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The Best And Most Effective Lower Back Pain Products

Make pain and discomfort in your lower back a thing of the past with these products that can bring you some much needed relief and salvation.

best lower back pain relief products

Staying on top of persistent back pain is a tough task. 

As to do so you need to monitor every part of your lifestyle to minimise the risk and keep yourself feeling pain-free and healthy. 

This includes getting the right balance between rest and exercise, and making sure you stretch your body out regularly. 

As well as maintaining a healthy posture while sitting, standing and sleeping.

And even things that don't seem like obvious solutions, such as eating a healthy diet and having a positive attitude, can all have a big impact on whether you feel pain or not.

So you really need to examine all areas of your life when you are trying to get rid of back pain.

But the good news is you don't have to do it alone.

Because there are products you can buy that will help you get relief from lower back pain, such as:

And not only will they stop your back pain in it's tracks.

They can also prevent it from returning in the future too.

The Best Lower Back Pain Relief Products

Lower back pain has many different facets and causes, and as such back pain relief products are wiidely varied.

So some are great to use to when you are actually in pain.

While others will help to prevent the pain from arising in the first place.

And there are also certain items that are not specifically back pain products, but still work great for keeping your back healthy and pain-free. 

These include the furniture you use, cushions and pillows, and things that help you to relax.

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So without further ado let's begin with something that will help to take the edge off any back pain you might be experiencing.

Which is using a TENS unit. 

TENS units

If you've ever sought help from a physiotherapist for your back pain, then you may have already tried a TENS unit.

But you don't have to go to your physio to use one. 

Because the good news is that you can now buy smaller hand-held TENS machines which you can use regularly in the comfort of your own home.

And these work great for getting rid of your back pain.

As TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) therapy provides pain relief by stimulating the nerves of an area of your body with electrical impulses.

This stimulation helps to block pain signals from that area from reaching your brain by way of distraction.

And at the same time it encourages the release of endorphins, which are your body's natural painkiller.

So you get a double boost against back pain when you use a TENS machine.

They are also safe and easy to use.

As you simply attach the pads to your area of pain, then adjust the strength of the electrical impulses to get to the level where you feel comfortable.

So a TENS unit is a wonderful piece of equipment for anyone who suffers from back pain to have at home.

As using one regularly will help your muscles to relax and release any tension you may be experiencing.

Pain relief creams

Another way to ease back pain and tension is by applying a topical pain relief cream or gel.

As this can bring instant relief to the area, allowing you to relax and get on with your day.

However not all pain relief creams are the same, and they all work in different ways.

So salicylate creams contain a dosage of medication that numbs and desensitizes the nerves and muscles close to the skins surface.

And these are great for reducing painful inflammation.

While counter-irritant creams contain ingredients such as menthol, providing a cooling sensation when applied.

Which is great for soothing your muscles and distracting your brain away from the pain.

And finally creams containing capsaicin also block pain signals from your nerves from reaching your brain.

However they do this by providing heat and a burning sensation rather than a cooling one.

But whichever type of pain relief cream you go for, there is no doubt they can be a really effective product to use on days when your pain levels are high.

And they are a safer and more targeted alternative to taking pain medication, which is another bonus.

Back support belts

To give your back the support it needs to stay pain-free, you need to keep your core muscles strong and engage them as you carry out your daily activities.

And a great way to help you to achieve this is to wear a back support belt while you work, lift, or exercise.

Because these belts support will assist your core muscles in supporting your back.

They do this by compressing your abdomen, which takes the strain off your lower back as you move.

And they also come with their own extra benefits for your back.

As wearing one forces you to maintain a good posture and not slouch.

And the abdominal compression will also prevent you from overstretching by limiting your range of motion.

So you'll be far less likely to put your back out while wearing one of these belts.

However you do need to be aware that while wearing a back support belt will help you, it won't make you invincible.

So don't get too overconfident and go for gold.

But do wear one to assist you if you have to do some lifting or heavy manual work.

As they definitely help to keep your back supported and out of pain.

Posture Correctors

Maintaining a good posture is vital if you're going to steer clear of back pain.

This is because you need to keep your body balanced to spread the pressures of gravity evenly.

As an unbalanced body will mean your muscles, bones and joints have to work much harder to keep you upright.

With certain areas being forced to compensate as a result.

And this leads to extra strain and pressure on your body, especially in the lower back area.

So learning how to maintain a good posture as you stand, sit, move around and lie down is something you need to do.

But old habits die hard, which can make this a tough task to achieve.

So it's a good idea to invest in a posture brace or corrector which will help you to retrain your muscle memory.

These come in a variety of options.

From braces you can wear on your shoulders or around your waist.

To cushions or devices for chairs to keep you sitting up straight.

You can even buy electronic gadgets that beep every time you begin to slouch or fall out of a healthy posture.

