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The Best Chairs For Back Pain Sufferers - Stay Comfortable Everywhere

Sitting can be a killer for your back but by investing in a variety of chairs that fill different needs you can stop this pain in it's tracks.

best types of chairs back pain

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Developing back pain when sitting down for extended periods is an extremely common problem and it happens for a variety of reasons such as:

  • When you sit down the vertebrae in your spine become compressed which can lead to a weakening of your spinal discs over time.
  • Your core muscles remain inactive and also weaken meaning your back gets less support.
  • Many people tend to sit in an unhealthy posture which increases the pressure and strain on their lower backs.

So if you sit down for more than a couple of hours each day (which most of us do) you are at risk.

And this risk is made worse when you sit in an inadequate chair.

Because chairs that are lacking in lumbar support, are too soft, or lack adjustable ergonomics can force you to sit in a way that places your body under real pressure and strain. 

So it's important to be mindful of the chairs you use throughout the day to give your back the best chance of staying healthy and pain-free.

And the features these chairs need depend on the purpose you are using them for.

So it's a good idea to own a variety of chairs that can keep you comfortable whether you are at work, watching TV, or sitting outside on the patio.

And the following chairs are all fantastic choices.

Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair

The Top Reason You Should Buy The Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair

  • You want a high quality chair to use at the computer that will reduce aches and pains in your back, neck, and shoulders.

Suffering from back pain is something that many office workers will unfortunately be all too familiar with.

As they have to spend the majority of their working day sat at their desks.

And when doing so in a crappy office chair it can cause all sorts of problems.

As these one size fits all chairs are lacking in support, can't be adjusted, and place your body under enormous pressure.

So if working on a computer is a daily task for you then you really should consider upgrading to an ergonomic office chair instead.

As one of these can really help to relieve this pressure on your body as:

  • They have great lumbar support which helps you to sit with a healthy 'S' shaped curve in your back, improving your sitting posture.
  • They also have adjustable armrests which you can raise or lower to keep your arms at the right angle and keep your shoulders relaxed.
  • The tilt function means you can rock back and forth slightly as you sit, which is great for relieving pressure and keeping your core and abdominal muscles active.
  • They have an increased seat depth which allows your lower back to rest against the back of the chair.
  • When sitting on one of these chairs your weight and pressure gets distributed evenly so your back won't be under undue strain.

And a great choice for your office either at home or at work is the Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair.

As this has all the adjustable options you need as well as great lumbar support and a high back and optional head rest to keep your upper back and neck comfortable too.

So using one of these chairs will make a massive difference to your whole working experience.

Allowing you to work away comfortably rather than being distracted by nagging back, neck and shoulder pain.

And by keeping your core muscles active while you sit your back will get more support both in and out of the chair.

Great news all round and a really essential purchase in my eyes.

Read my full review of the Ergohuman high back swivel chair here.

Lito Zero Gravity Recliner

The Top Reason You Should Buy The Lito Zero Gravity Recliner

  • You want a super comfortable reclining lounge chair to watch TV on that will help you to relax and keep your back happy.

When it comes to a chair for you to lounge in at home you are going to want something more comfy than an ergonomic desk chair.

However, while being comfortable most traditional sofas and armchairs are too soft and lacking in any kind of lumbar support.

And this often leads to hours spent slouching in a position that puts your back and neck under increasing strain. 

So a good option for people with back pain is to use a lay-z-boy style reclining chair.

As not only are these supremely comfortable, they are also able to relieve pressure on your body by changing your seating angle.

And the perfect choice is the Lito Zero Gravity Recliner.

This one is brilliant for relieving your back pain as there are 3 preset recline positions that are perfect for either watching TV, reading, or taking a nap.

And you can also choose to recline all the way to a zero gravity position for the ultimate in pressure relief and relaxation. 

There is also a heat option in the seat and the back of this chair that you can turn on to relax your muscles further.

And the leather upholstery is both classy to look at and comfortable to sit on.

So if you want a great chair to watch sports or movies in without feeling those familiar twinges in your back, you won't go wrong with this one.

Human Touch Zero Gravity Perfect Chair

The Top Reason You Should Buy The Human Touch Zero Gravity Perfect Chair

  • You want a chair that can give you the same pressure relieving qualities for your back as an astronaut gets in outer space.

Recliner chairs like the one from Serta are great.

But if you want the ultimate in pressure relief then consider getting yourself a zero gravity chair instead.

As not only are these chairs really cool, they can be a real game changer for your back pain.

They were designed using the same theory that NASA used to design chairs for astronauts to sit in during a rocket launch.

The purpose was to place their body into a position where there is minimal pressure on on it so it can withstand the extreme pressures of gravity and force during take off.

Now while you don't need to withstand these same pressures in your living room, using a zero gravity chair can still free you from the problems caused by gravity's pull.

As when you sit in a position where your legs are elevated there is far less pressure on your back.

And you also get an increase in circulation which allows your back muscles to get the oxygen and nutrients they need to stay healthy.

So you'll be far less likely to experience back pain in one of these.

And a great choice is the Human Touch PC-Live Zero Gravity Perfect Chair.

This is a real top quality chair that comes with a range of extra benefits to help you avoid back pain.

Firstly, the curved backrest creates a healthy 'S' shaped curve in your spine as you sit in it which relieves pressure.

And this will also keep your back in the ideal posture when the chair is reclined into the zero gravity position.

There is pain relieving memory foam throughout that is super comfy and ideal for preventing any pressure points from building up as you sit.

An adjustable lumbar support cushion is built in that you can inflate to give you the exact level of support you need.

And the armrests are wider than most chairs too, which helps to relieve pressure on your neck, shoulders, and upper back.

Then there are the 3 optional heat settings that allow you to warm and relax your aching back muscles.

