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Could Dehydration Be Causing Your Lower Back Pain?

Are you drinking enough water? If not it could have serious consequences for your back pain.There's nothing worse than being on a dry job in my eyes. Maybe that's just the Englishman in me talking but it's true. So what consititutes a dry job I hear you ask? It's one where the client seems allergic to the kettle, leaving you gasping for a cuppa all day. And th [...]

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5 Reasons You Should Try An Acupressure Mat For Your Back Pain

​Using an acupressure mat can bring you satisfying relief from back pain as well as many other health benefits. Not a bad result for simply laying down. It was always the best part of my day. After hours of gritting my teeth and struggling with back pain on site. Muscles getting stiffer and sorer ​by the minute. Followed by the long drive home in the [...]

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Buy The Right Kit To Get Rid Of Pain At Work For Good

​A few clever purchases can make all the difference between a day spent in pain and being comfortable and healthy on site. When you hear the phrase 'kitting yourself out at work' you probably think about the health and safety PPE we all have to wear every day. And to me all that gear can seem a bit overkill at times. But anyone who has had a falling roof til [...]

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The Best Work Boots To Keep Construction Workers Free Of Back Pain

​Your choice of work boots are more important for your back than you might think. As a construction worker your feet take a pounding during the working day. Walking on hard, concrete floors, ​climbing up and down ladders, and standing for long periods all take a heavy toll. ​And the bad news is that site work is not just hard on your feet. It can al [...]

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Daniel SingletonFounder

​Hi there, and welcome to Back On Site.

I'm Daniel, a Painter and Decorator, psychology graduate and veteran of 5 spinal surgeries. This has left me with chronic lower back pain which I have learnt to self-manage over the past 10 years. And by doing this I've been able to stay relatively pain-free, continue to work and stay active (you can read my full story here).

My goal with this site is to help you to be able to do the same. Back pain is a huge problem for workers in the construction industry. But by being pro-active and learning how to manage your back pain you can limit its hold over you and greatly improve your quality of life. And I'll show you how to do that here.

The back pain blog contains articles with advice and information to help you understand all aspects of your lower back pain. This includes the physical effects and what exercises you can do to counter them. Also how to avoid the psychological and emotional toll it can take on you, and the disruption it can bring to your lifestyle in general.

I'll show you how by making simple adjustments to your everyday routine you can greatly lower your pain levels and maybe even get rid of back pain for good. This includes tips and tricks on how you can keep your back healthy and pain-free at work, as well as product reviews so you can discover the best tools on the market to help you beat your pain. 

So join me on the journey to a life without back pain and stay on top of your pain AND your game.


Product Reviews

The Best Lumbar Support Cushions For Home, Work And Travel

You may have heard the phrase 'sitting is the new smoking'  in the news over the past couple of years. ​This is because new research has claimed that prolonged periods of sitting over the years can be just as harmful for our health as smoking is. Now I wouldn't go as far as that personally. But there's no doubt that sitting for long periods every day can pla [...]

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My Review Of The Best Mattresses For Reducing Back Pain In 2017

If you've had any experience of mattress shopping in the past you'll know what a nightmare it can be. You are bamboozled with far too many options right from the very start. Do you want soft or firm? Comfort or support? Memory foam or latex? Pocket spring or open coil? Duck or goose feathers?! "Aarghh, I just​ want a good night's kip!"I hear you. The problem [...]

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Which Is The Best Mattress Topper For Your Back Pain?

Yes I agree, she is the best thing I can think of to put on top of my mattress too! Unfortunately she's probably not going to work wonders for your back pain. ​But if you wake up with aches and pains in the morning. Or if you struggle to sleep properly because of aches and pains during the night. Then you do have options open to you that can change that. ​ [...]

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The Best Office Chair For Lower Back Pain (And Why You Need One)

If you are a physically active worker it's likely that you don't have to do much sitting during the day. And that's a great thing. ​Because staying active and on the move is the best thing you can do to manage your chronic lower back pain.However there will be some of you that have to combine ​your active work with a few hours of desk work as well. And ​those [...]

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