So getting yourself one of these products can really help you if you suffer from a poor posture.

As over time they will help your body to learn how to stay in a healthy posture naturally.

And help you to eliminate your muscle tension and lower back pain into the bargain.

Self massage tools

Getting regular massages is a great way of keeping your back muscles loose, relaxed, and free from pain.

As by kneading and working your body, a good masseuse can release any tight areas and muscle knots that may have formed.

And this is great news for your back.

Because by releasing these muscle knots your body can get rid of trapped waste and toxins that may be causing pain and inflammation.

And this will also increase blood flow to the area.

Meaning your damaged muscles get the oxygen and nutrients they need to heal and repair.

However getting regular massages is an expensive business.

So a great way to get the benefits of massage at a fraction of the cost is to get yourself a self-massage tool that will allow you to massage yourself at home.

And fortunately there are loads of options for you to choose from to do this.

For instance there are massage canes that are curved to allow you reach around and apply pressure to release any tight muscles.

Or there are massage balls and foam rollers that you can lay down on and allow your body weight and gravity to do all the work.

The same concept is true of acupressure mats, which contain thousands of tiny plastic pins that work into your back muscles as you lay on them.

Or you could go for an electric massager, whether that be in the form of a handheld device or a massage cushion.

And if you really want to push the boat out, you could go the whole hog and get a massage chair to sit in.

As these will work out the knots automatically, allowing you to totally relax and take your mind off your pain.

So if you suffer from tight and painful back muscles on a regular basis, one or more of these self-massage tools can be a great help to have at home.

Products that apply ice or heat to your back

Using ice or heat to soothe your aching muscles can work wonders for your back pain.

However, you need to use the right one for your particular form of pain, as they both work in different ways.

So if you have back pain that has come directly from a fresh injury, such as a strain or a pulled muscle, then applying ice to it is your best bet.

As this will help to reduce any inflammation and swelling, helping your body to heal faster.

But if your back pain is the persistent kind that has no obvious cause, then you should apply heat to it instead.

As the heat will allow your tight and painful muscles to relax.

And it will also increase blood flow to the area, delivering the oxygen and nutrients your muscles need to heal, repair and recover.

So for this reason it's great to have a couple of products at home that will give you the option to either ice or heat your back when you are in pain.

These come in many forms such as heating wraps, ice packs, or gel packs you can warm up in the microwave or freeze in the freezer.

There are also belts, shoulder straps, and tank tops that you can wear that are designed to heat or cool your pain area.

Or you could use heat lamps, TDP lamps, or electric heating pads.

You can even rely on the age old fall backs of a bag of frozen peas or a nice long soak in a hot bath!

Just make sure you use the right method (ice or heat) for your particular type of pain.

Because using the wrong one at the wrong time might actually make it worse!

Click here to find out more about ice and heat therapy.

Ergonomic chairs

A good way of preventing back pain from rearing it's ugly head is to upgrade the furniture you use every day to items that they are good for your back.

And this includes the chairs you use both at home and at work.

So one of the best purchases you can make in this respect is an ergonomic chair.

Because sitting down for long periods of time every day is bad news for your back.

As it compresses your vertebrae, restricts blood flow, and can weaken your spinal discs and core muscles.

Which lowers your body's flexibility and leaves your back without the support it needs.

Giving you extra strain, tension and pain!

And these problems are magnified if you use a crappy chair that forces you to sit in an unhealthy posture.

Because this places even more strain on your lower back, leaving you with even more lower back pain.

Using an ergonomic chair on the other hand will give you a much better chance of staying pain-free.

Because these chairs are designed with features that will minimise any strain on your body.

Firstly they come with built in lumbar support, so your back won't flatten against the chair.

This encourages you to maintain a healthy sitting posture.

And they are fully adjustable, so you can change the seat height, armrest position, and sitting angle to fit you perfectly.

This will take the strain and pressure off your body as you sit, making pain and tension in your lower back far less likely.

Plus they come with a tilt control that keeps your core muscles active as you sit.

Which keeps them strong and able to support your spine both in the chair and afterwards too.

So if you spend a few hours every day sitting behind a desk, you should consider buying yourself a good quality ergonomic chair.

You can also find ergonomic chairs designed especially for gamers.

And these are great if you tend to feel any twinges in your back during a gaming marathon.


While many of us spend a lot of time each day sitting down, all of us spend a significant amount of time in bed.

So it's vital that you make sure you have a mattress that is up to the task of supporting your back.

Because if you are sleeping on one that is way past it's sell by date and sags in all the wrong places, then you could be in trouble.

As it will be impossible to keep your neck and spine in a healthy alignment as you sleep.

Meaning your body will come under constant strain and pressure at a time when it should be resting and healing.

So instead make sure you are using an up to date mattress that is both comfortable and supportive.