And it's not just any heat either, as the chair contains natural jade stones that when heated give off a far infrared heat that is deeply penetrating and therapeutic.

So if you want to experience having a back as healthy as an astronauts, try one of these chairs!

Luraco iRobotics 7 Massage Chair

The Top Reason You Should Buy The Luraco iRobotics 7 Massage Chair

  • You want to be able to relax every night with a top quality pressure relieving massage for your aching massages in your own front room.

If you want a zero gravity chair with the maximum amount of oomph then why not get one that can also deliver a first class massage too.

As then not only do you get the pressure relieving qualities of zero gravity, you also gain the many benefits that massaging your tight and aching back muscles can bring such as:

  • Helping to release tight muscle knots that are causing blockages in your body.
  • This allows blood, oxygen and nutrients to be delivered that helps your muscles heal and stay healthy.
  • While also flushing away any trapped waste and toxins that may be causing inflammation.
  • It also reduces tension in your muscles making you more flexible and lessening the strain on your back.
  • While keeping your body well-balanced which prevents any muscle imbalances from forming.
  • It also helps to improve your posture by relaxing your muscles, which relieves pressure on your body throughout the day.
  • And lowers the levels of pain you feel in your muscles and joints by stimulating the release of endorphins which are the body's natural painkillers.
  • Massage helps to relax your mind too allowing your muscles to rest, as stress and tension is usually held within your body.
  • This will also help you to get a better night's sleep which is where your body can heal and repair itself.

So while these massage chairs are expensive, they can also be a great long-term investment in the health of your back.

And they work their magic by delivering a deep massage in a couple of ways.

Firstly through motorised nodes that work their way up and down the chair massaging the entirety of your back.

And also through airbags in the seat and back that inflate and deflate in a rhythm that help to release any tight knots.

Then there are various massage programs pre-programmed into these chairs ranging from gentle Swedish style massage to intense Shiatsu style ones.

So you can choose the intensity of the massage to suit your own personal needs and preferences.

And a chair that ticks all of these boxes and more is the Luraco iRobotics 7 Massage Chair.

As it delivers a strong, intense and consistent massage via the dual 3D rollers that will get really deep into your muscles.

While the airbags in the seat swivel and rotate your hips which is great for decompressing your spine.

There is also a full body heat option in the chair which allows your muscles to relax more fully.

And there is a built in body scanner which allows the chair to adapt the massage to your exact body shape and dimensions.

Not to mention the option to do all this while laying in a zero gravity position if you like.

Pure bliss!

So if you've ever considered getting yourself an electric massage chair for your back pain, give this one a go.

AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair

The Top Reason You Should Buy The AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair

  • You want a comfortable and supportive chair that takes the aches and pains out of a marathon gaming session.

Now when thinking about the different types of chairs you need at home be careful not to overlook the gamers in your household.

Because getting lost for hours in your favourite video game is great until you start to feel the twinges that snap you out of your enjoyment.

So if you are an avid gamer it's a must to get a chair that can support your spine and keep your body in a healthy posture as you play.

As similarly to ergonomic office chairs these come with good lumbar support and can be adjusted in great detail to take the pressure off your body as you sit.

So you need to get yourself a gaming chair that is:

  • Fully adjustable (armrests and seat height especially).
  • Has good built in lumbar support.
  • Contours to your spine to help you maintain a healthy 'S' curved posture as you sit.
  • Contains durable, supportive, and high quality padding.
  • Is comfortable enough to sit in during long gaming sessions.

And a chair I'd have no hesitation in recommending for this purpose if the AKRacing Masters Series Max Racing Chair.

As this one has a couple of things going for it that puts it ahead of the competition.

Firstly it's great for larger people as it comes with a wider frame and has a weight limit of up to 400 lbs.

And the padding is made from a high density foam that is extremely supportive to your back as you sit in it.

There is also built-in lumbar support plus an extra lumbar support cushion you can use to keep your posture healthy.

And the tilt mechanism is great for keeping your core muscles active (and also handy as it gives you the freedom to move around as you play).

Plus it looks really cool too and will be a welcome addition to any gamer's room.

So don't overlook your back when playing games and make sure you have a chair that protects you.

Timber Ridge Reclining Lounge Chair

The Top Reason You Should Buy The Timber Ridge Reclining Lounge Chair

  • You want to be able to enjoy a beer or two in the yard this summer without having an aching back when you get up for a refill.

Now after reading all that you may think you have your house furniture already set up to cover every base to keep your back healthy when sitting.

But it's not just indoors where you need to find a chair that's kind on your back.

As it's hard to enjoy sitting out in the yard on a summers day without the right chair to relax in.

So look to get yourself a couple of good outdoor chairs too.

And for people with back pain the Timber Ridge Reclining Lounge Chair is ideal.

As this one can be locked into multiple reclining positions including a full recline that is great for relieving pressure.

And it comes with a padded pillow that can either be used as a headrest or slid down and used as a lumbar support cushion.

It's also great for larger people with bungee suspension and a wide frame giving it a weight limit of up to 350 lbs.

So having a couple of these on your patio or in the garden is great for keeping the family pain-free over the summer.

And they fold up easily too so you can take them with you when going camping, on picnics or to the beach.

A real winner for those that enjoy an outdoor lifestyle.

Rounding Up

Sitting can be a major cause of back pain but there are ways you can minimise the risk.

And one of these is to make sure you are using a chair that can keep your back healthy.

These are chairs that can be adjusted to fit your body, have good lumbar support and are made from materials that provide pressure relieving qualities.

And if you really want to go to town then consider investing in a zero gravity chair or an electric massage chair with heat too.

As this way you'll be covered no matter what you're doing.

So sit more comfortably today by trying out one or more of the chairs I've featured here.

And make back pain from sitting a distant memory.

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