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9 Safe Forms Of Exercise For People With Chronic Lower Back Pain

exercise for chronic back pain

We are constantly told we need to stay active if we are going to beat back pain.

But how do you know what kinds of activities you should be doing? And how can you be sure they won’t cause you more damage?

This is the part that puts lots of people off exercising when they have back pain. So I’ve put together a list of 9 safe and helpful activities for your back that you can try safe in the knowledge that they won’t hurt you when done correctly.

Staying active is vital for managing your back pain so make a start today!

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The Best Work Boots To Keep Construction Workers Free Of Back Pain

best work boots

Did you know that wearing the wrong footwear at work can be a big contributing factor in developing lower back pain?

This is especially true for those of you that work long and gruelling shifts in construction. Which makes investing in a pair of work boots that fit well, offer good arch support, and suit the tasks you have to carry out a vital purchase as a construction worker.

So find the right pair for you here to help you stay pain-free on site.

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a few months ago

Try These 5 Lower Back Stretches To Keep Your Back Pain At Bay

lower back stretches

Do you suffer from tense and aching muscles in your lower back?

Of course you do, or else you wouldn’t be here. And as we all know, this pain can be so frustrating and debilitating. But what if I told you that you can reduce this pain and tension significantly by regularly stretching your body?

Well you can. And a great place to start is with these 5 stretches for your lower back. So give them a try today and start on the road to a more flexible and less painful lower back.

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a few months ago

Follow These 11 Safe Lifting Tips At Work For A Healthier Back

safe lifting tips

Do you suffer from back pain from lifting heavy objects at work?

If you do I’m not surprised, because it is an extremely common thing to happen to manual workers. And most of the time these injuries are caused by people using a poor lifting technique.

However by following the 11 safe lifting tips in this article you can learn how to lift correctly. And this will help your back to stay fit, strong and pain-free during the working day.

So don’t become another statistic. Start lifting safely today!

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a few months ago

10 Safe Shoveling Techniques To Keep Your Back Pain-Free On Site

safe shoveling techniques

Digging and shoveling can be back-breaking work.

I bet we’ve all had days at work or in the garden that have left our backs screaming out at us in pain. And if you have to dig or shovel for a living then this can be a massive problem.

However it doesn’t have to be this painful. By following these 10 safe digging techniques and using the right equipment you can make back pain from digging and shoveling a thing of the past.

Find out how here.

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