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a few months ago

The Best Lumbar Support Cushions For Home, Work And Travel

best lumbar support cushion

Is sitting really the new smoking?

I’m not totally convinced about that myself, but there is no doubt that sitting for extended periods can be a major cause of lower back pain. This is because most chairs force you to sit with an unhealthy posture that creates a ‘C’ curve in your spine.

However by using a lumbar support cushion you can sit with a natural ‘S’ curve instead, which will take the pressure off your lower back and reduce back pain from sitting.

Find out what the best ones are here, whether at home, work or on the move.

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6 months ago

My Review Of The Best Mattresses For Reducing Back Pain In 2017

best mattresses for back pain

Mattress shopping can be a pain in the arse, especially for people with chronic lower back pain.

However it’s one of the most important things to get right as it can reduce your pain and greatly imrove your quality of life.

So to help you I’ve compiled this review of what I consider to be the best mattresses on the market for those of us with back pain.

Whether you’re after the superior comfort of memory foam, the extra support of latex, or want the best of both worlds with one of the new hybrid mattresses I’ve got you covered here.

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7 months ago

Which Is The Best Mattress Topper For Your Back Pain?

best mattress topper

Do you wake up with aches and pains in the morning? Can’t afford a new mattress right now? I have a solution for you.

A good quality mattress topper can breathe new life into your old mattress, giving you the comfort and support you need at a fraction of the price of replacing it.

Read my review of the best memory foam (comfort) and latex (support) toppers here and make sure you get a good night’s kip without the pain.

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8 months ago

The Best Office Chair For Lower Back Pain (And Why You Need One)

office chairs for lower back pain

Having to sit at a desk at work or home for even a few hours per day can cause havoc to your lower back, and using a generic, one-size fits all office chair only contributes to this pain.

However by investing in an ergonomic office chair that provides good lumbar support and can be adjusted to fit the individual, you can greatly improve the health of your back and your working experience.

Here you’ll find my review of the best ergonomic office chairs for lower back pain to suit any budget, from high-end options to good budget choices.

If you spend a lot of time behind your desk it’s a good idea to make an Investment in your health with a great chair.

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9 months ago

Find The Best TENS Unit For Back Pain (Whatever Your Budget)

best TENS unit for back pain

Sore and stiff muscles at work are nothing new. Investing in a portable TENS unit can help to relieve this pain and make your workday more comfortable.

TENS units lower pain by blocking pain signals from transmitting. They stimulate the nerves in your pain area using a mild electrical current which creates a tingling sensation that distracts the brain away from your pain.

Many people use TENS units every day to help them manage their chronic pain and bring them temporary relief. If you want to see what the fuss is about you can find the TENS unit that suits you (and your budget) here with this review of the best ones to use on the move.

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9 months ago

The Best Back Pain Relief Creams To Use At Work For Instant Relief

pain relief cream for back pain

Aching muscles and joints can be a common occurence for those of us that have to do a hard days graft. One thing that can help us get through the day is using a pain relief cream.

These creams work in different ways to reduce pain and inflammation. Some contain aspirin and numb the pain area, some use heat to block the transmission of pain signals in the nerves, and others use a cooling sensation to distract us away from the pain.

You can find my review of the best ones on the market here, including a full run-down on how they work, what benefits they bring and the dangers you need to be aware of.

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9 months ago

Which Is The Best Back Support Belt For Construction Workers?

best back support belt for construction workers

A belt can do more than just hold your trousers up. Did you know that you can buy one that can also help to support your back as you lift and work during the day?

And this is important because twice as many people suffer from chronic back pain in the construction industry than the average across all other industries. So we need to keep our backs strong and supported and this is where a back support belt can be such a great purchase.

Find the one that best suits your needs here with my review of the top 6 back support belts for working on site.

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