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22 Get Well Gift Ideas To Help A Loved One Recover After Back Surgery

Check out these post surgery gifts that will help someone get back on their feet and minimise the pain of recovering from a back operation.

get well gift ideas after surgery

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Having been through 5 back surgeries myself I know just what a slow and painful process getting over them can be.

As you wake up from the anesthetic into a body that feels like it's been run over by a 10-tonne truck.

And for days afterwards every movement you make is filled with twinges or sharp pain and discomfort.

It makes simple everyday things like getting to sleep, using the toilet, getting out of bed, and getting up and down the stairs feel like mission impossible.

And even when your body is over the initial shock of it all, there is still a long road to recovery that can take weeks or even months to feel normal again.

So if you have a loved one that is about to go under the knife it's a really thoughtful idea to buy them a helpful gift.

As not only will it lift their spirits.

It'll also help them to stay more comfortable and happy during their recovery.

Post Surgery Gifts For The Different Stages Of Recovery

post surgery gifts for different stages

When you're buying your post surgery gift you should take into consideration which stage of the recovery process your loved one is in.

Because what would be helpful for someone who has just had their operation will be completely different for someone that is 4 or 5 weeks into recovery. 

As for the first few days you will be severely physically restricted and may not be able to move around much.

Whereas after a few weeks you will be more able and needing to step up your activity levels.

So I've come up with a range of ideas here starting with gifts that will be handy for immediately after the operation when they are still in hospital.

All the way through to when they are in the final stages of their recovery at home.

So take a look at the following post surgery gift ideas that are all great for helping a loved one to get back to their old self in no time.

And let's start at the very beginning with a gift to help them prepare for their upcoming back surgery.

A Spine Surgery Recovery Book

One of the biggest worries when undergoing your first back surgery (apart from a surgeon drilling into your spine!) is the fear of the unknown.

Because you just have no idea what you are in for or what you can expect afterwards.

So a great gift to get someone to help them prepare is the Spine Surgery Recovery book by Sandra Joines.

As this book will help both in the lead up to your operation and in your recovery afterwards.

So it goes over things like how to set up your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom so that things will be easier for you when you come home from the hospital.

And it has all the tips you need to help you shower, get out of bed, get dressed, get in and out of a car and do everything else that will be difficult when you are stiff and sore after your operation.

So if you want to help someone prepare for their operation and make their recovery process smoother, this book is a great gift to give them.

Wovte Bear Claw Back Scratcher

In the first few days after your back surgery every small movement will be a real challenge.

As even simply turning your body around in bed take a monumental effort and comes with sharp twinges of pain at every step.

However, spending so much time lying in bed or sitting in a chair will inevitably lead to you feeling a bit itchy.

And the restricted movement could leave you with itches that you just can't scratch.

So a great gift to bring someone in the hospital is the WOVTE Bear Claw Back Scratcher.

As this will allow them to get to the pesky itches on their feet and legs without the pain and effort or trying to sit up and reach down themselves.

Trust me, one of these is a godsend!

A Tablet Or Laptop Stand

Being stuck in the hospital for 2-3 days after your back surgery can be a boring process.

And while the heavy painkillers can leave you in a nice state of daydream, it's also good to keep your mind occupied to pass the time.

So most people with take their laptop or tablet into hospital with them for this purpose.

Which is great as you can binge watch Netflix in bed guilt-free for a change!

However, holding these gadgets as you watch them is tiring on your arms and it's easy to drop them off the bed as you are a bit dozy from the painkillers.

So a great gift is to get someone a tablet or laptop stand that sits on the bed and does all the hard work for them.

This way they can watch their favourite shows while relaxing and keeping their hands free instead.

Put A Smile On Their Face With A Humorous T-Shirt

Undergoing surgery is a serious business that can leave people fraught with worry.

So why not bring some levity and humour to the situation by getting them this t-shirt to wear as they recover in the hospital afterwards.

As not only will this make them the coolest G on the orthopedics wing.

It'll put a smile on their face and help to lighten their mood too.

Kindle Paperwhite

If your loved one is an avid reader then giving them a couple of books to read while they are in hospital is a great way to help them pass the time.

However, space around a hospital bed is at a premium.

And most table space will be taken up by drinks, fruit, and snacks among other things.

So instead of the books, you can help them save space by gifting them a Kindle Paperwhite instead.

These can be pre-loaded with as many books as they like too, so they can get plenty of variety.

And the back light option means they can continue reading after lights out if they want to (lights out is ridiculously early in hospitals!).

Adult Colouring Books

Another way to keep your mind occupied in hospital is by doing puzzles or using colouring in books.

And doing things like this is great as not only does it help to pass the time, it also distracts your brain away from the pain you are feeling.

So if your loved one loves puzzles and figuring stuff out then things like sudoku books or crosswords are great gifts.

And if they are more creative and artistic then get them some fancy adult colouring books and a set of colouring pencils to work away on.