As this will allow your aching muscles to repair during the night, while easing the pressure by keeping you aligned and relaxed.

Now you have a few different options when it comes to mattress types that are good for back pain.

And a lot will come down to your own needs and personal preference.

For example, if more comfort is your main aim, then a memory foam mattress would be the ideal choice.

As this allows you to sink in to it, giving you a weightless feel that relieves pressure on your pressure points as you sleep.

However if you need more support, then go for a latex mattress instead.

As these push back against your body rather than allowing you to sink in, which is great for keeping you supported and aligned. 

But if you don't like the feel of latex, a pocket spring mattress will do a similar job.

As these contain 1,000s of tiny springs that work individually to keep you supported as you move around in bed during the night.

Or you could go for a hybrid mattress, which will contain a mixture of memory foam, latex and pocket springs.

So you get the best of all worlds if you find one that suits you.

But whichever type of mattress suits you and your back best.

You need to ensure you are using one that doesn't leave you waking up with pain and stiffness each morning.

Trust me, it will make a world of difference once you find the right one.

Mattress toppers

Upgrading your old mattress to one that is supportive and comfortable is extremely important for your back.

However it can also be a really expensive process.

So if you want to save money and buy yourself some more time, you could get a mattress topper as a temporary fix instead.

As the name suggests, they simply lay on top of your existing mattress.

And they can breathe new life into it by either firming it up or making it more comfortable.

So they are especially helpful for anyone who has a firm mattress that is putting too much pressure on their joints.

Or a soft and sagging mattress that is throwing their body out of alignment every night.

And the two main types of mattress topper that work best for people with back pain are ones made from memory foam or latex.

But be aware of your needs before buying one because they both work for different purposes.

So if you need to soften up a mattress that is too firm and make it more comfortable to sleep on, you should go for a memory foam mattress topper.

However, if you need to add firmness and support to a mattress that is too soft, then you need to get a latex mattress topper instead.

But as long as you choose the right one, a good mattress topper can be an affordable and easy way to lessen the amount of back pain you feel after sleeping.

Cushions and pillows

Cushions and pillows are great props to use when sitting and sleeping.

As they help us maintain a healthy posture and keep our spines in alignment.

So a good lumbar support cushion works really well for sitting, as it adds back support to a chair where it may be lacking.

As it forces you to sit with a healthy 's' curve in your spine, which takes the pressure and strain off your lower back.

And you can use these cushions both at home and work.

As well as when you're on the move in your car or on a train or airplane.

While using the right sized pillows to suit your sleeping position is a great of keeping your neck and spine in alignment as you sleep.

These are mainly pillows for your head, but you can also include body pillows to give you the best chance of staying aligned.

So people that sleep on their backs need a head pillow with a medium level of firmness and support so it holds their head up but without pushing it too far forward.

And a wedge pillow placed under the knees can also relieve pressure on their lower spine as they sleep.

While side sleepers need a higher and firmer pillow for their heads to keep their neck and spine aligned.

And a firm pillow between their knees will keep their body in alignment, which is great for relieving pressure and sciatic pain.

Finally, those that like to sleep on their stomachs need their heads to be almost flat to the mattress to stay aligned.

So they need a very soft and thin head pillow.

And placing a similar pillow underneath their pelvis will also stop their back from flattening out, taking away any strain in this area.

So if you want to give yourself the best chance of staying free of back pain, make sure your home has the right pillows and cushions to keep you nicely aligned and healthy.

Relaxation aids

Trying to relax when you are experiencing back pain may seem like a ridiculous concept.

But it's vital that you learn how to do it.

Because when you relax, your body can let go of any stress and tension it's holding in your muscles.

And this will help your aching muscles to heal and recover. 

It will also free you up mentally and physically, ease your body into a better posture, and allow you to breathe deeper.

And by freeing your mind from the stresses and anxieties that come from persistent pain, you can give yourself a more positive and happy outlook.

Which is crucial if you want to live a pain-free life.

So these final product recommendations are not back pain relief products per se.

But they are all things that will help someone to relax.

Which will in turn make their back pain less prominent and easier to handle.

So things like books, games, movies, bath salts, music, or anything else that distracts their minds away from the pain is a great thing to have for someone with back pain.

And learning how to relax also brings many other health benefits too.

So it's a real win-win.

Rounding Up

Living with persistent back pain is tough and it can feel like a never ending battle trying to defeat it.

So don't shoulder the whole burden on your own.

Instead get yourself some tools and products that will help to keep back pain at bay and stop it from returning in the future.

So I hope the 11 ideas I've listed here have inspired you to give something new a try.

Because every extra tool we have in our armoury will help us to fight back against back pain.

And hopefully live our lives as pain-free as possible in the future.

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I'm a psychology graduate and a veteran of 5 spinal surgeries. I want to help people learn how to fight back against persistent back pain just like I have.

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