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a few months ago

12 Useful Gift Ideas For Truck Drivers That Always Deliver

gift ideas for truck drivers

The life of a truck driver isn’t an easy one.

So why not get them a gift that will make it a little easier?

As the gift ideas for truckers we’ve listed here can help to keep them safe, healthy, well equipped, and entertained.

And as such they’ll be gifts that any trucker will be really happy to receive.

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6 months ago

The Best TENS Unit For Back Pain Relief At Home

best TENS unit for back pain

Using a portable TENS unit is a great way of relieving back pain in the comfort of your own home.

They do this by blocking pain signals from reaching your brain, as well as encouraging the release of endorphins, which are your body’s natural painkillers. And if you get one with EMS capabilities they can condition your muscles to prevent the pain from returning too.

So if you’re curious to experience the benefits of TENS therapy for yourself, find out which is the best TENS unit for your back pain here.

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last year

The Best Posture Brace & Correctors To Give You Relief From Back Pain

Best posture brace

Maintaining a good posture as you sit or stand is a great way of relieving back pain as it spreads the pressure of gravity evenly throughout your body taking the strain off your back.

However old habits can be hard to break and good posture is not easy to achieve. So give yourself a helping hand with a posture brace or corrector. They’re not expensive and can be really effective in retraining you into a more healthy natural posture.

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