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Try A TDP Mineral Lamp To Treat Back Pain (The Chinese Call Them A Miracle)

tdp mineral lamp

When it comes to miracle cures for back pain I’m always dubious. However while the Chinese may be going too far with the term ‘miracle’, there is no doubt that using TDP mineral lamps can have a major positive healing effect for your back.

Not only can they reduce muscle tightness, pain and inflammation, they also promote healing and boost your immune system.

Find out what has got China so excited and see how you can also benefit from it here.

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Release Painful Muscle Knots With A Foam Roller For Back Pain Relief

foam roller for back pain

Muscle knots (myofascial trigger points) are extremely common and a major cause of back pain. And treating them with deep-tissue massages can be an expensive business.

However you can self-treat your muscle knots by using a foam roller instead. Not only will this help you to reduce back pain and inflammation, it can save you a packet too!

Learn how you could be on your way to a healthier back by foam rolling here.

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Here’s The Rub: Massage Therapy Can Bring You Relief From Back Pain

massage therapy for back pain

Getting a massage is more than just a relaxing and pleasant experience. It also comes with many health benefits and can be a big help in managing chronic low back pain.

In this article you’ll find out just how massage can help your pain, what the different types of massage are, and your self-massage options if the costs of getting a regular professional massage is out of reach.

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