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In compliance with the FTC guidelines, please assume the following about all links, buttons, photos and other material found in posts and pages on the BackOnSite website:

Any or all of the links on this​ website are affiliate links for which BackOnSite could receive a small commission if you make a purchase after following the link. However the price always remains the same for you. 

​What Is An Affiliate Link?

We recommend many different products and services on this website that will help you to fight back against back pain.

​When we do this we provide a link or button to click on that will take you directly to a website where you can buy this product or service.

​And when you use this link to click through and view or purchase the product or service, the selling website gives us credit for sending a potential customer (yourself) to their site.

If you view the item or service but decide not to buy then nothing will happen.​

​But if you do decide to purchase the item or service, the selling website will pay BackOnSite a small commission.

This is what an affiliate link is.

And to clear up any confusion about the use of affiliate links on this site you can be assured of the following:​

  • The price of the product or service remains exactly the same for you whether you purchase through my affiliate link or not. 
  • BackOnSite will only recommend products and services that we truly believe will greatly help you and your back pain.
  • As such we will not accept payment or favours from any companies to recommend their products. Everything we recommend is because we truly believe in it.

I created BackOnSite to be a resource to help people live happier, healthier and less painful lives.

​And these small commissions make it possible for me to continue creating content and keep the website running.

So your support in purchasing products through my affiliate links on ​this website is always greatly appreciated.

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