces.

So you need to be taking in enough water to help your discs to replenish themselves and stay healthy.

Otherwise they can shrink which means they can't offer the same level of support to your spine and your back muscles will start to suffer.

So a nice gift idea is to get someone a water bottle that they can take with them to the gym or on hikes and bike rides.

As this way they'll always have a cold drink on hand to keep themselves hydrated and avoid any muscle pain or damage.

And a great choice for this is the Hydro Flask Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle.

As this one can keep your water cold for up to 24 hours which is more than enough.

And it'll please any eco-conscious exercisers as it's a great way of reducing the need to use single-use plastics.

Plus it's easy to carry and looks pretty cool which is important if they're going to use it regularly.

A Pair Of Wireless Headphones

Listening to music as you go for a run or workout in the gym is a very common thing to do.

As it's a great way to boost your energy and keep you motivated throughout your workout.

But did you know that it's also a good tactic for avoiding back pain?

This is because by absorbing your mind in the music you are distracting your brain away from any pain signals that your body is trying to send it.

And by doing so you can override these pain signals and as a result reduce the amount of pain you feel.

So giving someone a gift that allows them to listen to their music rather than any pain signals is a great idea for keeping them happy and healthy in the gym.

And for a good workout option look no further than the Bose Soundsport Wireless Headphones.

As these have been designed with special ear plugs that stay in your ears when you're moving around and exercising.

And being wireless means you won't get yourself tangled up or risk a smashed phone from dropping it out of your pocket mid-lift.

They're also sweat and weather resistant so are great to use both indoors and outdoors.

While the sound quality is exactly what you'd expect from a top brand like Bose.

And with a 6 hour battery life per charge they'll last through even the longest of workouts!

So if you know a fitness lover who can't workout without their music then they'll love a pair of these headphones.

An Exercise Ball For Core Strengthening

Strengthening your core muscles is a great way of protecting your back when exercising and during your daily life.

As it's your deep lying core muscles that are responsible for providing support and stability for your spine.

So you need to keep these muscles strong as they will keep you balanced, help you to maintain a healthy posture, and prevent any muscle imbalances from forming.

And as a result your lower back will come under much less pressure and strain as you work out.

Meaning you'll be far less likely to suffer from back pain both during and after your workout. 

So if you want to help a loved one keep their body 'exercise ready' then the Dynapro Exercise Ball makes a good gift choice.

As these exercise balls are ideal for doing a wide variety of core exercises that are suitable for both beginners and advanced athletes.

So having one of these at home and getting into the habit of doing core exercises regularly can make a real difference to the health of their back.

As it can protect them when they are working out or doing other activities that require powerful movements such as gardening or DIY.

A Yoga Mat For Travel

Another thing that is important to do for the health of your back is regular stretching.

As this will make your body more flexible, increase your range of motion, improve your posture and increase circulation.

All of which help to reduce the pressure on your lower back and keep your back muscles relaxed, healthy and happy.

So stretching before and after your exercise is a great way of avoiding any injuries and pain from your work out.

While making stretching a part of your daily routine can really help to minimise any back pain you feel in your daily life.

And one of the best activities to really help you to stretch your body out well is yoga.

However, many people lead such busy lives that they struggle to find time to fit in things like yoga classes.

Or maybe they travel around so much that they find it hard to get into a regular practice.

So if you know someone like this then a great gift idea for them is the Manduka Superlite Yoga Travel Mat.

As not only will this yoga mat give them the option of practicing yoga at home and at a time that suits them.

It's so light and thin that it's perfect for folding up and carrying it around with you in your travel bag as well.

So you can always have it on hand to get your yoga sessions in when in hotel rooms on business or vacation.

Which means it's a gift that'll make regular stretching a lot more accessible and likely for whoever you give it too.

And as a result a healthier back will ensue.

A Book To Perfect Their Swimming Technique

If you have a loved one who struggles to exercise because of lower back pain then swimming can be a great alternative.

As this is a non-impact exercise where your back is protected and supported by the buoyancy of the water as you swim.

So it won't put any strain or pressure on your back muscles like some other land-based exercises can.

Which means you can get a good workout in and at the same time keep your back muscles relaxed and happy.

And it's great for keeping you flexible, strong, fit and energised too.

In fact, one French study found that when practiced to a moderate intensity swimming (along with walking and cycling) was the most beneficial exercise for people with chronic back pain.

