3 years ago

The Best Jobsite Radio To Take Your Mind Off Back Pain

best jobsite radio

Having some music on in the background as you work isn’t just great for your morale, it can also distract your mind away from any aches and pains you may be experiencing.

Which makes a good jobsite radio a vital part of any tradesman’s tool kit.

Check out my selection of the very best ones for site work here.

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4 years ago

The Best Posture Brace & Correctors For Back Pain

Best posture brace

Maintaining a good posture as you sit or stand is a great way of relieving back pain as it spreads the pressure of gravity evenly throughout your body taking the strain off your back.

However old habits can be hard to break and good posture is not easy to achieve. So give yourself a helping hand with a posture brace or corrector. They’re not expensive and can be really effective in retraining you into a more healthy natural posture.

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5 years ago

7 Mobile Apps For Back Pain You Should Be Using in 2019

apps for back pain

It seems like everyone is glued to their mobile phones nowadays. And while watching funny dog videos on YouTube isn’t going to add any great value to our lives, our phones can come in very handy in other ways.

One of these ways is helping us to manage our chronic lower back pain. There are some great apps available in 2017 that can really help to improve all areas of the chronic pain experience, leading to less pain and a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Here you’ll find my review of the top 7 must-have apps for managing back pain. Download them today and become pro-active in taking on chronic pain.

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