This will help them to escape the monotony of the hospital and take their brain somewhere more colourful instead.

Now you have different options here depending on who you're buying for.

As you can go down the classy route and get a gorgeously designed one like the Posh Colouring Book.

Or you could go the humorous route with the Calm The Fuck Down Colouring Book instead.

Either way they will be gifts that are appreciated for sure.

The RMS Grabber Reacher Tool

During your first few days at home you are back on your feet but things like twisting, bending or reaching are still extremely difficult.

As each sudden movement or extension of your body brings waves of pain to you.

So a great gift for someone just getting home from surgery is the RMS Grabber Reacher Tool.

As this will allow someone to pick things up off the floor with bending over.

And also to reach for things in high drawers and cupboards.

All while staying in a neutral and comfortable position.

The Vive Toilet Seat Riser

Now I'll admit that this isn't the sexiest of gifts.

But it could be an absolute game changer for someone after back surgery, especially if they are female or more elderly.

As going to the toilet is one of the hardest things to do in the first week or two after your operation.

Because to do so you have twist around, bend your body, and then lower it to the level of the toilet seat.

Which sounds easy to do, but when your back is in this state every part of this process is agony.

And then when you've done your business you have to get up and go through the whole thing again!

So gifting someone the Vive Toilet Seat Riser is a really thoughtful and helpful way to make life easier for them.

As it means they don't have to bend or lower themselves anywhere near as much when using the bathroom.

And the bars on the side make it much easier to get up again too.

A Gorilla Grip Shower Mat

When you are first getting back on your feet after back surgery you are shuffling around very slowly and cautiously.

As any quick, sudden or sharp movements result in surges of pain that stop you in your tracks.

So it's absolutely crucial to do everything you can to avoid any slips and falls when you are in the recovery stage.

As this is not just dangerous, it would be absolute agony!

And probably the highest risk times for this to occur is when you're taking a shower.

As the wet and slippery surface aligned with the soap and your restricted movement and balance make this a real kamikiaze mission.

So help your loved one stay safe by gifting them the Gorilla Grip Shower Mat.

This will give them the safe surface they need to stay upright and get in and out of the shower safely.

Cushy Form Wedge Pillows

Good quality sleep is absolutely vital to the whole recovery process.

However, this is the one thing that can be hard to come by after surgery.

As each movement during the night causes twinges of pain that can wake you up.

While your back can feel really uncomfortable and under strain constantly.

So a great gift idea is to get someone some wedge pillows, as these help to relieve this pressure and strain.

For instance, sleeping on your back with a Coop Home Goods Four Position Support Pillow under your knees elevates your legs slightly which eases pressure on your lower back.

While the Cushy Form Bed Wedge Pillow is great for keeping your upper body at a slight angle that can also relieve pressure and tension.

And this one also works great when you are lying in bed reading or watching TV too.

Lito Zero Gravity Recliner

Now let me start by warning you that this one is a pretty big gift!

And they may not be able to use it in the first week or two after getting home from surgery.

But after that it can be a real help to anyone recovering from back surgery and will also be something that will help them manage their back pain in the future too.

Because the Lito Zero Gravity Recliner is great for providing support, comfort, and relieving pressure when sitting.

This is because it comes with multiple reclining positions.

And these reclined positions are great for relieving pressure on your back and getting rid of any muscle tension that has built up.

You can even recline all the way to a zero gravity position for the ultimate in relaxation and pressure relief.

There is also a heat option in the seat and the back of the chair that can help to relax your muscles even further.

So all in all it's a great chair for anyone with back pain, and especially when they're recovering from surgery.

Midea Mini Fridge With Freezer

When you get home after back surgery you want to make things as easy and accessible for yourself as possible.

And a gift that can help someone do that is the Midea Mini Fridge With Freezer.

As the last thing you want to do is to have to get up constantly to go to the kitchen.

Especially if that trip involves going up and down a flight of stairs.

So having a mini fridge positioned either in your bedroom or by your chair in the lounge can make life so much easier.

As you can fill it with snacks, drinks and also use it to keep your ice packs cool too.

And that way you'll always have what you need on hand rather than having to go backwards and forwards all day.

iReliev Cold Therapy Gel Ice Packs

Using a gel pack is a great way to soothe the pain in your back and encourage the swelling to go down post surgery.

And this will help you to heal faster.

So a great gift idea for a loved one after a back operation is a set of iReliev cold therapy gel ice packs.

As they come in a variety of sizes including a large size that is big enough to cover a wide area of your back.

And they stay ice cold for 30 minutes straight out of the freezer, so you have plenty of time to ice those aching back muscles.

And enjoy the cool sensation as it numbs the pain.

A NutriBullet Blender

What you put into your body during the recovery process can make a real difference to the speed and effectiveness of your recovery.

So it's vital that you eat a healthy and well balanced diet at this time.