So if you want to help your loved one to exercise without back pain then encourage them to give the pool a try.

And a good way to do that is to get them the Master The Art Of Swimming book by Steven Shaw.

This is a book of swimming strokes that have been developed using the Alexander Technique to make sure they are safe for people with back pain.

Because if you swim with a poor technique it can throw your whole body out of alignment and cause strains and aches especially in your back, neck and shoulders.

So by learning the strokes in this book you can swim safely and in a way that is kind to your body and will leave you feeling great afterwards.

And this will help anyone with a bad back to get their exercise in without worrying about causing themselves any further damage.

A Handheld Deep Tissue Massager

After a particularly strenuous workout your back muscles are likely to feel sore and tired.

And this is usually a good thing as it's a sign that you've given them a proper going over.

However, to avoid them tightening up and to stop any pain from developing you need to help them to recover so they are healthy for the next workout.

You can do this by having a thorough warm down stretch and by drinking plenty of fluids to re-hydrate yourself.

And another great thing to do to aid recovery is to get a massage post workout.

As by massaging your tight and sore muscles you can encourage them to release and relax.

And this open up the pathways that allows blood, oxygen and nutrients to be delivered to them that they need to heal and repair.

While also flushing away any trapped waste and toxins that may cause pain and inflammation.

However, getting a professional massage regularly is expensive and beyond the means of most people.

So a great gift idea for any fitness fanatic is to get them something that allows them to massage their muscles themselves post-workout.

Because there are plenty of electric handheld massagers available that help you to do this with one of the best being the TriggerPoint Impact Massage Gun.

As this one has the power to drive deep into any tight muscles and tissues to deliver a massage that is great for relieving back pain.

A Foam Roller And Massage Ball For Recovery

Another good way to release any muscle tension and to prevent the build up of lactic acid after a workout is by using a foam roller.

So much so that they are used by professional athletes to help them to recover and to keep their muscles healthy and in top condition.

To use one you simply lay down onto the roller and roll up and down over it until you feel it positioned directly under the area of your back that is painful.

Then just relax your body weight down and let the force of gravity do the rest.

As this will allow the firm nodules of the foam roller to get right into your tight muscles.

Which will stimulate them and eventually get them to relax and release.

This will also eliminate blockages and increase circulation to the area which will deliver the oxygen and nutrients that your muscles need to heal and repair.

So, using one of these is a great way of keeping your back muscles loose, healthy and pain-free after the gym.

And the ideal choice of foam roller as a gift for a fitness fanatic is the TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller.

As this one has a firm and textured design that can get deep into your tight muscles.

And it's also the most popular foam roller among physical therapists to help people recover from intense training sessions.

So you're getting your amateur athlete a top quality recovery gift with this one.

And if you purchase it in the TriggerPoint Mobility Pack, they'll also get a massage ball as well.

Which makes it even better.

As these balls are ideal for penetrating deep into hard to reach spots that the roller can't get to.

A Pack Of Epsom Salts

There is a less intense method to help your stiff and aching muscles relax after a tough training session and that is by taking a nice long soak in a hot bath.

As the heat from the water surrounds and penetrates deep into your muscles which soothes and calms them.

And this is also a great way of increasing circulation which helps your body to heal and repair from your exertions in the gym.

So why not get your fitness lover a little gift to help them get even more out of their time in the tub with a pack of epsom bath salts?

As these salts work great for aiding recovery as they contain magnesium sulfate.

And adding some to the bath water can help to soothe, relieve and heal stiff muscles and joints even further.

So get them a pack of Epsoak Epsom Bath Salts if you're looking for a nice and comforting gift.

As this will give them the perfect natural remedy for any sore, aching and tired muscles post exercise.

Rounding Up

Working out and staying active are great things to do for both avoiding and getting rid of persistent back pain.

As this will keep your muscles strong and conditioned and able to support your spine.

While also keeping you flexible which will improve your range of motion and posture, reducing the pressure and load on your lower back.

So if you have a fitness fanatic in your family it's good to encourage them to keep this habit up.

And you can do this with a little gift that will help them to stay healthy when exercising.

As it can be all too easy to pick up injuries and strains especially in your lower back area.

However, using some of the gift ideas here will help to protect and support their backs during even the toughest of workouts.

Which make them pretty cool gifts to give I think.

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