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10 months ago

3 Awesome Brain Hacks To Help You If You Get Angry Because of Back Pain

angry because of back pain

It’s no surprise that suffering from chronic back pain can make you angry. However this anger can increase your pain levels, affect your relationships and even mess with the well-being of your loved ones. Bad news all round!

However these 3 proven psychological techniques can help you stop this anger from surfacing. Try them for yourself and start reaping the benefits today.

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11 months ago

Use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy To Beat The Insomnia Caused By Back Pain

Negative thought processes about sleep and pain are common amongst people with chronic back pain. These thoughts can make it harder to sleep because they arouse your body and mind, heighten emotions such as anger, frustration and anxiety and make it less likely you’ll get into good sleeping practices or take good care of your pain.

However you can learn to beat the insomnia this causes by changing how you think your pain will affect your ability to sleep by using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques. Find out how here.

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Back Pain Causes Anger – Here’s How To Stop It Ruining Your Relationships

back pain causes anger

Anger caused by back pain is not just bad for your health, it can destroy your relationships too. And supportive relationships with your friends and family are vital for your health and well-being when managing chronic pain.

In this article you’ll find out why chronic pain causes anger and how you can stop this from affecting your relationships. Make sure your home is a happy place.

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