One that really nourishes and re-energises your body.

And this means eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

So a gift idea that makes it easier for someone to get their five a day is a NutriBullet Blender.

Because with one of these your loved one can blitz up some super healthy and restorative smoothies every day.

And this is a much easier way than having to cook anything.

So help them stay on the right track nutrition wise with one of these blenders.

Synca Wellness i-Puffy Massage Cushion

Massaging your aching and sore back muscles in the weeks after surgery can be a great way to help them to release and relax again.

And this will help you to heal too, as it releases tight knots that may be causing blockages.

Which allows your body to deliver the blood, oxygen and nutrients to the muscles that they need to become healthy again.

While also flushes away any trapped waste and toxins that may be causing inflammation.

So a nice gift to help someone do this with the minimum of effort is to get them the Synca Wellness i-Puffy Massage Cushion.

This is an electric massage pillow that has 4 nodes within it that rotate to knead your muscles in a rhythmic fashion.

And it has a heat option to help your aching muscles relax and loosen even further.

So, it's great for popping behind your lower back as you sit on a chair and letting it work it's magic.

iReliev TENS & EMS Combo Unit

Another good option to relieve muscle pain and tension once you are a few weeks into your recovery is with a TENS unit.

These are machines that deliver electrical impulses through pads that you attach to your back which stimulate your nerves and muscles.

And doing this is helpful in a number of ways.

Firstly it increase blood flow to the area, which allows the muscles to get the oxygen and nutrients they need to heal and recover.

The stimulation of your nerves also blocks pain signals from reaching your brain, meaning you won't feel it's full force.

And using a TENS unit also release endorphinms within your body which work as a natural painkiller.

So one of these is great for taking the edge off pain at home.

And a good choice is the iReliev TENS & EMS Combo Unit.

As this one comes pre-programmed with 8 different TENS programs all at different intensities, meaning you can find one to suit you easily.

And it also has 6 EMS programs that help to condition your muscles and help you avoid muscle pain in the future.

So it's a nice gift to help someone with recovery as well as managing their pain going forward.

Epsoak Epsom Bath Salts

Now you won't be allowed to have a proper bath for the first few weeks after your surgery as the incision needs time to heal.

However, once it has healed and the stitches are dissolved or removed there is no better feeling than having a nice long soak.

As the heat really helps to relax and release your muscles as well as feeling really comforting at the same time.

And you can emphasise this effect by gifting someone a pack of Epsoak Epsom Bath Salts.

As adding a handful of these to your bath water can make a big difference.

Because these salts consist of magnesium sulfate that works wonders on your tired muscles.

And you can even throw in a rubber duck too if you're feeling generous!

Supportive Trainers For Walking

Now my final two gift recommendations are for when your loved one is in the final stages of the recovery process.

Because after a month or so post surgery they will need to start to step up their activity levels and build up their strength again.

And a great way to do this is to get outside and walk around every day.

While also working on your rehabilitation and strengthening exercises either at home or at your physiotherapists gym.

And a big help when you do this is to have a pair of sneakers that can help to support you.

As this will protect your back from any unnecessary jolting and pain.

So gifting someone a pair of sneakers that have great support and shock absorbing qualities is a great way to encourage them.

And for this you have a wealth of good options (you can even ask at your local shoe store as they may have some specifically for people with back pain).

But for the sake of the article I'll offer up the Asics Gel Kayano 25 running shoes as a decent option.

As these enhance your foots natural gait and have good impact relieving qualities and cushioning.

Gaiam Yoga For Beginners Kit

Another great way to regain your strength and flexibility after surgery is by practicing yoga.

As this is a gentle exercise that has been shown to be effective in managing and reducing people's back pain.

Yoga works so well as it:

  • Increases your flexibility, which relieves pressure on your back and makes it easier to maintain a healthy posture.
  • While also increasing your core strength, which gives you back more support.
  • It calms and relaxes your muscles as well as your mind, helping you to switch off from pain.
  • And it helps you to sleep more deeply, which is a time when your back muscles can rest, heal, and recover. 

So, why not give your loved one the tools to start their yoga journey with this beginners kit from Gaiam.

As this has a yoga mat with markings that help them to stay balanced and know where to put their feet and hands.

And it comes with a yoga block and yoga strap that help them to get into the yoga poses and increase their range of motion.

So, you're giving them a gift that can help them grow stronger and also prevent their back pain from returning in the future with this one. 

Rounding Up

Recovering from back surgery is a long, slow and painful process.

But there are certain things that will help to make this whole process much easier.

And these items make ideal gifts for any loved ones about to go under the knife.

So I hope this article has given you a few ideas of what to buy them to help them back to full health.

I know I appreciated some of these things when I was recovering from my own operations.

After all, we all need a helping hand from time to time.

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I'm a psychology graduate and a veteran of 5 spinal surgeries. I want to help people learn how to fight back against persistent back pain just like I have.

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