Fight Back Against Back Pain At Work

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Are you a fighter? If so prepare yourself for Round 1 by clicking the orange button below to claim your FREE guide of stretches which you can do before, during and after work to put back pain on the canvas.

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12 Easy Ways To Relax (And Why It’s So Important For Your Back)

Relaxing can be tough when you suffer from chronic lower back pain. However it's vital to learn how to do it if you want to fight back and become pain-free. The thought of relaxing when you have back pain sounds pretty ridiculous right? I mean how are you supposed to relax when your body is on fire? No matter whether you sit, stand or lie down you can never ge [...]

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Chiropractors – Are They All They’re Cracked Up To Be For Fixing Back Pain?

Visiting a chiropractor to get relief from back pain is a popular option among many Americans. But how effective is it? ​It is estimated that 7.7 million Americans visit a chiropractor every year looking for relief from their back pain. Which is a huge number and would suggest this is a great way to treat it. However while many people swear by chir [...]

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7 Surprising Cures For Back Pain You Probably Haven’t Tried Yet

​Think you've tried everything to get rid of your back pain? At the end of your tether? On the verge of giving up? Read this first. When you have chronic back pain it can be so frustrating. And not just because of the pain but because most times you have no idea where this pain is coming from or why it is happening. ​Which makes it so hard to treat. B [...]

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20 Tips To Make Flying With Back Pain Less Of A Struggle

Learn how to travel more comfortably by following these 20 tips to prepare yourself when flying with back pain. I used to love flying when I was younger. The whole experience was fun for me. Getting to the airport, looking around the shops, taking off, watching a movie, reading a book, even the in-flight meals.  I actually found it all quite relaxing [...]

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The Back On Site Mission Statement

Back Pain Fighter

Back Pain Fighters:

  • Never give up even when the going gets tough.
  • Take action when others would shrink.
  • Stay active no matter how they’re feeling.
  • Are in control of their bodies, thoughts and emotions.
  • Don’t rely on painkillers and medication.
  • Have a positive can-do attitude.
  • Don’t allow pain to take control of their life.
  • Don’t shy away from new opportunities and experiences.
  • Arm themselves with the best tools for the fight.
  • Are not afraid to seek help and allow others to join their battle.
  • Educate themselves on their enemy.
  • Create a lifestyle for themselves that works.
  • Keep doing the things they love.
  • Choose how they want their life to be.
  • Kick back pain's ass!

Back Pain Fighters Live Life On Their Own Terms.

Daniel SingletonBack Pain Conqueror!

​Welcome to Back On Site.

I'm Daniel, a Painter and Decorator, psychology graduate and veteran of 5 spinal surgeries.

This has left me with chronic lower back pain which I have learnt to self-manage over the past 10 years.

And by doing so I've been able to stay pain-free, continue to work and live the life I want to live (you can read my full story here).

My goal with this site is to help you to do the same.

Now as you probably know back pain is a huge problem for workers in the construction industry.

And this leaves many workmen gritting their teeth and popping painkillers like they're going out of fashion every day.

But by taking up the fight and being pro-active instead you can greatly improve both your working experience and quality of life.

And I'll show you how to do that here with advice on all aspects of your lower back pain and how to beat it.

You'll learn about:

  • Which exercises you need to do to stay strong and supported.
  • The things that may be causing your back pain and how to fix them.
  • The many different treatment options available to you.
  • How you can set yourself up at work to stay out of back pain's punching range.
  • General advice on many common problems associated with back pain such as sleeping, travelling and anger.

​We take no prisoners here.

I'll also look at the most helpful back pain products so you can arm yourself well in the fight against pain. 

After all, even the biggest warrior needs a helping hand once in a while.​

So if you're a fighter.​

If you're ready to educate yourself.​

If you're willing take action.​

​If you're determined to stay in control of your life.

If you never give up.​

Then you're in the right place.

So join me in the fight and get ready for a life without back pain.


Product Reviews

Amerisleep AS2 Mattress Review – Comfort & Support For Your Back?

By offering medium-firm support within a memory foam mattress does the Amerisleep AS2 mattress cover both bases of comfort and support for your back? Getting the right mix of comfort and support in a mattress can be a challenge. And this can put people off buying a memory foam mattress. Because while these mattresses can be extremely comfortable they don't alw [...]

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Herman Miller Aeron Chair Review – The Daddy Of Ergonomic Chairs For Your Back?

It has an iconic design that is famous the world over. But does the Herman Miller Aeron chair stand up to all the high praise it gets? And is it good for your back? ​You're probably already familiar with the Herman Miller Aeron chair even if you haven't heard the name before. Because they have been around for so long and are so popular that you see them almost ev [...]

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Zenhaven Mattress Review – Beating Back Pain At Night The Natural Way

The Zenhaven mattress by Saatva is made of 100% pure Talalay latex that is not only kind on the environment but can work wonders for your back too. ​Now you've probably slept on a memory foam mattress before. And depending on your experience that may have put you off sleeping on foam mattresses for good. Because sinking into the memory foam as you lie d [...]

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Raynor Ergohuman Chair Review – Ergonomic Seating For Your Back

Buying yourself an ergonomic chair is a great idea if you want to get rid of back pain while sitting. Here's my review of one of the market leaders, the Raynor Ergohuman Chair. Sitting down for a few hours or more each day can be a major cause of back pain. Especially if you're doing it in a 'one size fits all' generic office chair. ​Because not only do these cha [...]

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